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Greek Mythology


Aries the first sign of the greek zodiac, marking the beginning of spring and the start of a new cycle of life.

The story of Aries is linked with the myth of the Golden Ram, which saved two kids, a brother and a sister, from being sacrificed in order to appease the gods.


The next sign of the greek zodiac is the constellation of Taurus (bull), associated with the legend of Theseus and the Minotaur.

According to myth, Theseus volunteered to be one of the youths from Athens who would be offered as food to the horrible monster Minotaur (half man, half bull) who stayed in Crete, in the labyrinth. But, when he was there and with the help of Ariadne, the legendary hero managed to kill the beast and thus relieve his city Athens from the terrible punishment imposed by the Cretan king Minos.


The constellation of Gemini is the next sign of the greek zodiac. It is linked with the story of the twin brothers Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux in latin). Actually, they were not twins in the ordinary sense, since they had different fathers.

Their story starts when Zeus, king of the gods, wanted to have an affair with Leda, the lovely queen of Sparta. In order to fool her, he transformed himself into a beautiful swan.

In the course of time, Leda bore two eggs: One of them contained a baby girl named Helen (the same one who later was the cause of the Trojan War) and a boy called Pollux. These two were the divine children of Zeus.

The other egg opened up to reveal another girl and boy, Clytemnestra (who later became the wife of Agamemnon, the military leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War) and Castor. These were the mortal children of king Tyndareus, the legitimate husband of Leda.

Despite the fact that one brother was divine and the other mortal, the twins Castor and Pollux grew to be inseparable. They did everything together and they loved each other dearly.

Because they were so close, they were called by one name; the Dioscuri. As they were growing, they both loved all kinds of sport. Pollux was particularly good at boxing, while Castor was renowned for his skill and daring on horseback.


The constellation of the greek zodiac known as Cancer (Crab), is linked with the second labour of the mighty hero Hercules, when he was assigned by Eurystheus to kill Lerna Hydra, a horrible water snake with a hundred heads.

As the story goes, in the midst of Hercules’ struggle, Hera, who was the hero’s worst enemy, ordered a giant crab to go and help the Hydra by digging its claws into Hercules’ foot.

Howling with pain, the hero stamped on the crab furiously, crushing it to death.

Hera, being grateful for its support and in recognition of its attempt to help her, honoured the crab by placing its image among the stars, as the constellation of Cancer.


Leo, the fifth constellation of the greek zodiac, is linked with Hercules’ very first labour, the capture of the Nemean Lion.

According to the myth, Hercules finally managed to kill the beast by strangling it to death. Then, he skinned the lion and took its pelt to wear it. He was then quite protected from his enemies, as the skin could not be penetrated from any known weapon of the time whether made of iron, bronze or stone.

After its death, the famous lion was put on the sky by Zeus, to become the constellation of Leo.


The constellation of Virgo is associated with the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. For the ancient Greeks, the story of Demeter and Persephone helped to explain why the seasons change.


The stars that form the golden scales of Libra lie halfway around the band of the greek zodiac, between Virgo and Scorpio.

Day and night are equal when the sun passes through the constellation of Libra. The scales are a symbol of balance and equity.

More specifically, the scales were considered to be the symbol of Dike, meaning Justice, who was a minor goddess of the Underworld.

The fact that the ancient greeks gave Libra a prominent place in the sky, signifies that they considered justice, equity and balance in general, to be the moral cornerstones of an ideal way of living.


The eighth constellation of the greek zodiac is the one with the name Scorpio. The story of the scorpion is connected with different versions of stories that involve the mighty hunter Orion - a hero who is represented by another familiar group of stars.

Orion was said to be the tallest and the most handsome man of the then known world. He was often seen hunting in the woods and hills of ancient Greece with his pack of dogs. His constellation shows him striding across the heavens flourishing a gleaming sword on his bejewelled belt.

Many of the stories concerning the constellations of Orion and Scorpio reflect the annual rising and setting of their constellations, which appear to pursue each other across the sky.

One story tells how Gaia had sent the scorpion to sting Orion, in order to punish him for being too boastful, claiming that he was so mighty that he could easily rid the whole earth of all beasts and creatures.

As soon as the scorpion was released from the breast of Gaia, it immediately stung Orion and its deadly venom sent him straight to his death.

The scorpion was set up on the sky by Gaia to mark her victory, while goddess Artemis, who had loved Orion, placed his image on the sky as well, forming his own constellation. Because Orion had cared so much for his hunting dog, Artemis also put up a star for his dog: This is Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens.

There is another story about Orion and the scorpion.

One day, when Orion was out in the woods, he caught sight of seven beautiful sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. Orion loved them all at first sight and began to chase after them.

The sisters, however, were terrified and cried out to Zeus to save them.

Zeus heard their pleas and helped them by turning them first into doves, so they could fly away from Orion, and then into the seven stars which are now called Pleiades.

According to myth, Orion was stung by the scorpion as a punishment for chasing the seven sisters. Zeus decided that the constellations of Orion and the Pleiades were arranged in the heavens, so that it seemed that Orion was in constant pursuit of the seven sisters, without ever becoming successful, just as the Scorpio seems always to be chasing Orion, without ever touching him.


The constellation of Sagittarius (the archer),depicts a creature called centaur, which has the body and head of a man and the hindquarters of a horse.

He is named after Cheiron, the most famous and king of the centaurs. He was semi-divine, as he was the son of god Poseidon. He was taught by god Apollo and goddess Artemis, and from them he learned both wisdom and spirituality.

He dwelt in a cave high up in the rocky, snowy sides of Mount Pelion. He was the oldest and wisest of all the centaurs and very strong. In fact, he was so famous, that many kings had trusted their sons to teach them. Among the most famous of his students were Hercules, and Jason, who later became the leader of the argonauts.

As the myth goes, Cheiron was destined to suffer a gruesome death: When Hercules was returning home to Tiryns after killing the Erymanthian Boar, he had a violent encounter with some drunken centaurs, which he managed to drive away near the place where Cheiron lived.

By accident, however, one of the poisonous arrows that Hercules used to defend himself from his attackers, went astray and hit his old teacher. Cheiron, being semi-divine, would not die, having to suffer an excruciating pain, because of the poison.

He was in such an agony, that Zeus himself felt sorry for the poor centaur and permitted him to give up his divine status and give it to Prometheus, the creator of the human race. So, Cheiron finally was let to die, relieved from the intolerable pain that was inflicted on him from the wound.


The constellation of the greek zodiac by the name of Capricorn, is as strange as that of Sagittarius. It is a sea god, with the head and half the body of a goat, and the tail of a fish.

The story of Capricorn is associated with the birth of Zeus, the father of all gods.

As the story goes, when Rhea gave birth to baby Zeus, she feared that her cruel husband Cronus would devour her child, just as he did with the previous ones that she gave birth to.

So, she secretly took her child to Crete, where he was safely kept in a cave on Mount Dicte. There, he was nursed and cared for by Amaltheia, whose name means “tender”. She was a goat nymph, and she looked after baby Zeus with the greatest love and devotion, feeding him on her own rich milk and sweet lavender-scented honey.

Zeus’s golden cradle was hung high upon a tree so that Cronus would never find him in Heaven or Earth, or even in the ocean.

When Zeus later became the lord of the universe, he did not forget his goat-mother, Amaltheia, who had nursed him so lovingly. He took one of her horns and turned it into the horn of plenty, which is always filled with whatever delicious food or drink its owner may wish for, and is never empty.

Finally, in recognition of all she had done for him, she set her image among the rest of stars on the greek zodiac, as the constellation of Capricorn.


The constellation of Aquarius shows a person pouring water out of a jug. It is thought that the story behind this group of stars is that of Ganymede.

Ganymede was the son of king Tros, after whom Troy was named. The young prince was the most exquisite and handsome youth that ever lived, and was adored and admired by both gods and mortals.

Zeus, who was especially fond of beautiful people, was totally infatuated with Ganymedes’s external appearance. Thinking it would be appropriate for so handsome a mortal as Ganymede to live with the gods, the mighty god disguised himself as an enormous eagle. He then flew down to Earth, captured the handsome youth and brought him up to Olympus.

Up there on the heavenly palace, Zeus had to find a job for his young protegee. So, he decided that Ganymede should be given the special honour of being his personal cupbearer.

The position was considered to be highly distinguished, since the person who was assigned the duty of the cupbearer, was responsible for pouring into the glasses of the Olympians the divine drink called nectar. This was the special drink that bestowed on the gods their eternal youth and vigor.

Zeus was forever fond of his cupbearer. So, he honoured him by giving him a prominent position on the greek zodiac, as the constellation of Aquarius.


The image of the two fish swimming in different directions make the constellation of Pisces.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was thought to be the source of inspiration for this particular constellation being set in the stars.

After Zeus had fought his father, Cronus, he defeated the race of the giants, who were the children of Gaia, the mother earth.

In revenge for the destruction of her children, Gaia gave birth to a horrible monster, called Typhon. He was the largest and most frightening creature ever born. From the thighs down he was a mass of coiled snakes, while his arms were so long that when he spread them out he reached a hundred leagues each way.

Let loose by his mother Gaia, Typhon thundered towards the Olympian home of the gods, declaring war on all of them. The gods hurried to disguise themselves, in the hope that the horrible creature would not find them:

Zeus took the image of a ram; Hera, became a white cow; Artemis became a cat; Hermes turned into an ibis, while Ares became a wild boar.

Lastly, the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros, dived deep into the ocean and took the shape of twin fish.

When the fierce monster was finally captured by Zeus and all of the Olympians were transformed back to their original form, Aphrodite, being grateful to the fish who had lent their form to her and her son when they were in distress, put up their image on the night sky. Thus, Pisces became the last constellation of the greek zodiac.

have u ever wondered where on the futch scale the pesona girls lie? well look no further because here is my expert opinion like if you agree reblog if you agree disagree if you agree

“Says here, you’ve nearly done your time, scheduled to leave tomorrow. That right kid?” my trainer said, riffling through my paperwork, filling out my time sheet. I knew by the half smirk crawling across his face that there was something up.

“Yes sir… Today’s my last training day…” I said, trying to keep a straight face. I’d learned a while ago not to show any attitude to him, or anyone who runs this place. It only tacks time, or other ridiculous punishments to your sentence.

“Well, we’re just going to have to postpone your release. You haven’t met the weight requirement Judge Andrews sentenced you with. 6 months and 110lbs, sound about right? The scale doesn’t lie kid, you’ve got 10 more pounds to go. I’m thinking, 6 weeks should do it.” he said, not bothering to hide his wicked grin. He enjoyed his job far too much.

“Ye… Yes sir.” I said, clenching one of my fists. I could feel my blood boiling, one of the side effects to the supplements they pumped into our food. It was hard not to lose control, feeling an unnatural rage building up as I watched him sign the extension forms.

6 months ago, I’d gotten into a fight with Mark, one of the Football players at school. The team was having a laugh, calling all the swimmers fags and prissy boys. I was the captain of our Swim team, so after asking him to knock it off, he threw the first punch, and I lost it. In out scramble, I managed to knock him down, went to kick him in the crotch for good measure, but he’d squirmed out of the way, and my foot collided with his knee, shattering it. The hospital said he’d never be able to play again, which meant he lost his Scholarship.

His family sued the school, and my family. They tried to milk millions from the town, and wanted our house as settlement. My lawyer was the best we could afford, and managed to win my case, but the school’s lawyer was better. In the end the school settled, but I was sentenced to 6 months, and 110lbs at the Boys Reformatory, in reparation for ruining Mark’s future. No one would tell me what the hell that meant before I was carted off across the state, dumped at a facility that looked like a prison, and left to fend for myself.

As you can see, I found out exactly what it meant the hard way. After the initial orientation, where they gave me my uniforms, a tour of the facility, and a booklet or rules, I was thrown into the routine the next day:

-30 minutes early breakfast, which consisted of 2000 carefully counted calories worth of food, all balanced for perfect nutrition and energy boosting.

-3-hour workout, which was mostly cardio based.

-7 hours hard labor for most of the afternoon.

-30 minutes for lunch, which was 3500 calories, this time protein packed.

-2 hours of classes to keep up with what my regular school was teaching.

-3-hour workout, this time far more grueling, heavy lifting, strength training.

-30-hour for dinner, which again was geared towards optimal athletic progress. For me, it was 2500 calories.

-30 minutes of free time, in which most of us decided to take a shower. Although the water was always cold, it still felt amazing on our throbbing bodies after each hard day’s grind.

-7-hours for sleep. It wasn’t hard to get exactly that, as each of us was required to take a medley of nightly supplements, which included a sedative.

Day in and day out, repetition. Most of the guys here had been for a while, so they were already massive. But me, I’d learned quickly that I’d look just like them by the end of my stint. It’d only take a week for me to find insane changes in my body. My muscles were constantly aching, soaking in the fuel from the insane meals, and what I assumed were low dose steroids in everything we ate. I found myself being more aggressive, losing my temper more often, having to go to the Councilor to learn to keep my cool.

After 3 months, I was already too big to swim, my body was bulked up, bloated, heavy, my shoulders and biceps making my arms hang out to side. My thighs rubbed, and you could hear me coming by the heavy, stomping footfalls. Lumbering, that’s what I was reduced to. A big lumbering brute.

I stunk constantly. My trainer chalked it up to the hormones and supplements rushing through me, aided by the grueling workout routines and hard labor. I was going through clothing sizes almost every week. My chest was so big I’d ripped through t-shirts, my arms were getting too big for sleeves. Embarrassingly, I’d had to request larger boxer briefs, as my cock and balls had outgrown those as well. I’d tried to hide it, but the too small undies would squeeze my nuts, causing me to lash out.

And now, I’d found out I’d be here for another 6 weeks. Apparently, I hadn’t gained the required 110lbs missing it by only 10, which was insane in the first place! What was the point of all this! I mean, look at my shirt! It’s already too small, and this is the largest size they have on hand, without having order out. My underwear is already starting to bind up around my balls… and I can feel my toes squashed up against the size 17 sneakers they’d given me this morning. How big do I need to be?!

6 weeks later, and an added 10 pounds, I was lumbering out the doors, a free man. I reeked, not having time to shower after the last workout, my clothes were tearing with each step I took, but I was free. One last meeting with my lawyer had revealed that, because I ruined Mark’s chances of playing football ever again, the Judge and the School’s lawyer had settled for me to, “be too large to swim on the team ever again” and at 223lbs of thickly packed solid muscle, I’d fulfilled the settlement.

Things that Make the Scale Lie

Here is a list of things that will make the scale say you’ve gained weight:

•Bites, Licks, & Tastes add up
•Not enough water
•Too much alcohol
•Lack of sleep
•Lots of fruit, not enough veggies
•A change in your daily routine
•Lack of variety in food
•Lack of exercise
•Not eating enough
•Lots of carbs, not enough protein
•Not enough fiber
•Rationalizing (a.k.a. EXCUSES)
•Not portioning food
•Medications (don’t change/stop medication just because of weight gain!! Talk to your doctor)
•Too much sodium
•Exercising right before weighing yourself (Lactic Acid- your body retains fluid to heal muscles)
•Not eating breakfast

the ocean

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mermaid!Jimin x reader AU ft “what are those wiggly worms at the end of your legs?”

Summary: Sometimes, you have to lose your way before you can find yourself. It’s a tough world out there, especially in the world of ballet, but all it takes is one particularly fishy encounter to change your life forever. 

Word Count: 8.6k

“Honestly, why do you even bother getting a pedicure? You know they’re going to be ruined at the end of dance practice,” Joy tells you with a sniffle of disdain at your perfectly painted toenails as she winds tape around her own bare, unpainted toes.

You wiggle your toes in the air, admiring the glossy wine red of your newly acquired pedicure. It makes your feet look a little less bruised and battered, and even though you know the paint will chip off the second you step into your pointe shoes, it’s worth it nonetheless whenever you get to see your feet in flip flops. Which isn’t much, considering that you eat, sleep and breathe dance. It’s considered the norm here at Busan High School of Arts, and the bare minimum if you want to make the monthly cut where they eliminate the unskilled dancers in order to avoid wasting resources.

From the corner of your eye, you spot your dance teacher Seolhyun making her way into the room, and the other dancers are beginning to take their places for the routine warm up that starts every class. With practiced ease, you tape your toes into place to provide extra support and grab your pointe shoes, sliding into them, then doing up the ribbons securely around your ankles and tucking the ends away neatly. You take your place beside Joy near the front of the class and slip into the warm up that you could do with your eyes closed.

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How would the dads react if they found out/realized that they were gaining weight?

Wowzers does this speak to me on a personal level. Let’s jump in!


The scale doesn’t lie, and neither does the gut growing on Joseph’s stomach. It’s diet time. The church bake sales turn into salad bars and suddenly Craig isn’t the only one jogging in the mornings.


Hugo instantly reads all about carbohydrates and how metabolism changes as you age. He learns it’s inevitable and he’ll just have to get used to the XL section. Oh well.


“Think skinny, dad! Suck it in!”


Brian really doesn’t mind. With a daughter who’s not the thinnest herself, he sees it essential to prove to her that weight doesn’t matter. You can still be beautiful with fat on your bones.


His exercise regiment intensifies greatly and even River comes back sweating from their runs.


He eats ice cream while crying than smokes way too much weed. It helps burn calories!


“Is there…. nonfat whisky?”

Yours, Daddy Thomas.
Also. You are beautiful no matter your weight you can be heavy or small and that doesn’t matter. As long as you’re nice and respectful, you’re an amazing human being.


These are my personal headcannons for each flight’s scales! In my lore every dragon has small differences in their scales, like human fingerprints, so irregularities are common, but for the most part scales follow the models listed here. All scales of a flight are resistant to that element, since they have adapted to it (ex. fire dragon scales resistant to fire, ice resistant to ice, etc.)

Fire- fire scales are tough and surprisingly soft like leather, but harden at higher temperatures to be strong as diamond. This keeps scales from melting or getting stuck to things near the forges. They radiate heat all the time, even after falling or being torn off. For the most part, a fire dragons scales are the same shape ( a rounded semicircle) and size is mostly uniform. They’re the closest match to most traditional dragon scales in stories.

Shadow- for shadow dragons, scales are irregular and can range anywhere from as pointed as a wind dragon’s to nearly as blunt as an earth’s, and all on one dragon. They tend to be very small and tight-packed also. Their scales are lightly ridged towards the ground, which prevents an easy grip for most opponents. Their scales are slick as well, lending to the “slippery shadow dragon” stereotype.

Wind- a wind dragon’s scales are small, thin, and pointed, almost like little feathers. The scales are very light too, almost weightless on their own. This allows something a bit different from any other element; wind scales can lift slightly from the dragon’s body. Lifting scales can be a sign of aggression or threat, but it also helps slow the dragon in flight. When slicked down, the dragon can become faster than any breeze.

Water- on water dragons, scales tend to be large and regular like a fish’s. Their scales lie completely flat against the skin to allow for a more streamlined form. There’s no space between scales for any water, or anything else, to get through. They tend to have a shimmery quality, like the dragon just came out of the water, all the time no matter the dragon’s genes. The long plate-like scales can make water dragons great in defensive positions of battle.

Arcane- arcane dragons have some of the most unusual scales of any. They appear slick and membranous, but are surprisingly thick. As for shape, they tend to be long and tapered, and grow shorter near the head and claws. Their scales also have a slightly jelly-like property that makes lighter objects glance or bounce off the dragon instead of hitting directly. It isn’t uncommon for an arcane dragon to have a few off-color scales as well.

Ice- ice scales are thick and insulated, good for keeping the heat in the dragons body. The thickness leads them to be hard as well, nearly the consistency of the frozen rock of the ice fields. As they age the dragon’s scales will become brittle and fall off for stronger scales to grow as they mature. Their scales seem to carry the cold of their natural home with them too, making them popular in warmer weather as cooling systems for their clanmates.

Plague- the scales of plague dragons are usually more scarred than any other flight, from disease to battle wound to anything in between. Plague scales seem to repel any illness attained, so keeping healthy is not nearly as much of a problem for dragons of this flight. They are not as thick as Ice scales, but a close second, and are shaped raggedly. The jagged edges help protect the dragon from light injury and make even a simple tail slap dangerous to an enemy. Add that to the diseases possibly remaining on the scales, and an opponent is in for quite the fight with a plague dragon.

Light- light dragon scales are regarded as some of the best in terms of looks. They are bright and reflective like mirrors, but very thin, which makes light dragons better suited to long-distance combat in most cases. As the dragon grows it’s scales grow with it, unlike some other element’s scales that will molt with age. The scales are closest to human fingernails in shape, and are relatively small in comparison to the dragons size, but make up for it in numbers. A light dragon can blind an opponent with a pinprick of light off their scales with enough practice.

Nature- for nature dragons, the upkeep of scales is very important. Like cats, these dragons will spend hours grooming each other’s scales. Since nature scales are shaped much like leaves, with tiny scalloped edges, foliage is easily caught on them, so grooming is actually necessary. The ends of these scales lift from the dragons body for a blooming type of look. Scales are thick at the base and thin out towards the end to enhance this. They can also be edged with a bright color opposite the dragon’s primary in some cases, like poisonous plants.

Lightning- when it comes to lightning scales, they have some of the coolest to look at. They’re normally curved like flat claws, but can also be straight as an arrow. Some are even notably spiky at the ends. Made hardy and thick all the way through, they can resist many types of magic and weaker weapons. Running all the way through the scale are tiny currents of lightning for elemental attacks, which light up the dragon a second before they attack.

Earth- the bluntest scales of the bunch, an earth dragon has plate-like scales that are hard as rock, except around the joints and belly where they turn more leathery. The individual scales are round and big with a sandpaper texture and curved edges. These scales give great defensive capabilities but are prone to falling off rather easily, like pebbles shaken from a larger rock. They also can have immense blunt force when the dragon slams into an opponent, no matter how strong the attacking dragon really is.

Weight gain tips

Okay this is a long post. So my bad for fillin up your dash. These are some things I came up with when regarding weight gain & all that. I probably forgot something, but hope it helps!

Track your calories:
This is important for any fitness goal you have, gaining or losing. The thing is you may think you’re consuming at least 2000 calories each day, but chances are you’re not. At one point I was convinced I was eating that & after using my fitnesspal for a couple days I was lucky if I was makin it to 1500. So track your calories. You don’t have to do it everyday, but at least do it for a week (or less) to get an idea of what you’re really consuming. There are sites that’ll tell you what you should consume to maintain your weight; just input your height & activity level & it gives you the minimum & then what you need to consume to gain.

Be mindful of what you eat; moderation:
So when I first started this journey I was willing to eat whatever it took to get the calories in. This meant lots of junk food. Now I’m not gonna tell you what you can & can’t consume. But I will tell you that your whole body will reflect what you’re consuming. So if you’re gonna eat chips & drink sodas then do it in moderation. Don’t consume those things as a way to knock out a bunch of calories. Every once & awhile is fine, but it really shouldn’t be an everyday thing

Ways to get a lot of calories in:
Select one of your meals as the bulk of your calories. When my appetite was at its best I would consume 1000 (sometimes more) calories for breakfast. That plus my shake put me at 1600 & I still had lunch & dinner. So choose a meal that you want to rack up calories with & go from there

You’ll fuck up, no big deal:
So you didn’t work out today…or yesterday…or the day before, oh well. Look I’ve fucked up so many times I honestly have to sit there and think about each time to remember specifics. But there’s nothin wrong with messing up. Take it from someone whose messed up 4 or 5 times, give or take. In that moment I would guilt trip myself so bad & just end up being in a bad mood. Looking back I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much energy obsessing over the fact that I didn’t keep up with my workouts. You’ll find that once you start doing that you don’t have much motivation to get back to you reaching your goal. So if you mess up then acknowledge it & use that saved energy to get back into things.

Now I know I just said if you mess up no big deal. But of course you should be doing what you can to not mess up. The one thing that’s gonna get you where you want to be is consistency. Be consistent with your workouts, your food intake, hell even your rest days. You’ll make progress a lot faster when you keep a routine.

Don’t obsess:
Okay so I just added this one in cause the last point reminded me of it. I spent so much time staring in the mirror or at photos just obsessing over what I wanted my body to look like. Now this can help sometimes, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. & the other problem is I spent so much time focused on specific body parts that I didn’t see the whole picture. Once I started working out for a good 3 months I had a rockin body, but my perspective was so warped I didn’t even notice it til years later after I saw old pics I took of myself. This journey is so much easier when you go with the flow & don’t obsess over things. Here’s the thing, YOU look good as hell. This journey should be done with that in mind, I swear it makes it so much better when you have that mindset. & remember that its gonna take time to notice changes, so keep the obsessive behavior of constant comparisons to older pics to a minimum.

People won’t always support you:
I think the most discouraging thing I hear is when I’m tellin someone (who has seen me even thinner than I am now) that I’ve gained like 10-15lbs & all they say is “where?!” Or when my desire to gain weight comes up in conversation & the person tells me I look fine & that I don’t need to do that in this shocking voice. Seems like a good problem from a non weight gaining perspective, but from mine you’re dismissing what I want to do for myself. I’m not on this journey for anyone but me. & when you’re doing this journey keep in mind that its for you. My dad hates that I’m on this journey & if he had it his way he’d keep me from gaining anymore. But little does he know I still want an extra 20lbs on me. Point is, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. This journey is for you.

Height/ genetics:
While I’m not gonna tell you that you can’t change how your body looks you have to understand that your genetics will play a role. I keep getting asked how I keep my stomach flat…I have no idea. My genetics blessed me. I’ve had ppl ask how do they increase bust & hips by like 8 inches but bring their waist down to 22". I’m not gonna tell you what your body may or may not be able to do, but I will tell you that you may want to reconsider those specific goals based on how your weight distributes. For instance, I would be setting myself up for failure if I said I wanted to go up 2 cup sizes. I have small boobs. & I’ll more than likely always have small boobs. But I’ve accepted it & love my size regardless. So I don’t set up gaining goals for that part of my body. Now setting goals is important…just be sure you’re mindful of other factors. Also, height is another one of those factors. I’m 5'9 so my weight distributes across a longer canvas. Someone that’s 5'2 could gain 10 lbs in their thighs & look thick as hell, while I can gain that same amount in the same spot & still look thin. Those 10lbs has more area to distribute to for me. So for those of you on the taller side, this may be a reality you have to face. This is also the reason why I want to gain so much, because its gonna take a lot for me to look significantly thicker.

Be realistic:
Okay so this ties into the previous post. You need to be realistic with your goals. I’m not dismissing the goals you do have in place, but if you’re naturally thin like me then trying to strive for a body like Amber Rose or something isn’t exactly a smart idea. Cause guess what, it sets you up for failure. The thing is I never really set a goal body or goal measurements. It wasn’t until someone had asked me about it that I realized this is something that ppl are really doing. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look like this person or that, but don’t make that your end all be all. Understand that you have a different body type & that’s fine. Find comfort in your shape. Your goal body should be based on you. As shitty as this sounds it’s how it is. I spent too much time looking at other women’s bodies saying I wish I wish, but when I started my journey I never set them as the standard.

So either you need to be eating a good amount of protein or taking a supplement. Chances are you’ll end up taking a supplement, so my advice is to research and find a natural protein powder. It’s something you’re gonna be taking multiple times a week for a good amount of time, so might as well do your body a favor & go with a good quality powder.

You’re gonna get tired of certain foods:
I hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I’ve hated them for a good month. This is what happens when you stick to certain high cal foods, you get tired of them. I suggest mixing it up a bit & try not to eat that specific food everyday. Unless you wanna cringe at the idea of even preparing it.

Photos & measurements. The scale will lie:
Idk how many times I’ve answered weight gaining questions and told someone to take photos & measurements. This is so important & I’m going to help you understand why. I have made it to 130lbs on 3 occasions. The first time I was a size 3, the second time a 5 almost 7, and the third a size 7 (juniors) & 8 (women’s). Don’t obsess over the number on the scale because it can be so misleading. I probably weigh no more than 125 right now & I’m only a ½" short of what my measurements were when I was almost 10lbs heavier. I prefer weighing myself & doing measurements every 2 weeks & then photos every month. The time between each is up to you, but I highly suggest at least having 2 weeks between each check.

Love your body:
I saved the best for last. Love your body! I can’t stress this enough. In one of the points earlier I talked about how much easier it is to go through this journey by accepting things as is. The moment you decide you’re going to love how you look the moment this journey becomes easier. This isn’t something you should over obsess about. Make it a part of your lifestyle but don’t become consumed by it. Being critical of yourself isn’t going to help, trust me. I spent so much time sad as shit over my body & had I spent it not caring as much I’d feel a lot better. Get up & look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re damn fine & have a rockin body. Tell yourself that yeah you aren’t shaped like this or that (because being blatant w/ yourself and accepting it makes it easier) but you still look good. You still have a banging personality. You still have good features…you aren’t just your body. Obviously you don’t wanna hear this & its weird for me to be saying it when here I am trying to change my body. Now you’re gonna have moments (cause I do all the time) where you look in the mirror & still aren’t quite happy about what you see. But like I said earlier, don’t obsess. Acknowledge it and move on. Take the necessary steps to get you there. Understand that its gonna take time. It won’t happen overnight, but honestly now that its years later I sort of enjoy the fact that its requiring all this hard work to get where I wanna be. Makes it all worth it. Ultimately my tips & suggestions was about loving your body. But I figured I’d break down the components & little extras so you can understand the bigger picture. I love my body. I should’ve always loved it. Don’t make my mistake of doing this journey with no body positivity. I swear to you its no fun being self critical. Even if you gotta fake it til you make it, then so be it. I did it & it worked. If there’s anything I want ppl to take away from this post it’s this.

So I hope this helped, and I wish you all the best of luck on your weight gain journey. I’m always here to help…even though I’m shitty with answering messages lol. But I always answer.

Newsies Super Hero AU (Part 1?)

There is a secret society of the super-powered in America. The ability to have Superpowers are passed down from family member to family member(that does not mean that you have the same power as your parents).

Most super heroes (anyone who has super powers) grow up in a super hero family but there are a few exceptions to that. Some super-heroes are born to normal families but then have to go to the boarding school once they are discovered.

They keep a life separate from those without super powers until they learn to control their power, which is at a boarding school from kids between the ages of 7 and 18. Then after that they go to live in the real world or work for the school.

Race has super speed.

Davey can tell when other people lie and scale walls with no problem. He also has the ability to heal but it takes a lot of energy.

Jack can manipulate light and even create it: Jack’s light can be harmful if he wants it too be but it takes a lot of energy to make it that way.He can do a ‘light explosion’ as he likes to call it. His entire body will seem to shine a gold light that will stun anyone in its path for hours on end. The problem with his explosion is that he only does when he is overwhelmed with extreme anger, sadness, or fear.

Kath has snow and ice powers(like Elsa). Since they all go to a school in Hawaii, the environment seems to hate her, even when she isn’t using her powers. Bugs bite her and she gets sun burnt(even with sun block on).

Sarah and Spot have no superpowers, but help the team behind the scenes. Spot is the guy on the chair and directs all their missions, while Sarah is a doctor.

Crutchie has angel wings that allow him to fly. The reason he has a limp is because he injured himself in a flight accident when he was young. His crutches help him with taking off since he can’t move his leg. His arms are super strong so he can carry someone while flying. He also has healing powers and works with Sarah as the team’s doctor, but sometimes goes on missions with the team.

Davey and Sarah are new to the school, since their parents transferred them. Crutchie takes them on a tour of the school.

Davey is a year younger than everyone else because he started school a year early, so everyone thinks he and Sarah are twins.


I’ll probably add more to this, later on.


Swan Lake Aesthetic

A feathered creature covered in the salt and gloom of the doomed water, Odile became something even rarer than a maiden crowned with a bewitchment. She donned a collection of light so brilliant, so blinding, it turned the darkness in on itself. So long she wore this guise, the stories forgot what slithering scales lie beneath those feathers, what darting tongues snap over her fangs, what serpentine grace she found in the dank depths of the moor, the glorious enchantress.
Odette the Princess grows into the Queen of Swans, assuming reign over a drowned kingdom. Odette, poor lost maiden floating in the salt of her mother’s tears, carries the heavy burden of her crown. Treading the placid waters of her lake, she has seen man’s clamour to throw magic out of balance, she has seen the darkness boiling underneath. It rises up in a fog that threatens aphyxiation, and only she has the strength in her wings to rise above. How she flies, how she flies, how she shatters an enchantment that once tore her down.

As the origins of Swan Lake’s story cannot be traced to one singular tale, some have said that the duality of the White Swan and Black Swan could have been partly inspired by the folk tale of a swan maiden who is cursed to turn into a monstrous dragon, and in order to win her true love, a daring suitor must expel the snakes living in her body so that she may assume her swan-like grace and beauty once again.

when the teacher asks about human rights
the girl who sits next to you in class writes
“the right to have a sexuality”
smaller between the lines of the page
you do the same, desperate to be liked
she isn’t your friend, you learn later

“one in ten people are gay,” you’re told,
and all morning you wonder whether
someone you know might fall
into that category. it isn’t you,
it can’t be you, you’ve got a crush on
that boy who makes you feel inadequate

your best friend doesn’t have to tell you
but for four years you listen to her talk
about each unattainable girl
without ever feeling like you empathise
you tell her about the boy from english class
the one whose hair falls in his eyes

as you grow it becomes harder to ignore
you learn about other orientations
ones you hear your own parents dismiss
your sexuality falls on a scale
so you lie when taking kinsey’s test
so your result falls comfortably close to straight

it becomes much harder to ignore
when you’re suddenly surrounded by girls
they aren’t at all pretty, they’re radiant
and you swear it’s them you want to be
you don’t want to kiss them where the world
can’t see
this appreciation, it’s of their aesthetic only

and she’s like pure sunlight shining
and you wonder what it might be like to feel
her arms around your waist, her lips on yours
it’s a disaster in the end, of course
it dies a death in tears and mouthfuls of rum
but you discovered yourself in the chaos

—  sometimes coming to terms with who you are can take a while

1/ drifting lovers.

I watched him slip away.

The shower head was not on,
but this bathtub did not need water.
I had enough to wash myself clean.

I saw my hands let go and the caterpillar we tightly held burst from its cocoon after all of these years and my, the butterfly.

I watched love fly away.

– I watched the last butterfly
leave her stomach.

She no longer get those anymore.

Not with me.

I guess it was okay,
because I did not get them


Time is cruel.

Some people cannot ace the test.

There are so many questions,
but there was never a right answer.

Each call was another reason
to hang up.

Each text was another reason
not to reply.

And I guess it’s like the butterflies,
we started as something different
and became something beautiful,
even if it meant we were not
the nets to capture that winged
heart into a safe environment.

Maybe love is meant to be free.

Maybe just not with me.

Not with us.

We changed as soon as we fell in love
and I hope she keeps changing,
butterflies need to return home too.

2/ we were only friends. nothing more.

I remember our first conversation. We smiled big enough to fix the expanding universe inside of our laughter. Our words as gravity pulling our hearts closer, but also tearing apart the very individuals that we once were. Our lips bending, this is also how planets look as they cross a black hole.

But that was it.
I was just a friend
& nothing else.
It’s not your fault.
It’s mine.

So now,
I only remember our last conversation. You don’t pull me anymore, you never wanted me, but how can your smile still expand as I backtrack to the Big Bang? When we were first created as nothing more than stardust, maybe this is all it is; my way of remembering you for what you are. A person that could create as easily as that person can destroy.

So as you smile, I try to filter out which conversations to remember and which to forget. Because that’s all we are.

Stars that became friends.

3/ eve.

Some girls fall in love with danger,
Some girls fall in love with security & safety,
Some girls want stability,
Some girls want broken lovers,
But all girls want that home feeling
even if you’re a stranger now.

She still remembers when you used to love her.

4/ she woke up to truth, but slept with lies.

The scales lie to her body,
she’s 20 lbs more than what it reads.

The boys lie to her,
they only notice her face,
her body and her smile,
but not how she put her hair up today
or if she wore her favorite necklace.

The mirrors lie to her too,
that one pimple is now acne.

You see,
insecurity leads us to believe
that we are less than we are
by shoving more thoughts
down our throats.

And it wasn’t just her.

It was also anyone who spends more than they should to get ready, it was anyone who was ever called ugly, or too beautiful, yes, pretty people are the most insecure, think about it. Once you are beautiful, the only other person worth comparing yourself to is another person who you see as more beautiful, right? It never ends. That’s how insecurities work.

It kills us for us, we need not lift a finger.

And well,
maybe that’s why she has that boy who loves her without the make-up, maybe that’s why she has that boy in chemistry class who loves to hear her laugh even if he wasn’t her boyfriend, and maybe that’s why it isn’t so bad.

5/ someone once asked about my ex and what her perspective of me would be;
how about i share a memory? a personal one.
you see, i know her inner workings and how her thoughts are, i know her better than i knew myself and that was the messed up part. i still managed to hurt someone i knew that well. don’t take anyone for granted.

“I met him at my boyfriend’s party.
He was adorable. Cute.
If my relationship with this current guy never works out, he’ll be next.”

A few months later.

“Oh my god, we have the same algebra class.
Don’t freak out. Play with hair it helps you when you’re nervous. Smile, big. Or was it but smile? Whatever. He’s looking over here. He’s smiling. Okay, freaking out.


– you see, innocence and purity.
the nervous in such thoughts,
i miss those things about her.
i wonder what changed,
she was perfect,
but you see,
people grow,
they don’t stay 17 forever.

maybe we start as perfect
and become this flawed
and unloved thing.

and maybe that’s where
we’re at. both of us.

she always had a winner’s smile.

i hope you read this and smile on.

—  4 Anonymous poems and a side note.
// k.c.