Day 23 of #springupyogis I was able to get some fingertip action for a hot second! @dms_yoga @northcarolina_yogagirl @floactivewear @nalamalas @mars_adventure @sunsandals_chicks @truselforganics @supermodelmomma1 #yoga #yogachallenge #yogiswithtattoos #scalepose #tolasana #fit #fitsperation #fitgirl #girlswithtattoos #feeltheyogahigh #namaste

Tolasana, aka Scale Pose, requires both strength (to lift your lower body off the ground) and flexibility (to put the legs in full lotus). This pose is fantastic for strengthening the arms, wrists and abs as well as opening the hips and lengthening the spine. We will be giving Tolasana, and well as lots of other smile inducing poses, a go in both my 2pm Core Vinyasa and my 7pm Vinyasa classes @sanghayogashala today. See you soon!
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Day 13 | #SummerDazeYoga | #ScalePose

Smile. Smile through the asanas and practice and the easy and hard parts. I talk about it so much and i really do believe smiling helps it all. So really, if you think there’s some parts in your practice that get too hard, just smile like i do and maybe that’ll help you feel a little better

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#Invert4TheNewYear Day 9: #Tolasana (#ScalePose/#LiftedLotus). First time trying this transition from handstand into lifted #Padmasana/#LotusPose! Don’t you just love how uplifting and motivating breakthroughs are?! The rush and the thrill you experience is incredible! @workoutwithchr1s @_monette #yogachallenge #yogavideo #yogawithmhc Music: “Watch Me Where Ü Are Now” #mashup feat. “Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) by @therealsilento and "Where Are Ü Now” by @diplo and @skrillex feat. @justinbieber.

day 10 | #HathaHabits | #ScalePose

I don’t know how @the_southern_yogi manages it but oh my god this is a tough one to hold for too long! Girl you are a queen!!!! I managed to do 5 holds, 3 seconds each so I think that’s decent enough haha

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Day 12 of #SantasARMy 🎄🎅🏻 is #Tolasana | #ScalePose

Squeeze and pull up 😝 with my favorite yoga companion 🐶


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Happy Holidays 🎄🎁🍷