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Scale Squad pt. 1

We were doing a one-shot campaign to see if our dm would allow the starting of homebrew and thrid-party materials for our 5e group. Our party consisted of a Dwarf Barbarian, an Elf Arcane Archer, a Halfling Arcane Archer, an Artificer that’s basically a 7ft tall anthro-turtle, a Yuan-Ti Eldrich Knight, and a Lizardfolk Kensai(Me).

We arrive at the Inn after being in the cold we weren’t prepared for, I’m exhausted and starting to go mad along with a few other party members. We were all suspicious of the lady that came to greet us.

Innkeeper: Welcome to the inn, you lot look like travelers. Would you like rooms, we have mushroom stew if you’re hungry.

Me: What about meat, you have any of that?

Innkeeper: We might have some salted meats in the cellar, I can…

Me: Like human, maybe?

*Everyone looks at me scared*

*Turtle and Yuan-Ti bring me off to the side.*

Turtle: You don’t say that when the meat can still hear you, you wait till they’re asleep.

*Us three start dying of laughter, while I’m still getting concerned looks by the other party members and the dm*

Things that Make the Scale Lie

Here is a list of things that will make the scale say you’ve gained weight:

•Bites, Licks, & Tastes add up
•Not enough water
•Too much alcohol
•Lack of sleep
•Lots of fruit, not enough veggies
•A change in your daily routine
•Lack of variety in food
•Lack of exercise
•Not eating enough
•Lots of carbs, not enough protein
•Not enough fiber
•Rationalizing (a.k.a. EXCUSES)
•Not portioning food
•Medications (don’t change/stop medication just because of weight gain!! Talk to your doctor)
•Too much sodium
•Exercising right before weighing yourself (Lactic Acid- your body retains fluid to heal muscles)
•Not eating breakfast

Analysis of the Ending of Okja

I have to admit, at first I felt a little disappointed by the ending of Okja. ALF doesn’t end up making a difference- food production continues, and we know from our own society that Nancy is right. If the food is cheap, the majority of people will eat it despite knowing the Food, Inc. story behind its production. I think the ending is meant for the majority of people, the bystanders who will be outraged by factory-farm conditions but still eat cheap meat (myself being one of them). Mija doesn’t free all the super pigs. She doesn’t join ALF. She goes home with Okja, her unchanged goal from the beginning of the movie. As movie watchers, I think we all to some degree wish she had done more- but is it her responsibility? Could she even make a difference? Mija’s and ALF’s inability to make a difference in the large scale of food production reminds us just how vast and inescapable the current system is. There’s too many people willing to buy cheap meat no matter the dark reality, and thus the system will continue to exist. Nancy understands that, while Lucy doesn’t. The film holds an audience that is complicit in this system accountable. It encourages viewers not to necessarily go vegan, but that ethical food production is possible (as seen with Mija, especially that moment when she puts the young fish back in the water, which is echoed in her saving the young super pig at the end). The enemy is a mass system of mass production that can’t be changed by individuals and groups like ALF. Fighting a mass system requires mass change- a change in an entire population. And maybe that’s what Okja hopes to produce.


Miniature Cherry Cake on a jadeite cake stand by anka anka
Via Flickr:
1:12 scale miniature by 2smartminiatures

Story Shard 575

Fruit Dragons:

-They carefully cultivate an orchard of their favorite fruit trees, since fruit is their main food. If a bug infestation occurs though, they will eat every harmful bug to protect their trees.

-To start their orchard, they will find an open field or meadow and plant the seed of their favorite fruit. Once planted they use a special spell only known to their kind to rapidly grow the tree. 

-Usually the size of a large housecat, they are long and slender with dexterous clawed paws. Their scales change to match either the fruit of the tree they’re in or the fruit they are craving.

-They can fly but have no wings, as they would get in the way as they check the branches on their trees. They are often checking their trees for dead branches, damage, and such.

-In their oldest trees they weave hammocks from things like vines and stash their hoard their. If one tries to approach one such tree, they will be viciously driven from the orchard.


Wedding Dream by Oiseau deNim

207.8 last Tuesday –> 208.6 Wednesday –> 206.8 Thursday –> 206.4 Friday –> 206.2 yesterday –> 205.4 today

Yesterday I ate:

- a Keto Bar (fasting in the mornings has lately made me feel like my insides are consuming themselves)

- 1/3 of a GIANT 60 oz. salad with chicken, bacon, red onions, red and green peppers, Parmesan cheese, celery, and ranch dressing

- another 1/3 of my giant salad (my fiancé had the other 1/3rd and was still hungry, so he sat down with a jar of peanut butter right next to me and is now dead and buried)

- a square of Lindt 85% chocolate after dinner
- sugar-free Jell-o with a tablespoon of heavy cream later in the evening

I had no idea how to log the salad, but luckily McDonald’s has a similar chicken/bacon/ranch salad, so I just used that for MyFitnessPal and figured it’s probably high if anything, so:

1398 calories, 54g total carbs, 40g net carbs, 99g protein, 87g fat.

I was in the shower this morning after I weighed myself and was down to TWO ZERO FIVE for the first time since I started this, thinking about you all and how I’m SO LUCKY to have joined Tumblr and found the right people. I felt before like whether I lost weight or not was kind of crapshoot, because I felt like keto just worked differently than counting calories.

But now when I read the xxketo subreddit, it’s women saying things like, “Maybe you can lose weight without counting if you’re a man, but I have to count calories if I want to lose.” And they were probably saying that before, but I was ignoring them until I started reading all of you.

It’s of course disheartening, because I used to think the promise of low-carb was that you didn’t have to track anything, but it’s also so empowering to see that other people are in your boat and you just have to accept the boat if you want to get anywhere.


YOU GUYSSSSSS. It’s finally over! I can finally share with you what I have been up to! This is my entry for the 2015 Creatin’ Contest! The Candy shop features many assorted handmade candies, as well as some indulgent sweets like macarons and cakes! Here are a few pictures to share my excitement for this project. I will be sharing more detailed images in the coming days/weeks.

Little life update- I recently finished another semester of school, GOT ENGAGED, then my fiancee graduated from college! Life. Has. Been. Crazy! There will be a video for my YouTube channel where I will talk a bit about this build. There may actually be a few videos because I now have a personal channel (DIY, lifestyle, vlogs) AND my good ole’ miniatures one! My A Bohemian Bazaar channel has long been neglected but I hope to bring it back to life in the coming new year.

212.8 Friday –> 210.6 Monday –> 210.4 yesterday –> 209.6 today

I honestly can’t believe I’m managing to lose weight right now. I’ve been logging my food for the last few days just to see how my numbers look. This was yesterday:

- none (trying to fast again so I can eat more calories for dinner)

- 2 cups mixed greens
- 8 oz. grilled chicken breast
- 2 T Tessemae’s Zesty Ranch dressing

- pork rind tortilla with ground beef, yogurt for sour cream, red onions, cilantro, shredded cheddar, and hot sauce
- 8 oz. ground beef, 2 slices American cheese, mustard, and red onion on a low-carb Know Foods bun

- Keto Bar at work
- 1 oz. mozzarella cheese and .5 oz. pepperoni after work
- 1 square of 85% Lindt chocolate after dinner

2141 calories(!!), 53g total carbs, 34g net carbs, 147g protein, 160g fat

And the thing is, I still felt like I was dieting yesterday. I wasn’t hungry at all, and in fact I kind of forced down all of that dinner, but I still felt like I was making better choices than I would have if I wasn’t thinking about my weight. Which makes me so scared about how many calories I used to eat in a day.

BUT I’m wearing a shirt that I’ve only worn once in my life before, because it was so uncomfortably tight that day that I packed it away. Now it’s a little bit too loose. So I took a selfie in it at work.

I’m back to my lowest weight, the same lowest weight I was at before I went to Paris and then again before I did a big tasting menu and then again before 4th of July weekend travels, but THIS TIME, I’m not going to mess it up.


Piccadilly Patisserie - 1/12 scale dollhouse miniature by Hummingbird Miniatures
Via Flickr:
1:12 scale Patisserie. Images copyright of Hummingbird Miniatures 2012