scale of evil

The Scale of Evil

In 2010,  forensic psychologist and Columbia University professor Michael Stone, came up with a scale inspired in Dante’s circles of hell to classify criminals from the 20th century.

The scale goes from 1 to 22 and is divided in three cathegories: impulsive murderers, semi-psychopaths (meaning they lack the extreme characteristics of them, but can be psychotic) and finally, psychopaths who are manipulative, cunning and show no remorse.

Number 1 in the scale is out of these clasifications, since it’s “justified murder”, or self defense, and not regarded as “evil”.

Impulsive Murderers

2. Jealous lovers, non-psychopathic, who commit crimes in the heat of passion.

3. Willing companions of killers.  

4. Provocative “self defense”, meaning someone who provokes an attack and then kills to protect themselves.

5. Desperate measures, traumatized people that later show genuine remorse.

6. Hot heads, who act in an “impetuous moment” without marked psychopathic features. Stone puts infamous cannibal Issei Sagawa here.

7. Narcissists, possessive but without psychopathic traits, they kill out of jealousy.

8. Fit of rage, they kill when it’s ignited. Stone puts Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower shooter, here.


9. Jealous Lovers, with psychopathic traits. 

10. “In the way” killers, not fully psychopathic. They murder people who are an obstacle, like witnesses or family members.

11. “In the way” psychopaths. Same as above, but with more coldness.

12. Power-Hungry who kill when they are cornered. Stone puts cult leader Jim Jones here.

13. Inadequate and rageful. They are angry because of the shortcomings they’ve experienced in life, show some psychopatic impulses. Example: Eric Harris.

14. Schemers. Self-sentered, they plan their crimes and won’t stop at nothing.

15. Cold-Blooded spree. They are willing to kill multiple people calmly and with a psychopathic motive. Example given: Charles Manson.


16. Vicious psychopaths, who kill in gruesome ways. 

17. Sexually perverse, where rape is usually the primary motive and the murder is more an afterthought or o hide the rape. Stone puts Ted Bundy here.

18. Torturing murderers, although they don’t prolong it. Murder is their primary motivation. Example: Gary Ridgeway.

19. Non-Homicidal psychopaths. They engage in terrorism, rape and other crimes that aren’t necessarily murder.

20. Murdering torturers, they can be considered legally insane and are motivated mainly by their desire to torture. Example: Joseph Kallinger.

21. Pure torturers. They enjoy torturing their victims to the extreme, but not necessarily murder them. Example: Cameron Hooker.

22. Psychopathic torture-murderers. They inflict prolonged pain before killing their victims. It’s a trait seen in many male serial killers. Example: Jeffrey Dahmer.

More about it here

Zodiac Signs As How Evil You Truly Are


Aries: war mongering drama queens (evil scale 5.0)

Taurus: rage blackouts (evil scale 4.0)

Gemini: liars (evil scale 8.0)

Cancer: will wear your skin as a coat (evil scale 9.0)

Leo: will make you want to wear their skin as a coat (evil scale 3.0)

Virgo: will say they’re evil, but they’re just emotionless (evil scale 1.5)

Libra: you’ll never see the lawsuit coming (evil scale 7.0)

Scorpio: will murder your soul so you’re dead on the inside (evil scale 10.0)

Sagittarius: everyone knows they’re evil but them (evil scale 11.0)

Capricorn: they’ll take your money - by stealing your job (evil scale 6.0)

Aquarius: cold calculating elitists (evil scale 6.0)

Pisces: makes elaborate plans to destroy their enemy but gets “too tired” (evil scale 3.0)


Dr. Michael Stone’s Scale of Evil

Dr. Michael Stone has created a scale he calls Scale of evil. The scale stretches from 1 to 22 and Dr. Michael Stone places each and every serial killer on this scale all depending on how evil they are.

Level 1 
“Those who kill in self defense and do not show psychopathic tendencies.”

Level 2. 
“Jealous lovers who, though egocentric or immature, are not psychopathic; crime passional”

Level 3
“Willing companions of killers: aberrant personality—probably impulse-ridden, with some antisocial traits”

Level 4
“Those who kill in self-defense, after extremely provocative behavior toward the victim”

Level 4
“Highly narcissistic, but not distinctly psychopathic persons, with a psychotic core, who kill loved ones or family members out of jealousy”

Level 5
“Traumatize, desperate people who kill abusive relatives and others.(like to support a drug habit)” but lack significant traits. Genuinely remorseful.“

Level 6
"Impetuous hotheaded murderers without psychopatic features.”

Level 7
“Highly narrsasistic , but not distinctly psychopathic people.”
with a psychotic core, who kill those close to them. Jealously is an underlying motive.

Level 8
“Non psychopathic people with smoldering rage who kill when that rage is ignited.”

Level 9
“Jealous lovers with marked psychopathic features”

Level 10
“Killers of people who where in the way or killed for example witnesses.(egocentric but not distinctly psychopathic)”

Level 11
“Psychopathic killers of people in the way.”

Level 12
“Power-hungry psychopaths who kill when cornered.”

Level 13
“Murderers with inadequate, rageful personalities and psychopathic features

Level 14
"Ruthlessly self-centered psychopathic schemers”

Level 15
“Psychopathic or cold blooded spree killers mulitple murders.”

Level 16
“Psychopaths committing multiple vicious acts.”

Level 17
“Sexually perverse serial murderers Torture-murderers. Murder is the primary motive, following prolonged torture(amoung the males rape is the primary motive with murder to hide the evidence. Systematic torture is not a primary factor”.

Level 18
“Torture murderers with murder the primary motive.”

Level 19
“Psychopaths driven to terrorism, subjugation, intimidation, and rape, but short of murder.”

Level 20
“Torture murderers with torture as the primary motive but in psychopathic personalities.”

Level 21
“Psyhcopaths preoccupied with torture in the extreme, but not known to have commited murder.”

Level 22
“Psychopathic, serial torture-murderers, with torture the primary motive.”

psa, osomatsu san season 2

In light of the recent announcement confirming season 2 of Osomatsu san the anime, and the resurrection of a fandom-that-i-dont-believe-was-ever-truly-dead, and especially in light of the memetic “Osomatsu san season 2 wishlists” which have been springing up (ranging from either jokingly or dead on serious and honestly I can’t fucking tell with you guys) , I would like to remind everyone that the anime Osomatsu san has genre’d itself as “Anime At One’s Own Responsibility” 

so like, maybe we get a season 2 thats completely similar to season 1, or they decide to go off the deep end and we get a beatle-faced rendition of Neon Genesis Evangelion, or maybe they decide to just give us The Adventures of F6 for 12 episodes straight. If all goes perfectly, we ideally get nothing but Iyami and Chibita episodes to the likes of the ‘88 -kun series

As a fandom we definitely went loose this past year with our headcanons for the bros and placing them on a scale of evil to good, and unlike season 1 we are definitely approaching season 2 with a mountain of expectations, which is concerning considering the nature of show itself

we’re all here to have a good time, but keep in mind


yalitmeme: eight otps [4/8] ♡ the worry wart™ + the immature child™ // the school for good and evil

WHERE IS SHE?” Agatha croaked. “Is she safe?”

“Not a good idea for princesses to worry about witches either,” Tedros said, hands gripping her waist. Her stomach exploded with butterflies.

“Put me down,” she sputtered —

“More bad ideas from the princess.”

“Put me down!”Tedros obeyed and Agatha pulled away.

I’m not a princess!” she snapped, fixing her collar.

“If you say so,” the prince said, eyes drifting downward. Agatha followed them to her gashed legs, waterfalls of brilliant blood. She saw blood blurring —

Tedros smiled. “One … two … three …” She fainted in his arms.

“Definitely a princess,” he said.“

While the girls are taking their own group pic here (in my other fanart :D), the boys are here chatting away~

ahem subtle yet unintentional starco ahem 

What a difference a year makes. There is only 2lbs difference same sports bra and same shirt. I’ve put on a lot of muscle and lost some fat. I had been working out 2-3x a week and lifting some weights. I started crossfit again in April and am doing that 4-5x a week. I have been working on eating more and feeding, not starving my body. I’ve been using my fitness pal for the last week or so to make sure to eat enough calories, about 2100-2300 a day. I also make sure to drink all the water and get eight (sometimes more) hours of sleep a night.

I also lost a lot of hair and I miss it. I’m letting it start to grow back. That is going to be a long process.

Edit: so my husband says he hates these photos and that I look way better in person. I tried to explain to him that they are progress pics and not always flattering. He said nope they don’t look like I do and I’m way better. He’s cute, I’ll keep him.

rapgodyeri  asked:

um idk how to do this but u mentioned violas in that yoongi classical!au n no one ever pays attention to us so thank u sm idk man i just appreciate it um do u have a prince bambam au or could u do one for me? i love ur blog a lot ( im talking too much sorry have a gr9 day)

no problem!! and thank you!! here’s a prince!bambam for you~

  • is a public prince,,,,a prince,,,,,,for the people,,,,definitely has no fear when it comes to going out in public and you know,,,,just Being,,,,,,
  • because let’s not lie to ourselves looking at prince bambam is like looking at art,,,,,he’s just so,,,,,,,,,,beautiful
  • comes out in an outfit that gets talked about for weeks on end until literally every socialite in his country owns the same outfit because yes our prince Did That he Wore That so i need to wear it too,,,
  • donates all his money to the arts: theater, museums, concert halls, etc. but,,,,,when he donates he makes it a rule that those places must let students in for free because to him there’s nothing more important than kids getting to explore their creative talents!!!
  • and even though he tries to play it cool and stylish,,,in his expensive suits,,,,,dark eye makeup,,,,,and literal catwalk on the streets like,,,,,,he’s a big soft guy on the inside
  • literally grabbed the mic at a royal press conference to drag prince jb who was visiting from another country and ,,,,, true he literally put his life on the line because if this wasn’t being filmed jb would have hoped the table and came @ him 
  • but it was such a funny drag that the entire country was in uproar about it the next day and ,,,,,, like for every good picture of bambam in the newspapers and whatnot,,,,,,,his public instagram is full of his own customized memes
  • his mother, the queen is like please bambam think of your image and his royal siblings are like baMBAM but he’s like “it makes my people laugh, and whatever brings them joy brings me joy”
  • and you happen to be an art history major with an internship at the biggest museum in the country and,,,,,,,you really just get to spend the day cataloging pieces
  • but on the day the prince is to come and get a private tour,,,,instead of having it lead by the head of the museum bambam asks that a student take him around
  • and that student is YOU GUESSED IT IT’S Y O U 
  • and when they tell you you almost faint on the spot but coworker taemin catches you and you’re like asdfkjsfk a tour,,,,for the p R IN CE 
  • and you can’t believe it but an hour later it’s just you and prince bambam in this big hall full of full scale portraits from the middle evil century and you’re like sweating palms, sweating forehead, voice stammering
  • and when you finally dare to look up at the prince,,,,,,literally you think you’ve seen an angel
  • because he looks EXTRA handsome,,,,the collared shirt slightly unbuttoned, long legs, full lips, contact lenses that make his eyes a shimmering green and you’re just: it’s too much
  • you think you might overheat and you keep dabbing at your face with your sleeve until bambam is like 
  • “look at me again” and you flick your eyes up to see him standing in front of a large painting of a king leaning against a pillar and you’re like?? and bambam suddenly pretends to lean and he’s like “don’t we look alike?”
  • and you’re like,,,,speechless,,,,,because,,,,,,,is the prince trying to joke around nOW of all times
  • and you’re like ummmmmm,,,,,y,,,yes??? you’re both royality-
  • but bambam makes a pouting face and he’s like nO! i mean isn’t it funny?
  • and he goes to the next painting and imitates it, this time a goddess on the verge of fainting near a fountain
  • and you can’t hold back a giggle because his expression on his face matches her’s perfectly but the minute it comes out you put your hand over your mouth
  • and you’re like im sorry!!! i didn’t mean to laugh-
  • but bambam walks over to carefully remove your hand from your mouth and he leans in closer to be at eye level and he’s like “no, i wanted to see you smile. you looked really nervous and plus, i was right.”
  • and he leans back up to walk down the hall and you’re like ?????????? wait what ???? what were you right about-
  • and bambam with his hands behind his back stops walking and turns to look at you with a grin and he’s like 
  • “that your even more charming when you smile~ i think you’re making me fall for you~”
  • and your jaw almost hits the floor as bambam continues down the hall and you’re like trying to gather your thoughts???? because ????? your prince just flirted with you????? openly??????
  • and you must have phased out because you hear bambam’s voice and he’s like “aren’t you going to come over here and tell me about this painting, love?” and you’re like L O V E??????!?!!??!?! but also you’re rushing over to say something
  • but bambam is like “you don’t have to actually say anything, i just wanted you to be closer to me~” and you’re like aGAIN PLEASE PRINCE YOU’rE GOING TO GIVE Me a HEA R T A TT A CK