New Arrival! Glitch Network Dissonance Seraphim! Pic heavy

FINALLY! The Glitch Network Seraphim has arrived, fresh from amiami~! This guy was a collaboration between Melita Curphy aka Miss Monster (whose resin cast monster dog we have previously covered, very awesome art, go check her out!) and of course glitch network themselves. I have previously covered a figure of theirs, (more on that later) and this one has outshown that one in my opinion!

The shipper box is awesome, unlike the Inari he is not numbered on the outside of the box.

The box itself is very beautiful, with a nice comic style artwork on the top of the box.

The back shows some of the usual warnings as such and credits to the artists.
The box itself is not as nice as the one that came with the Inari figure, but it still nice in its own right.

And here he is! He looks amazing already! Lets take him out!

His weapons are HUGE! The kanabo especially is very big, and the paint on both are amazingly well done. The quality on both weapons (and the smaller panabay which I forgot to photograph) are MUCH better that the inari figure I purchased, who’s sword ended up breaking not long after I received him.

A little miffed, but his head was not fully attached in transit. Lucky for me his hood kept his head in place so there was no real harm done other than a tiny chip on his chin I’ll probably never notice again. It popped back on without a hitch. Lucky for me, I get to see now that his head joint is much more standardized that the inari figure, who had to be altered to fit other body types.

All out of the box! He looks fantastic! I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of his pants, they are a lot more blue than his product photos made them look. But I redress my dudes a lot, so that’s no matter to me at all. and even better because….

EVERYTHING IS MADE TO COME OFF! YESSS. Unlike the inari, this guy has snaps everywhere and all of the bits are entirely remove-able! Hurray!

The Seraphim….wings? ears? come off as well! They easily detach so the hood can be removed.

Another happy note, the wrist pegs are very standardized in case of wanting to change his hands up. His hands also snap on snugly without the use of heat! What a relief… heating up the inari hands to change them was a bit of a hassle.

Shall we see how he poses?

Basic standing and stances are no problem. the bod is light but solid, and he takes a little adjusting but is very easy to stand.

Lets go a little more extreme, most of the weight is on the single foot, very stable, I actually smacked the table after I posed him and all I had was a little wobble. Nice!

That’s all for now! All in all I have to say that he is MUCH improved from the inari model, and that Glitch Network has stepped it up big time. He’s amazingly well painted and clean, poseable, and generally awesome. He was definitely worth the wait! If you are on the fence and have any questions about the figure, feel free to ask me!
He costs $195 plus shipping, and can be purchased here from amiami or here from glitch network themselves.

Thanks for looking!