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i like to think that capitalism isn’t a thing in the new universe and those giant corporations are just. huge buildings where you can pick up free shit

crockercorp? it’s just where the majority of food is alchemised, you can go in and make whatever you want. there’s free baking lessons every day. if you’re lucky you’ll get a slice of cake baked by Jane herself

skaianet enterprises? just show up whenever you want, dirk and jake will help you build whatever the fuck kind of robot your heart desires. their best creation to date was a to-scale replica of the iron giant, which led to them renting out their huge warehouse space to anyone aspiring to make movies

sometimes jane and jake meet up to boast over their great sales records, which is essentially jane talking about the weirdest flavour combinations and jake listing off how many explosions there have been

           5 THINGS
           REPOST. DON’T REBLOG.

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  1. At least three different kinds of hand sanitizer
  2. A book, possibly more (to a maximum of 6)
  3. A tube of hand lotion that never gets used
  4. A lanyard with carkeys that aren’t even mine
  5. Candy, including gum, chocolate, & mints

5 things in my bedroom

  1. A scale replica of Corvo’s mask from Dishonored
  2. A Steam Powered Giraffe poster signed by the band
  3. A pendelum + room key from a haunted hotel
  4. Lots & lots of stuffed animals
  5. Three shelves dedicated to comics + video game stuff

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in my life

  1. Roadtrip with no desination in mind, just go wherever
  2. Start, finish, & wear a cosplay
  3. Visit Canada
  4. Attend a midnight premerie in cosplay
  5. Attend a film festival

5 things that make me happy

  1. Eating partially cooked cookie dough in a mug
  2. Listening to music on long drives
  3. Steampunk
  4. Getting new comics/Going to comic book shops
  5. Dressing up in costume

5 things that I’m currently into

  1. Welcome to Night Vale
  2. Tarot/Psychic/Spirtual stuff
  3. Collecting vintage Hawkeye + Winter Soldier comics
  4. Stranger Things
  5. Indie music

5 things on my to-do list

  1. Contact artist for commission details
  2. Send my paperwork to college admissions
  3. Convince my friend to go to prom with me
  4. Finish downloading all my Assassins Creed games
  5. Finish watching Stranger Things & Sense8

5 things you may not know about me

  1. I was supposed to be a twin but I ate my twin in the womb
  2. I was hospitalized in the spring of 2015 after attempting suicide
  3. I love Stitch from Disney like nobody’s business
  4. I have commissioned fanart of Krem & James Kidd drinking together
  5. I enjoy interacting with people/children while in costume at Renaissance Faires

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Rust: Lego talk
  • Pyrion: I'm crafting something cool.
  • Sips: Yeah, what're you making?
  • Pyrion: You'll see.
  • Sips: Is it a scale replica of Lake Titicaca?
  • Pyrion: Kind of.
  • Sips: Made out of papier-mâché?
  • Lewis: And jizz?
  • Pyrion: And titties.
  • Sips: Nice. I like that. Good building materials. Solid. Durable.
  • Lewis: Fresh.
  • Sips: Sexy.

I can’t believe the Transformers Masterpiece line won an award in Japan

“The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design-promotion system that picks good design out of a variety of unfolding phenomena, and aims to enrich our lives, industries, and society as a whole by highlighting and celebrating these works.“

Transformers Masterpiece: Enriching Japanese society with scale replicas of German WW2 era guns that turn into robots


and fan fiction 

smith-hadeon  asked:

17. What was your character’s favorite toy as a child? (WoW)

A model ship; a scale replica of a Thalassian xebec – the sort of sleek, speedy little vessel favoured by his mercentile House. It was a gift given for education, not pleasure, but he enjoyed it anyway; though Fal came to resent the family business, he could never bring himself to hate the ships.

But no mere wooden fascimilie, no inert plaything would suffice for an aristocratic scion of Quel'thalas! The model was laden with enchantments as intricate as the rigging: removed from its stand, the ship drifted through the air of its own accord, and illusions of the crew scampered hither and yon at all hours, going about their rote tasks. A crystalline lens allowed a curious eye to peer inside the hull, at the immaculate reconstructions of the decks below and all that transpired therein.

It was an introduction to sailing – and though his magical studies floundered (to the grave disappointment of his parents) to the fundamentals of enchanting as well.

Falfarrin has attempted to track down the toymaker in the hopes of creating a similar replica of the Meridian – with illusions depicting the ship and crew in real time (albeit, in all likelihood, with some thoughtful privacy barriers) – but his search has thus far proved fruitless.  

60. The muggleborn ravenclaws introduce their pureblood dorm mates to Minecraft. They instantly fall in love with creative mode and make it a house project to create a full scale replica of the Hogwarts grounds

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I ordered 25 copies of Woody Guthrie. They’re scale replicas of his body in his most recognizable pose: holding a guitar in one hand and an aquarium full of mice in his other two hands. These replicas are 3:1 scale, so there’s no room with our low ceilings. I’ll have to keep them outside of the store in people’s lawns and next to highway overpasses and such. But they’re just great!

Michelle Nguyen

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 53 - The September Monologues


The original Futurama, 1939.

By far the most popular exhibit at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the General Motors-sponsored Futurama (contained in its Highways and Horizons pavilion) was a gigantic diorama showcasing a proposed futuristic world of 1960, created by industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes. Unlike most utopian predictions, the Futurama turned out to be surprisingly accurate, in that it presented a country joined by a network of interstate highways which , for better or worse, did become a reality in the 50′s. Other predictions included helipads on skyscrapers, genetically modified food, and automatic highway systems.

After the simulated flight over this world of 1960, visitors exited into a full scale replica of one of the intersections seen in the diorama, which included elevated sidewalks.  Upon exiting, visitors were given a small pin that simply read “I Have Seen The Future”


Armin Ciesielski, Peter Brakel and Walter Willer working at German company Giganten aus Stahl (Giants of Steel) recreate this full-scale replica of  Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” out of 10,000 scrap metal pieces, and can’t be driven.  In addition to the Gullwing, there are other replicas such as a classic Porsche Spyder and pre-war Auto Union grand prix racer.

Internet browsers review

Internet ‘e’ - 9/10

When I opened this a chirpy-looking little e with a lemon slice on it showed up at the bottom of my screen. The typefont makes it seem like it is smiling with glee, which I thought was comforting to look at. Maker of this is Microsoft, which might make microwaves or something? In which case the ‘e’ stands for energy, or e-cooking

Pros: I enjoyed looking at the cute e.

Cons: A weird white frame shows up every time I use it?

Internet chrome - 4/10

I was sorely dissapointed. I wanted to like chrome but if you take just one look at the little picture its obvious that none of the colors are chrome, its red and green and yellow and blue and a little pit of white around the middle. And if that wasn’t enough my mouse disconnected after I opened this so i had to stop planning my scale replica of woody woodpecker with the curvy line tool in paint

Pros: Looks sort of like a beach ball…

Cons: A liar who sinfully disrespected me.

Internet fire fox - 6/10 (?)

This made me really distressed at first because I thought the animal was being hurt but when I opened it I was greeted with an epic tapestry of a fox ascending its mortal limits and spanning the entire earth in one miraculous fiery leap. Astounding. I don’t know if foxes can actually do this but I didn’t have any resources at the time to investigate it, just this weird little picture.

Pros: A reminder of how brilliantly life shines before its end.

Cons: Maybe it’s not the earth but just like a ball its holding and rolling about with?