scaleless rat snake


When Pancake is deep in shed, she has a hard time flicking her tongue.  Her tines tend to stay stuck together.  At first I thought she was sick, but after many successful sheds with no ill effects, I chalked it up to a side effect of the scalelessness.


When Pancake and Hashbrown are ready to shed, I often find this weird, benign gunk on their lower lip.  It doesn’t seem to bother them, and it goes away after the shed.  It’s hard to the touch, but doesn’t wipe off.

It’s a mystery, but Brian told me it’s normal for the mutation and that I shouldn’t worry!  

Just letting you guys know if you were curious, or you saw the gunk in any of my pictures.  It’s not mouth rot or an RI!  Just a weird little quirk of the mutation.


I am sad :(  I think Pancake’s tailtip is gonna fall off.  It’s hard and black.. it almost looks like a scale..? but there’s a line around it like it was constricted by shed.  It’s extremely difficult to tell if all of her shed has come off.. and I found some on her tail and gently took it off.

She was not happy.. she musked and rattled at me.. gosh she’s such a bitch >:C


For those of you who were curious, here are some nice hi res photos of Hashbrown eating.  Unfortunately he started rattling his tail so I had to stop taking photos.  I don’t want to upset him while he’s eating!  He didn’t attempt to bite me when I put him back, though.  Such a sweetbaby ;;