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Scale Squad pt. 1

We were doing a one-shot campaign to see if our dm would allow the starting of homebrew and thrid-party materials for our 5e group. Our party consisted of a Dwarf Barbarian, an Elf Arcane Archer, a Halfling Arcane Archer, an Artificer that’s basically a 7ft tall anthro-turtle, a Yuan-Ti Eldrich Knight, and a Lizardfolk Kensai(Me).

We arrive at the Inn after being in the cold we weren’t prepared for, I’m exhausted and starting to go mad along with a few other party members. We were all suspicious of the lady that came to greet us.

Innkeeper: Welcome to the inn, you lot look like travelers. Would you like rooms, we have mushroom stew if you’re hungry.

Me: What about meat, you have any of that?

Innkeeper: We might have some salted meats in the cellar, I can…

Me: Like human, maybe?

*Everyone looks at me scared*

*Turtle and Yuan-Ti bring me off to the side.*

Turtle: You don’t say that when the meat can still hear you, you wait till they’re asleep.

*Us three start dying of laughter, while I’m still getting concerned looks by the other party members and the dm*

Story Shard 575

Fruit Dragons:

-They carefully cultivate an orchard of their favorite fruit trees, since fruit is their main food. If a bug infestation occurs though, they will eat every harmful bug to protect their trees.

-To start their orchard, they will find an open field or meadow and plant the seed of their favorite fruit. Once planted they use a special spell only known to their kind to rapidly grow the tree. 

-Usually the size of a large housecat, they are long and slender with dexterous clawed paws. Their scales change to match either the fruit of the tree they’re in or the fruit they are craving.

-They can fly but have no wings, as they would get in the way as they check the branches on their trees. They are often checking their trees for dead branches, damage, and such.

-In their oldest trees they weave hammocks from things like vines and stash their hoard their. If one tries to approach one such tree, they will be viciously driven from the orchard.

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Chara stop being so emo. Have a snicker. It's made of chocolate!!!... You do like chocolate, right?

*The thought of once again eating chocolate.
*Is one of the few things keeping me tethered to this world.
*It is the only constant good.
*Chocolate will never betray you.
*All chocolate is delicious chocolate.
*Chocolate is perfection.
*Dare I go as far to say that.
*Chocolate is god.
*…Mrs. Dreemurr’s butterscotch cinnamon pie.
*Is also very high up on the divine food scale.


YOU GUYSSSSSS. It’s finally over! I can finally share with you what I have been up to! This is my entry for the 2015 Creatin’ Contest! The Candy shop features many assorted handmade candies, as well as some indulgent sweets like macarons and cakes! Here are a few pictures to share my excitement for this project. I will be sharing more detailed images in the coming days/weeks.

Little life update- I recently finished another semester of school, GOT ENGAGED, then my fiancee graduated from college! Life. Has. Been. Crazy! There will be a video for my YouTube channel where I will talk a bit about this build. There may actually be a few videos because I now have a personal channel (DIY, lifestyle, vlogs) AND my good ole’ miniatures one! My A Bohemian Bazaar channel has long been neglected but I hope to bring it back to life in the coming new year.


A challenging, exciting custom order last month via etsy! A customer requested me to make some very detailed 1:12 scale french pastries, a red currant St. Honoré cake, and a cream filled Biscuit de Reims swan! These were not only considerably smaller than the scale of my charms, but the tiny detailing and extremely fragile components made up the most intricate custom task I’ve taken so far!

But, as I glazed the St. Honoré and dusted the little swan with ‘confectioners sugar’ ^.^ I felt quite accomplished! I was inspired I went on to create the other varieties you can see in the back of the first picture, which will be part of a scale french pastry collection I list on etsy soon : )

Hope you enjoy! À la vôtre


216.4 Friday –> 216 Monday –> 216.2 Tuesday –> 217 Wednesday –> 217 yesterday –> 215.6 today

Thank you all for the amazing comments yesterday, @lizzielosing​, @westcoaststartinganew​, @thepaleojourney​, @hello-newman​, @unfcking​, @exercisecatsandketo​, @ketoway​, & @thegirlwhoateme​! (Hope I’m not forgetting anyone.) I love that we all have such an interest in intermittent fasting and having our dairy pried from our cold, dead hands.

Yesterday was 1627 calories, 14g net carbs, 83g protein, 75% calories from fat. (We had a banh mi bar at lunch, so I made a weird salad from the toppings.)

So I’m down almost a pound from last Friday, which is
a) really sad in that I feel like I’ve been putting in the effort this week, and
b) really awesome in that now I know another thing about how my body works that will help me get healthy and stay healthy for life.

So, can’t have a big cheesy thing twice a day but can have a big cheesy thing once a day!


Vegetable Stew + Rotisserie Chicken by fairchildart

216 Monday –> 216.2 Tuesday –> 217 Wednesday –> 217 Thursday –> 215.6 Friday –> 215.2 today

I was such a good girl on Saturday with my bunless burgers with zucchini and my filet mignon with broccoli, but then I went out to brunch with some friends yesterday and ordered a side of bacon and a side of scrambled eggs (champ), but then I was like, “Well, since I’m not drinking alcohol, I should get one of these smoothies with god knows what in them.”

So I got the avocado/kale/banana/lime/parsley/coconut milk/who knows what else smoothie. BANANA. Can you believe that? I don’t even know myself sometimes.

And then the waitress said she wanted to bring us some prosecco on the house just because she liked us, and I didn’t want to be rude, so I drank a glass of alcohol, after all.


On the plus side, I wore a shirt to brunch that’s historically been not so flattering on my stomach, and it was much more flattering.

Life is great!

minimoongalaxy  asked:

With the bee thing, all of those kinda services that humans do for animals, I'm so down for which is probably why I'll never be vegan because I know that there is value for humans in it. Like why waste the good honey? Why waste the unfertilised egg that'll rot in the chicken coup? (Obviously small scale not the big bad corps) If someone didn't like eating it, fine, but it's one of those unnecessary wastage things. I don't seek out honey to eat but I won't refrain from eating it.

Exactly! There are issues with large-scale industrial food companies, that’s very true, but…people have to eat. And letting those freely available things go to waste is completely ridiculous.

Not everyone can survive on a vegan diet. I have an iron deficiency that requires meat for me to remain healthy. Others can’t stomach fruits and veggies, or are allergic to the major substances that make up vegan replacement foods (wheat, soy, nuts, etc). Some folks needs nutrients that you just can’t find outside of animal products. 

And vegan products are EXPENSIVE. The higher cost of the packaged foodstuffs and the constant need to keep buying fresh raw produce adds up very quickly, and plenty of folks just can’t afford to do that, especially if they have families to feed.

If vegans wanna do their thing for health reasons or by personal choice, I say more power to them. But trying to force that on others through guilt-tripping, misinformation, or holier-than-thou speeches is not only rude and wrong, it’s going to turn people OFF of veganism. The least they could do is fact-check their shit and think about the needs of human workers and the dietary requirements of other people before they start trying to tell everyone what they should and shouldn’t eat.

pandaperson51  asked:

Hi there! I'm new to the blog, but I'm loving it so far. Could you do a dragon prompt? I have a charger who is a dragon and I'd love a few prompts to use. Thank you! :)

Thank you so much!! Welcome to the blog!!! *Sprinkles you with confetti* Now to get down to business.

I can absolutely give you those prompts! :)

Human/Dragon Shapeshifter-

1. “I know we haven’t known each other long, but the breathing fire thing is new, right?”

2. “I’m compelled to steal shiny stuff, even when I’m in human form, and I’m really hoping no one will notice.”

3. “I can’t totally hide my dragon features when I shift, so I wear a ton of strange clothes.”

Always A Dragon-

1. “Everyone is afraid of me when they first meet me, but honestly, I just want someone to snuggle with.”

2. “I may breathe fire, but I’m still a reptile, and I don’t do so well with the cold.”

3. “Scaring people is the best thing ever, but now, they’re sending a knight to slay me. I should probably find a way to apologize.”

OTP Prompts-

1. “You always bring me shiny stuff for my treasure trove. Are we sure I’m the dragon here?”

2. “You came to slay me, but we fell in love, so now, I just protect you on your quests.”

3. “Everyone else is scared of me, but you just pet my scales, bring me food, and beg me to take you flying.”

fabulous-banana  asked:

How do you count the calories you eat? And if you use an app would you recommend one plz?

I use MyFitnessPal and it’s by far my favorite app of the ones I’ve tried (LoseIt, Noom, etc.) because I think it has the best database. But please read the page I made about how to use MFP correctly :) I have also recently started using a food scale when I’m cooking at home and that’s helpful when I’m entering my portions.