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                                                     K - 2SO  (1:12)

   Black Series                                                                        Bandai Model Kit


While at a miniature expo last weekend looking for props for @oliverthesnail, I came across this lovely shop called Petworth Miniatures that sells these amazing tiny (1:48 scale) all-included kits based on famous rooms from famous novels. Of course, when I saw 221B Baker Street I had to get it. All the structure and most of the decor were included in the kit, as was the wiring for the light. Of course, being the dweeb that I am, I had to add my own personal touches, like the cut glass bead lamp, the metal hardware on the door, and a furry bearskin rug to replace the printed one included in the kit. The last few photos are not great, I just wanted to show off the lighting a little better and included a photo with a quarter for scale, so you can see just how tiny this thing actually is.

I’ve never made anything this small before, so lord knows it’s not perfect but between my love for all things tiny and my love for all things Sherlock Holmes, I’m really quite smitten with this kit, and I suspect this won’t be my last book room kit.


Build Complete!

So here’s the finished article, my 1/72 Airfix Spitfire PR.XIX built as a Swedish S.31, I hope you enjoy her as much as I have building her.

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Can we have were hanzo/ normal mccree where is Hanzo showing Mccree his other form? Or reversed with Hanzo seeing Mccrees other form for the first time? If not thats okay, thanks for providing us with amazing fics <3

Sure thing, Nonny! Never done a monster/werebeast!AU, so I’d love to give it a shot! :) Also apologies this took a little longer, I’ve been working on a lot of fics at once! I’m not as completely happy with it as I should be, but I hope it’s not too terrible.

Ship: McHanzo

Setting: New Overwatch (Canon Present)

Rating: SFW

AU: Monster/Werebeast

In all his years of working with Overwatch, Jesse had seen plenty of strange things: talking gorillas from the moon, a time-travelling teenager, a giant of a man who could swing a hammer just as high as he was with ease and who shook the ground whenever he laughed. He’d seen technologies that he could never even have dreamed of as a child and been part of events that had changed the world. More recently, he’d seen long-dead heroes return from the grave, one of whom was more ghost than man and had called everything he’d ever known into doubt; that was about as strange and shocking as Jesse thought it would get.

Then, about a month ago, he’d met Hanzo. Seeing Genji’s return was one of the many strange events on his list, but seeing Genji return alongside the brother that had murdered him was among the strangest of all. Jesse had been sceptical at first, a deeply ingrained paranoia from his Blackwatch days convincing him that it had to be some sort of plot or trap, but the more time he spent around Hanzo and the better he came to know him, the more Jesse found himself trusting the man – and, just maybe, even liking him.

Hanzo was stern – far sterner than Genji had been – and stoic; he rarely said more than he had to and refused to show anything that could be interpreted as weakness, including his emotions. He’d put up walls so high Jesse would need a climber’s kit to scale them, but boy did he want to. The mysterious air around the elder Shimada brother was intriguing and, though Jesse would never admit it aloud, strangely alluring. Handsome, impressive, and mysterious? It would have been criminal of Jesse to not take an interest.  And while Hanzo had avoided him like some awful smell at first, eventually Jesse’s pestering charm had whittled the walls down to fences.

Or he had, at least, temporarily lowered them until their last mission together a week ago, where Hanzo without a word of warning, had gone straight back to his usual, stern self; even worse than he used to be – he barely even looked in Jesse’s direction, if he could help it, and never said a word to him. When Jesse tried to ask him what he’d done wrong, Hanzo just huffed, scowled, and turned away. “You would not understand.”

That was the last thing Jesse had been able to get out of him, and he’d been driving himself mad ever since trying to figure out what it meant.

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A: Virgil, it’s late.

Alan looked up at the sky and sighed.

J: You may wait slowly until you come.

After a while you hear flying noise from the head over John and Alan.

A: Ah! Tb2!

Virgil came to pick me up at tb 2.

V: I kept you waiting.

J,A: Thank you Virgil.

John and Alan thanked Virgil.

V: Now, I will take a ride on tb2.

John, Alan and Virgil started to slowly move towards tb2.

V: tb2 take off!

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A: バージル、遅いね。


J: 来るまでゆっくり待つといいさ。


A: あ!2号だ!


V: 待たせたな。

J,A: ありがとうバージル。


V: さぁ、2号に乗って帰るぞ。





Real space/scale model

European Automated Transfer Vehicle “Jules Verne”, 1:125 scale plastic model, part of Heller 52909 Mission Jules Verne kit

Decal Time

This really is a lovely little kit of a fantastic looking aircraft, looks fast even when at a standstill. 

I forgot to take an image during primer and paint, but to be honest the Tamiya fine primer and Vallejo Faded PRU Blue was uneventful in a good way!