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Do Squishes ever bust out of the Knees like eels do? Also, do Strawberry Fish taste like strawberries? Also, do you eat the crunchy she'll, or just break them open and slurp the insides? Trying to gets many details as I can so I can try to make cookie-jellyfilled-doughnut sorta things.

Squishes do bust out sometimes! Though it’s more like a mischievous slipping-out than any violent exit. Remember when Boo fought off the Silver to help out Duane? He could do it because there were squishes inside of him that had escaped the khert, and could combat the evil eels.

Strawberry fish tastes nothing like strawberries. They taste like tuna sashimi with tiny, nutty white parasites that pop-crunch when you bite them, like sesame seeds. The white worms up against the red fish flesh are why they’re called strawberry fish :) You wouldn’t want to eat the outside, it’s slimy and scaley.

You could probably make a sweet version, I bet Kasslynian confectioners make cute strawberry fish shaped cookies.

Okay, random idea...

A story where humans are really weird for liking other alien species. Not like in a cross-species romance sort of thing (though that too), it’s just that we legitimately find every other race in the universe cute and they have no idea how to deal with it. Like, some aliens are coming in for a delegation, and they are scaley motherf***ers with claws, teeth and everything, and they start to apologize for their appearance (because most other species they encounter are freaked out by them) and then one of the human interns starts squealing because there’s a baby dinosaur hiding behind his mommy (because mommy’s scarier so he feels safer).

Like, we as a species have an incredible fascination with other species’s children and how cute they are. Like these people understand wanting to eat smaller things because they look tasty but they have never encountered nutjobs who want to cradle the little guys with hedgehog spines on them. They have no frame of reference for our obsession with alien children.

They’re like “uh, are you alright?” “Oh my gosh they’re so cute!!!” “I was…unaware that humans had external eggs…” “oh, we don’t, but oh my gosh they’re so cute I can feel their little legs kicking!” “Okay…”

And of course, once earth realizes that some other species have overpopulation problems, almost immediately someone proposes an interspecies adoption program which is approved with near unanimous approval by Earth-gov which kind of freaks out everyone else because literally nobody had even considered it (and despite the fact that humans are one of the most colonization obsessive peoples because they have their own overpopulation problems). Not because they opposed it morally, but because some of these guys breath pure nitrogen, and others exude cyanide from their pores so they don’t think we’ll handle it well. But they figure, why not, and they start it, but earthlings are the only ones who actually receive children because everyone else is a little too wary of adult earthlings to deal with their offspring.

That’s how earth becomes just inundated with tons of species of aliens and every visitor to earth is just astounded by the diversity. Like, a human couple is just walking around with a 6'2 Karalaxian named Bob who they keep refusing to get ice cream because he misbehaved in the store.

theres always strife in the dragon fandoms whether they should be depicted as big majestic godly scaley lizard things or basically big furry dogs with bat wings.

hate to break it to ya, but both of those interpretations are shit compared to what dragons REALLY should be which is monsters that have a mix of reptilian, mammalian, and avian features with like 12 titties.

I LOVE ALLIE NOW! (Team Stumblefuck)

Druid was in the bathroom as the battle continued on.  A Half Dragon had ended up attacking the Sorcerer, who’s only level 1, and the DM had warned the Cleric that he might need to be healed.  The following happens instead;

Druid (OOC from the Bathroom); Someone roll for Allie to protect the Sorcerer!

Wizard (OOC); Druid told us to roll on the dinosaur protecting the gold making Dragonborn.  *Crit save*

DM; Your Sorcerer was just saved by a massive scaley hide of the Allosaurus.  The Allosaurus takes 4 points of damage.

Sorcerer; “I LOVE YOU ALLIE!”

When HTTYD 3 comes out in theatres…

I will sit down in my seat with my favorite movie snacks…

And the people around me will ask before it starts…

“Why are you crying?”

And I will turn to them and say…

“Preparing for the worst”

They won’t understand…

Then it might begin…

And if the first words I hear aren’t “This is berk”…

They will be those 8 words, those 8 soul crushing, heart shattering words….

And I will know…..

I was preparing for the right thing.

Injured Rabbit (Draco x Slytherin!Metamorphmagi!Reader)

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Request: Could you write a Draco x metamorphmagus!reader? The reader loves animals so when she finds a injured animal she brings it to the slytherin common room to show Draco and have him help her take care of it. I hope that’s not a lot😅  

The information on Metamorphmagi might be inaccurate oh well

Also this is trash heh bye

You were a metamorphmagi (like Tonks).  Not an animagi.  Metamorphagus skills were not acquired through a series of events like animagi, they are inherited.  You got yours from your mother.  You could transform into any animal (full form or just partial), change your hair color as you please, and you had a strong love and passion for almost any animal.  Oh right, you were also a Slytherin, and a proud one at that.

You didn’t exactly have any friends in Slytherin, though.  However, Draco Malfoy took an interest in your love for anything furry or scaley.  Whenever you snuck down to the forest to observe the animals, Draco would sometimes follow you and watch you with curiosity.  He thought he had always gotten away clean without you noticing him, but you had the ears of a hawk (sometimes literally), and would always hear him behind you no matter how far.  But you didn’t find it creepy, you were glad someone had taken an interest in your skills.  You were far too used to being called a ‘freak’ by other Slytherins.  Draco was fascinated by the way you cared for even the smallest critter.

One day as it was nearing curfew and you were walking past the forest to go back to the Slytherin common room, you heard the whimpers of what had to be a small animal of some sort.  You frantically searched behind some large trees and soon found a tiny snow-white rabbit, a bite mark with blood seeping out on its side.

You knew you didn’t have time to heal it then and there, or else you would get in major trouble for being out after curfew, even more by the forest.  You also knew there was no way you were going to leave the poor thing to die.  So you carefully picked it up, being careful not to harm it any further, and you rushed back down to the Slytherin common room, successfully not getting caught.  You uttered the password and quickly walked into the room.

Everyone else had retreated to their beds for the night.  All except for Draco, who was sitting on the couch and immediately looked up when he heard you enter.  “Y/N?” he said confused when he saw you rush to your bag by a table.

“No time, Draco, I need you to help me with something,” you muttered as you grabbed a pillow from a chair and set it on the table, gently laying the rabbit on it.

Draco was quickly by your side.  “A rabbit?” he said as he watched you lay it down.

“Yes, and as you can clearly see it’s hurt.  Get that fizzy blue potion from my bag,” you instructed.

Draco opened your bag and sifted through the potion bottles, and soon found the blue potion with bubbles fizzing around inside.  He handed it to you, and you opened the bottle and gently poured a small amount on the rabbit’s wound.  It began to calm down, and stopped wiggling and whining.  Next, you whipped out your wand and held it over the bite mark and muttered a quick healing spell for animals, the bite closing shut.

“Draco, there should be a tiny purple blanket in my bag, can you get that?”

He nodded and knelt down to go through your bag again, pulling out the purple blanket and handing it to you.

“Thank you,” you said and wrapped up the sleeping rabbit in it, picking it up and cradling it to your chest and walking over to sit on the sofa.  “Hey, Draco,” you began.

“Yes?” he replied and sat next to you on the sofa.

You stroked the rabbit’s ears.  “Why were you the only one down here when I got back?  Normally you’re one of the first people to go to the dorms.”

Draco blushed.  Like.  He.  blushed.  “Oh… uh…. I guess I just wanted to make sure you were safe…?”

“Aw, the Malfoy boy does have feelings after all.  Also, I know you follow me to the woods sometimes.”

His eyes widened.  “H-how do you know that?”

“Ears of a hawk.  Metaphorically and literally.”

“Well then…”

“Here, pet the rabbit,” you said out of nowhere and held the rabbit out to him.

Draco wasn’t really used to animals, but held out a hand and lightly pet the rabbit’s floppy ears.  “It’s very cute.”

“Very,” you answered.  “We’ll return it to its home tomorrow, in the meantime…. I’m really tired.”  You set the rabbit on the spot next to you and transformed into a black cat.

Draco jumped a little, forgetting you could do that.  “Y/N, what on Earth are you doing???”

You ‘meowed’ and padded onto his lap, curling up.  Draco didn’t really know what to do, so he pet your furry body as you batted at his arm with your tail.  You purred and eventually fell asleep, Draco still petting you.

In the morning, a lot of people were confused as to why there was a cat on Draco’s lap and a rabbit wrapped in a blanket next to him.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!