scales tattoo

Let’s appreciate the differences in these pictures here. The fest one was taken well over a year ago and the second one was taken today. Now I think I *technically* weigh more in the second picture but omg does my body look totally different or what?!?! Guess this is what going to the gym does!!!! I’ve been wanting to do a transformation picture to get me more motivated but I’ve never really seen a difference til now! Just gotta keep going!!!

Linkllen Tattoo Artist/Baker AU

- Allen is a tattoo artist, and Link own a bakery; they’re across the street from each other.

- Allen has scars all over, some from abuse and some from various fights over the years; he uses tattoos to cover them up and has his left arm and hand covered in red ‘scales’ and a tattoo imitating his canon scar over the left side of his face; he also has a lotus (both front and back) where Kanda accidentally shot him once, and a cascade of feathers where someone stole his knife and slashed him from his shoulder to his stomach.

- Link spent his child going from foster home to foster home, keeping in contact with only a few friends from before his parents died; one of the few constants he kept a hold of was baking, which he did no matter where he was, and got better and better over time. The other things he engaged with were school, where he picked up just about every skill necessary for opening and running a business, and drawing, which ultimately evolved into cake decorating (one of his favorite things). Thus: the bakery.

- At first they just sneak peeks at each other when they think the other isn’t looking, and speculate and wonder and otherwise drive their respective friends insane, they are right across the street, why don’t you go talk to them

- Eventually Allen does first, he goes and buys some cake and introduces himself, asks Link’s name, etc. Link is extremely surprised and a little flustered, but Allen’s good at keeping things cool so it goes surprisingly well.

- And Allen starts spending his breaks at Link’s bakery, buying a cupcake or several and talking to him about how his day went and what jobs he did and ask how Link’s day went.

- Eventually Link, on one of his breaks, goes and spends it at Allen’s shop; he’s a little startled by the appearance of it, mostly because it’s not his kind of place and it contrasts a little with Allen’s personality, but once he’s talking with him he pretty much forgets about it.

- And then he starts spending his breaks at Allen’s shop to sketch cake designs and ask how he’s doing and if he remembered to get to sleep at a normal time last night because he should not stay up at all hours, honestly, and also if he’s eaten lunch yet.

- Yes, they really do spend their breaks at each other’s shops.

- And yes, Link keeps accidentally asking Allen out to lunch, with purely non-date intentions.

- Then Kanda (who, like Allen, covers his scars with tattoos, and doesn’t let anyone but Allen do them) makes an annoyed crack about ‘isn’t it time for their date yet’ while Allen’s finishing up and it finally clicks for Link

- And on Allen’s next birthday he bakes him a cake and asks him out to dinner

- And Allen asks if it’s a date

- It is

- Eventually Allen gives Link exactly one tattoo, a silhouette of a crow on the back of his right shoulder


I’ve been really into the binary tool + gray scale lately…

soooo i just recieved a package from an unknown sender. and it had this shirt in it. i love my friends. like, ALOT.