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The first in my series of maps of Sornieth, I present to you The Viridian Labyrinth.  @hungrytundras​​ did their own absolutely amazing take on a Sornieth World Map and I was totally blown away by how good it was!  I decided to go ahead and try my hand at it, and I’ll say that honestly, it’s been an exhausting (and very fun) endeavor.  This took a lot more time than I intended but it was an awesome learning experience!

Tumblr wouldn’t upload the full resolution so here’s an Imgur album with the hi-res images!

This is my own personal headcanon of Nature, and you can see versions with both the Behemoth and the Font Of Life, the source of which is deep beneath the Behemoth’s roots.

While I was making this, I wanted water and islands to be a bit of a theme, since it seemed like the Nature entry in the World Map was touching upon that.  I thought of @quinnrising​​ a bit and her pirates, so I specifically made a lot of the eastern coastal areas rocky and full of crevices in which ships could hide.  Seriously, water clan dragons living on a fleet of pirate ships on the edges of Nature territory?  Pirate Clans at war?  Hell yes!

The Font of Life -  I personally like the idea that all the rivers within Nature’s territory have their source beneath the roots of the Behemoth, a means by which the life-giving magic of the Gladekeeper permeates the land.  The Behemoth’s roots are firmly entrenched in the soil of the river’s banks, extending far outward in gnarled, sprawling fingers that reach deep into the earth.  It is whispered among some that the whole jungle within the Viridian Labyrinth is not a collection of many trees but merely parts of a whole system that lies hidden beneath the soil.

Coilstone Ruins - These ancient stones jut far above the ocean’s surface, their bases buried deep within the ocean bed.  Few dragons have ever traveled so far down in an expedition to fully investigate the stones - and surely, only the strongest of Water Clans are capable of even enduring these depths for they rival even the Leviathan Trench.

Crescent Cove - Once a safe house for pirates from the farthest reaches of Sornieth, the Cove was raided many, many years ago by a small alliance of Dragon and Beastclans in an attempt to forever remove their presence.  Their raiding and other drunken adventures had gone on long enough and the locals sought a small amount of peace and quiet from their dangerous neighbors.  The Crescent Cove is now an operations facility for expeditions to investigate the Coilstone Ruins, and contains millennia of notes and scrolls and books on various dragons’ findings over the ages.

Twisting Peril - This narrow series of twists and turns and curves is considered little more than an obstacle course for most adventurous spirals, but some of the nearby clans have taken the challenge more seriously for larger Dragons who aren’t as agile or mobile.  For some, it’s a rite of passage.  For others, it’s an annual contest of stamina and reflexes: who can swim through the rushing and churning rapids the fastest, and live to tell the tale?

Many have perished in these foolish undertakings.

Dreadship Bay - A new home to many of the pirates who once inhabited the Crescent Cove, and home to a new haven for their kin, Dreadship Bay is the place where you don’t want to be caught unaware.  Many a battle has been fought in these waters, and the ocean floor is littered with the remains of ships (and treasure).  Water dragons are especially keen to patrol these waters and keep watch while their companions explore the sunken wreckage to find any remnants of treasure, or perhaps other valuables that were of little interest to the previous looters.

The Hook - An old, old home to an alliance of other pirates, any who venture into The Hook are rarely seen leaving.  What happens to them remains unknown; rumors have spread of the pirates’ cannibalistic tendencies while other rumors speak of a slave trade.  The truth is that nobody knows save those who live within the circle of heavily fortified and armed cliffs.

Skytalon’s Roost - A lone clan of Talonok live on this trecherous island, hidden deep within its dense jungle and protected by the near-vertical cliffs.  Many dragons have woven tales of this place - mostly to keep overly-adventerous hatchlings in line - about how the Raptorik come to snatch young dragons in the dark of night, creeping through the underbrush silently, swiftly, and stealing away their prey with practiced ease.

This is only partially true however, as the Skytalon only ever steal eggs.  One at a time so as not to arouse immediate suspicion.  The eggs are cared for by the clan’s Tengu, ensuring that the eggs are kept secure and warm.  When a dragon hatches, that dragon is given just as much care as another member of the clan, taught the necessities of communication among the Talonok and trained expertly in combat.

Skydancers, Mirrors and Wildclaws are their dragons of choice for varying reasons.  Skydancers are preferred for their ability to navigate the air currents and dance along the winds with ease, Mirrors are preferable for hunting parties as their instinctual pack mentality lends itself well to a grand hunt through the dense jungles, and Wildclaws are excellent hunting partners when the need arises for traveling longer distances.

The Skytalon recently underwent an unfortunate betrayal by a handful of their dragons.  Thirsty for knowledge beyond the confines of the roost, they lashed out at their keepers and handlers, killing many and escaping out into the unfamiliar world beyond.  Whether or not the Skytalon have recovered from this ordeal remains a mystery, for they have little in the way of allies beyond their own territory.

Bean Island - SNAPPER PARADISE DO I NEED TO EVEN SAY MORE.  @tackysnaps @snapdragon-fr @theonlymerides @the-true-earthshaker (and any others in the Snapper Brigade I may have missed) this is for you~

This tiny island is a place of respite and relaxation for nomadic Snappers who feel the need to a bit of personal attention.  A spa and place of relaxation, the attendants see to all the needs of their clients.  Manicures, grooming, scale clipping, polishing, and trimming, even massages and special treatment for their aching feet and tired bones.  Very few dragons of other species ever venture here for its location is virtually unknown, except among Snappers, who seem to have a sort of genetic knowledge of its existence as no one speaks a single word of it.  Ever.  It is known that eleven of these places exist on Sornieth, far enough away from well-traveled areas and places of high-population, but not so far off from the Snappers’ nomadic wandering trails that the children of the Earth cannot easily find them.