scale railroad model


Flying tour of Gripenhem.


Took and old Atlas Shorty Tank car and converted it into a storage tank for my Epsom salt plant. Picked this up from the bargain bin at Autumn Rails last year. The tank car’s hand rails were 90% broken or missing. Ended up being repurpose something broken. The tank car has been trimmed down and putty used to fill the holes. Pipe is spru, hose is Atlas track feeder. Pump house from scrap from several kits.

Model Train on a Spiral Track

Model train enthusiast James Risner used his collection of HO-scale railroad tracks and model trains to create this endless spiral on the floor of his living room. Powered by several HO-scale locomotives, Risner’s clever design (which can also work in reverse), allows the long train to enter and exit the spiral in a perpetual loop creating a hypnotic effect.