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Dragon Protection Jar

Things you will need:

A jar (Or bottle)

some sort of way to cover the jar in scales.  You could paint them on, use clay and glue them on, or use paper with scales drawn onto it and wrap it around your jar.

cayenne pepper

chili powder

black pepper 

Maybe some jerk seasoning for extra oomph

An item that is either connected to you or whoever you want to protect

Step one: Set your circle or barrier.  Then you are going to want to make the jar covering to represent the scales.  While making these whether its painting, drawing or making clay scales, you’ll want to focus your intent into it, channeling your energy into an impenetrable barrier.  If you have any dragon spirits that you would like to work with for this and ask their assistance, you may do that here.

Step two: Wrap your “scales” around the outside of the jar (or bottle).  Think of it being locked into place and it is now is a powerful barrier that cannot be broken through.

Step three: place your seasonings inside, focusing on them.  As you put them in the jar imagine that they are simmering with powerful fire that will activate and lash out against the person who tries to go after/hurt the one you have chosen to protect.  If you feel like you don’t want to have your personal item or your loved one’s personal item within that you can take a brush and dust that powder along the edges of the jar or you can put your own barrier or sigil on the object to try to give it some extra.  But ultimately think of it like dragon fire that goes after those who try to trespass onto a dragons territory or harm those it is protecting.

Step four: Place your object of choice in the jar and as you do so chant this:

“In my protection you shall be

On darkened night or stormy sea

With dragon scale I guard you well

Against the evil tides that swell

No harm shall come to you with me

With dragon fire I set you free”

Step five: place the lid back on the jar.  Then channel more energy into it picturing it “sealing” shut.  If you would like you can use a candle and melt wax over the lid to close it but I am personally going to keep mine open so I can either modify anything inside or reuse the jar but protect someone/something else.

Note: You can personalize with your own twist depending on if you work with your own dragon spirit.  I anointed my jar with some storm water too since I work with a storm dragon.  =^-^=

Safe Travels

A House Stellium occurs in an individuals charts when four or more heavenly bodies are located in the same House, focusing all of their energy there. How your House Stellium is truly expressed depends on if you also have a Sign Stellium and your Sun Sign. Read more here.

First House - The House of Self - Aries
Your identity is your focus. You may find yourself focusing too much on yourself, your appearance, your needs. You feel so self conscious that it is emotionally disabling and you may find yourself swept up in others, bending to their will because you care more about how you look in the eyes of others than anything else. You express your insecurities by being loud, bold and brash - by overcompensating. You have little patience and self control. You need a partner to balance you out in life or work. On the other hand you are intuitive and know how to charm others. You are very good with physical communication and you will often say more through your body than your words.

Second House - The House of Possessions - Taurus
You can spend money very easily and may find yourself in financial trouble. You struggle to let go of anything, seeing the value in everything, and fear to go without. You will exhaust yourself by clinging to your possessions to the point where the stress causes illness. Learning to let go will be your greatest struggle in life. You can be possessive but also remarkably gregarious. You need security in life, whatever that may mean to you, but it usually is tied to the material world. You are grounded and support others. Those with this Stellium often are in touch with their body and will practice arts that involve movement.

Third House - The House of Mind - Gemini
Your mind is always going and you can get wrapped up in your thoughts. You struggle to relax and often shake and jitter because your mind is racing. You can think so much that you never even act. Easily becoming obsessed, you loose perspective and struggle to see things as they are whether it be about a book you are writing or the child you’re raising. You crave new experiences to learn from. You need others to communicate with at all times but you can often talk at people, not with, because you carry a message that needs to be let out. Often, those with this Stellium tell stories in some way: writing, painting, directing, etc because they have such a strong perspective or story that they simply need to share.

Fourth House - The House of Home - Cancer
Your home life may feel tumultuous because with a Fourth House Stellium it is easily upset by transits. You feel trapped in the past, reliving moments in your mind, unable to let go of old hurts and grudges but also those beautiful moments of triumph will feel as if they are your only ones and you’ll never feel anything more beautiful. You need to learn to focus on the present and look forward to the future because you have many great moments ahead of you. You need a home, a place to call your own. Your emotions may overwhelm you at times but reign them in and they will be your greatest gift. You often focus on family, even those who do not desire children or to marry will surround themselves with friends so close they are like siblings. You are a humanitarian in many ways and seek to help others or the environment.

Fifth House - The House of Creativity - Leo
Drama rules your life. You can create problems in your own head without realizing. Over the top is your thing whether you are a stay at home mom or on Broadway. Impersonal relationships often become personal in one way or another. You may be a little more immature than most, even innocent in ways. You often connect well with children and animals, having a bit of an instinct for parenting and caring. You always are creating and thinking, and you must express yourself and these ideas in one way or another. They are often fantastic artists.

Sixth House - The House of Health - Virgo
You can be a bit of a workaholic who never relaxes, a perfectionist who slaves over the smallest of tasks in hopes of perfecting it. You need to be in charge, you have to do things the right way and the only way is to do it yourself right? You can work so hard that you literally make yourself ill. You need to learn to delegate your workload. You often commit yourself to helping others and will do everything you can to help. You can also be terribly judgmental, even cruel. These individuals will often be doctors, nurses, or other public service types. You live to serve.

Seventh House - The House of Partnership - Libra
Those with this Stellium will either seek out a relationship no matter what the cost or flee from them. Dealing with others can be a struggle for you. It is hard for you to stay in a relationship or even dare to begin one or it is all too easy, a complete necessity. You are a bit of a loner or such a social butterfly that you know everyone there is to know. Indecisive in relationships, you feel lost and can’t decide what to do or what not to do despite your instincts, so you will often avoid them. Once you are in a relationship you may loose yourself completely to the other person, you put all of your energy into it and obsess over it. You may flee from relationships no matter what the cost. You are charming, fashionable, and social. Perception is your greatest gift.

Eighth House - The House of Sex - Scorpio
The Eighth House is the House of all things beyond our control, of life, death, and the occult. You may study the occult, psychology, medicine, and science in order to gain control over what is uncontrollable. You may have experienced many difficult situations early on in life and feel mature and or cynical due to them. You must be in control of your money and finances. You won’t let others touch your money and are the type to hide it in drawers and under loose floorboards, unsure about even putting it in the bank. You struggle to know when to let go, when things are not your fault even when they are beyond anyone’s control. You may feel detached from your sexuality or obsessed with sex.

Ninth House - The House of Discovery - Sagittarius
The mind is your home. You may be too stuck in your own head and struggle to accept reality. Learning is important to you, you are often philosophical, spiritual or religious though you may jump from one belief to another to another at the drop of a hat. You may be absolutely obsessed with your beliefs and try to force them on others. You are so caught up with studying life that you hardly ever live it. You are the type to always be curious and asking questions, never afraid or even aware of crossing the line of what’s too personal. You may be a little wacky but you’re a lot of fun and always kind. You are a teacher at heart and often will get a job teaching anywhere from preschool to college, even teaching through writing or counseling.

Tenth House - The House of Status - Capricorn
You often clash with authority figures in your life. Often there is a lot of tension between you and your parents, perhaps your father in particular. And you hate to work for anyone but yourself which leads to rebellion in the home and in schooling. You need to be your own boss and will seek a job that allows you to be. With that said, you are still a strong and solid person. You are ambitious, perhaps even cut-throat, and you cut to the chase in everything you do. You’re the type who gets the most work done with the least effort. You are probably a workaholic and never give yourself a break.

Eleventh House - The House of Community - Aquarius
You try to please everyone. You will be swallowed whole by the community, never your own person but always someone’s shadow. Herd mentality is your defining point. You throw yourself into group causes and societal issues. Even in one-on-one situations you may take on the qualities of the other. You may even feel empathic. On the plus side, you are the type who can be friends with honestly anyone and often are. You are often very aware of societal issues - even ones on the other side of the world. You may feel born too early or too late, like you are out of time, and you’re always very aware of this. You have very progressive ideas and stand behind them no matter what. You often work with people but need to do so on a smaller scale and focus on yourself.

Twelfth House - The House of Self-Undoing - Pisces
You have a need to work with others. You’re natural drive is to support others at all times and you will often loose yourself to this. You still need to take time to be alone but often don’t. You don’t ever seek the spotlight and for this reason will shrink away from even positive attention, even from the support that they need in return. You may be a little out of touch with reality naturally, a dreamy new-age type of person, so you can easily be caught up in religion and spirituality to the point of becoming a fanatic or becoming involved in dangerous situations. You may have almost preternatural insight verging on psychic. They often take on roles where they support others and are behind the scenes of things.

To learn more about your Stellium and Chart go here.
- Lavinia Amoun


this video completely obliterates the very idea of rey random/rey anything but a skywalker on accident and i’m LOVING IT.

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away seems enormous in scale, yet the movies focus on a very small period of time. I think that by focusing on one family and the people closest to them, it strengthens the overall story. We’re not just seeing random characters who have a habit of meeting in obscure locations, but instead we are seeing a group of people who are tied together. The family aspect of Star Wars gives it a meaning and makes everything more concise. It focuses on this group of people in a very large world and invest the audience in the characters. George Lucas called Star Wars: a soap opera about the Skywalker family. Without the familial bond, the story wouldn’t be as compelling and wouldn’t be as great.”

“Critmas” 2016

Chris suggested I draw them all giving out presents to crowds of children. I scaled it back to focus more on just the ladies of Vox Machina.

I’ve spent months avoiding being drawn back into deadlines. And it’s been nice to recuperate with #CriticalRole I’ve taught myself so many new tricks.

Time for my semi-traditional Marvel Movie Thoughts Post

GOTG Vol.2 time boiiiiis!!!
Vol.2 is pretty different from the 1st one in its focus & scale but still feels like a James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s much more character driven in every way & the plot’s a little more intricate. There’s more characters AND more character stuff but manages to work pretty well. It’s a movie that could have easily burst at the seams but it all just…works. All the characters continue to be great, although Gamora is still the weaker link imo. She’s still good, but she kind of falls behind when but next to all the other stronger & louder personalities. All the newcomers/characters who get beefier roles are fantastic, especially Yondu who is a new favorite of mine. I ALSO LOVE KRAGLIN HES SO PURE. The villain is really good too and is one of my new favorite MCU villains. Every actor gives their A game and the writing and directing are strong, with some beautiful shots and a e s t h e t i c colors. This is a Big Bonerfest for me as a HUGE fan of cosmic Marvel, with some fucking sick cameos and extremely high concept shit. Example: Ego. Just Ego. If you don’t know him from the comics don’t look him up because that’s a neat surprise for the audience. The only disappointment for me personally was the music, although the use of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain in the 3rd act is strong. Overall I don’t know if I like this as much or more than the first one because they kind of balance out in terms of good shit. I love this movie a lot.

whalesharked  asked:

hi there since youre like. a seasoned musician and professional Real Cool Guy i was wondering if you had any tips for someone who is neither of those things? i mean for someone who wants to try making music, but doesnt know where to start or how to make things sound nice. thank you

I’ve gone back and forth on this for years but I think the best way to start writing music is just to write stuff down. A lot. Write everything down. Even if its wrong, or doesn’t sound write the act of trying to get it down will help you. Also maybe you’ll come back to it later and figure it out again. I do this all the time. 

Theres no wrong way to write a song, but I mean theres obviously a way that sounds good and a way that doesn’t. Music should feel good to write, so if you’re having fun then you’re doing it right.

A common problem new and “seasoned” musicians BOTH have is that they often cant get whats in their head on paper. This is something that gets easier with practice. If you can sing it, consistently, then you can write it down if you have some basic understanding of theory etc.

uhhh.. you know what I’m waiting for a ride somewhere and thinking about this has got me nostalgic so I’ll take a little bit to give you a crash course in theory. 

The first thing you’re gonna want to learn is rhythms. its definitely the easiest thing to start with and it will help you immensely. MOST music, especially pop music can be divided into patterns of 4 beats. try and find the beat and mentally count in your head “one, two, three, four” at a consistent on beat pace. This wont be true for every song, but 9 times outta 10 thats what itll be. It might not be obvious at first but you’ll get better at it with practice I promise. Each repetition of the 4 count pattern you’re doing is called a “measure.” (also called a “bar”) Usually songs are written in sixteen bar phrases. Since you’ve already divided it into quarters those are gonna be called “quarter notes” (usually)  (there are some instances where they wont be but thats getting kinda advanced dont worry about it yet)

Once you can consistently find the beat in songs you listen to, in the same space you’d divide it into four, start subdividing it into 8 pieces instead. This is complicated to explain without an example. Dancers often do this, (though, for theory purposes, incorrectly) and you’ll hear them count off something like “annnnnnd five, six, seven, eight” before they start. For musicians we usually use the shorthand of “and” for every other in-between note. So in the same space you’re counting 1 2 3 4, add the beat of “and” between each note. “1.. 2.. 3.. 4..” becomes “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and.”  These are called eighth notes, because you’re dividing the same measure into 1/8ths instead of ¼ths. I know I know it sounds dumb when you type it out like this but thats where it starts. I just saved you 3 weeks of AP Music Theory.

For someone just starting out this handles a big portion of what you’ll want to be writing down. If you’re working in music software you can just slide the notes around to where you want them tonally.

Next up you’re going to want to start thinking about WHICH notes you want to write down. Learn about intervals first. Intervals are the space between two notes. Each interval has a certain FEEL to it. The two basic intervals we’ll be dealing with right now are called Half steps and Whole steps. A half step is the shortest distance between two notes (in western music theory) a whole step, and strap yourself in for this one, is two half steps. There are other intervals that are bigger and can get complicated in terms of naming but for now lets stick with those. A piano is a great instrument because it has this information mapped out visually. Notes that are right next to each other are a half step apart.

Thats a little cluttered but you get it.

Learn about keys and scales next. In western music theory there are only 12 notes. Each are a half step apart. Most scales are only gonna use 7 of those and in a VERY specific pattern. Major Scales, which is the bulk of what you’ll be hearing, are the basis of whats called a “key.” The key of somethings tells you which 7 notes you’re gonna be using, and how. That gets kinda complicated so for now lets focus on scales. A Key is just shorthand for how many sharps or flats does this have. Dont worry about what sharps and flats are right this second.

We’ll start with C major because thats just all the white keys on the piano. A lot of songs are written in C major because its easy to play. Theres the big secret. So in the key of C major you have whats called the C Major scale. C D E F G A B C. “But thats 8 notes, you said 7″ well the first and the last are basically the same but in different octaves which are a whole other thing dont worry about it right now. Each major scale follows the same pattern of intervals. It goes, and im sorry in advance for this, whole whole half whole whole whole half. So from C to D, whole step. From D to E, whole step. E to F, half step. Etc. You get it. That means from C to E you’d add up the intervals to 4 total half steps. From C to G, thats gonna be 8 half steps. These have specific names (major third and perfect 5th), but since it depends on the note letter names and scale degrees and all sorts of stuff we wont worry about that for now.

Once you have that figured out (you don’t have to memorize it or anything) start thinking of scales in terms of numbers. C = 1, D = 2, E = 3 etc and so forth. Now, no matter what key you are in, you can just say the number and still be right. If you’re in the Key of E, you don’t have to remember that the third note of E is G# you can just think “3.” Going back to our previous interval example since C and E are 4 half steps apart, ANY 3 of ANY Major key, will be 4 half steps above the first one pretty cool right?? The 5th note of the scale (G, in our example) in a major key is (almost) ALWAYS going to be 8 half steps above the 1. Theres obviously exceptions (like “what do you call it when its BELOW the note, is it 8 half steps that way too?” (no) etc) to these rules but this is basic stuff.

Major chords are the 1st 3rd and 5th note of the major scale, or for short 1 3 5. Thats a major triad. Pretty simple right? You just learned your first chord! that rules! You can use the pattern of intervals we talked about on any note and you have the major chord for that note. This is sort of getting away from me but my rides still not here so its fine.

Next up you’re gonna want to get into diatonic chords. This gets kinda complicated so I wont go too in depth about it. If a major triad is 1 3 5, what does that make 2 4 6? well its interesting I would ask myself that in a text post that I control. Since the pattern of intervals for a major chord is not consistent all the way through (you got whole steps AND half steps??? the fuck) you end up with a different quality of chord. the space between 2 and 4 is only three halfsteps, so it sounds different! in this case its actually whats called a minor chord. NEAT. You can refer to this chord as the “2 chord of C” and people will think you know some shit. If you realy want to get into it, you’d write it as ii, the lowercase telling you that its minor, and the roman numerals telling you its the second diatonic scale of the key. It is also called Dorian, or Supertonic depending on how snooty you wanna be. Thats just a taste man music theory fucking owns.

Anyway, look into that stuff and thats a good starting point.  This was a really long way of saying “when you write melodies use a lot of 3s and 7s I got really carried away because I love this sort of thing but I also just saved you like… a whole semester.

A QUICK EDIT: you dont have to know any of this to write music or enjoy writing it! Do what feels good to you, and if thats enough then hell fuckin yea my dude. This stuff is just extra icing on the cake. As long as you are enjoying what you do it doesn’t matter how you write. 

five six and half, one hundred and who gives af pounds 😉 there are so many ways to measure health and weight is just one of them. It isn’t the end all, be all! I get discourage when I work with clients who are obsessed with the scale. If that’s you, quit the scale! Focus on how you feel! How you move! Your body is capable of so much more than that number on the scale!

When people first meet me and find out that I used to be very overweight, they usually always assume that I was overweight for most of my life. However, for the most part of my life I was actually very fit! Having said that, I’ve struggled with eating disorders and self confidence issues for a big chunk of my life. 

In the picture where I am 18, I was struggling with an eating disorder. I was 66kg in that picture but according to my BMI I was very overweight and so I became obsessed with getting thin and getting below 50kg. I continually binged on food, threw it up and starved myself. The cycle was never ending and I just loathed my body. It may look like a reasonably healthy body, but it was far from it!

When I was 21, I ballooned to 104kg. I was going through a lot emotionally and fed myself to feel sane. I was self harming, suicidal, depressed and just down right miserable. I hated looking at myself and didn’t leave the house because I was so embarrassed. I didn’t even want to see my family. Those were the worst years of my life. 

In the time between 21 and 23 years old (just before my 24th birthday), I was diagnosed with PCOS but still I managed to lose 40kg very quickly. I started weightlifting everyday and cut sugar out of my life and ate very healthily. I left a bad relationship and started to get my life back together. The picture of me now at 23, is still progressing. I am 70kg in that picture. I’m continually having to balance my lifestyle to keep my PCOS in check. It’s not always easy and certainly disheartening when I see the scale go up and down. I’ve tried to make an effort to just stay away from the scales and focus on the eating and exercising. 

The biggest change for me has been my mind. 

I may not be where I want to be yet, but my mind is in a much better place. I’m officially 1 year clean from self harming which is HUGE accomplishment for me.  I still struggle sometimes with my self-worth, confidence and anxiety, but it’s improved significantly nevertheless, I’m definitely not a full-time hermit anymore! 

I still have a way to go but I’m excited to finally see the person that I was meant to be!

I really hope this inspires and pushes people to keep going on their journey. It’s never going to be easy, but the rewards are so worth it, even if they don’t come all at once! 


Kommo-o (OU)

Kommo-o @ Choice Specs  
Ability: Bulletproof  
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe  
Modest Nature  
IVs: 0 Atk  
- Clanging Scales  
- Focus Blast  
- Flash Cannon  
- Flamethrower

Moves: Clanging Scales is Kommo-o’s signature move and happens to be Kommo-o’s best special dragon move. Draco Meteor is stronger, but Clanging Scales can be spammed more. Focus Blast is Kommo-o’s strongest fighting stab move. Flash Cannon provides coverage against fairy types that would resist one of Kommo-o’s stabs and be immune to the other. Flamethrower provides super effective coverage against the Steel types that aren’t weak to fighting, such as Celesteela and Mega Scizor. 

Spread: Max special attack with a Choice Specs  and a Modest nature help Kommo-o to hit very hard with its special attacks. Max speed allows Kommo-o to speed tie with other neutral natured, base 85 Pokemon. Bulletproof is a fantastic ability that makes Kommo-o immune to all ballistic moves such as moves with ball, bomb, or blast in the name. 0 attack IVs are advised to minimize the damage taken from Foul Play.

Team Support/Usage: Kommo-o is a decently powerful special wallbreaker that can take advantage of its powerful stab moves and amazing coverage. Kommo-o does have difficulty with breaking through the most bulky of the special walls like Chansey. This makes physical wallbreakers like Choice Band Tyranitar or Tapu Bulu good partners for Kommo-o. Kommo-o also appreciates having hazard support to wear down the opponents walls. Lastly, Kommo-o is going to want a late game cleaner that can take advantage of the weakened team on your opponent’s end.

Thanks everyone for reading! If anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or requests, don’t hesitate to leave me an ask, and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!

How to Solve the Problem of Not Knowing What Your Point of Attraction Is

Here’s a fun fact:

Did you know that the book “The Secret” has sold more than 19,000,000 copies and has been translated into 46 languages?

Pretty cool huh?

Especially for an idea sparked by the same laws of attraction that we all work with.

Anyways, as you probably already know…

“The Secret” is popular for introducing many people to the law of attraction. Like attracts like, ask - believe - receive, info like that…

But sometimes many people get confused about what law of attraction is.

Basically LOA (Law of attraction) is a Universal law that is always responding to and matching your vibes.

LOA never stops, it is always on.

Vibes, also known as vibrations, represent how you feel.

Sometimes when you decide to deliberately engage LOA for the purposes of bringing more of what you think you want, and or more awesomeness into your life…

There comes some confusion about your personal point of attraction.

“Like whaaaaat?”

“If I’m responsible for my point of attraction, how do I know what it is? How do I know what I’m attracting?”

Here’s how to solve the problem of not knowing what your point of attraction is:

First and foremost, whatever you are focusing on “right now”, talking about “right now”, thinking about “right now”, and however you are feeling “right now”…

IS your point of attraction.

Do any of those things, on any subject whether it is positive or negative - whether you want it or not…

And you draw more of it into your life via LOA.

Grab the mits, toss the pie in the oven, grub it up some time later right?

So if you want to know how to solve the problem of not knowing what your point of attraction is, all you have to do is pay attention to how you feel.

Cool huh?

Whatever you focus on “right now”, however you focus on it - whether positively or negatively “right now”…

Whatever you’re talking about and whatever you are thinking about, will always be in harmony with how you are feeling.

Keep that in mind.

Want to change your point of attraction for the bettter? Want your point of attraction to harmonize with what you want?

Then gradually begin to move yourself up the emotional guidance scale and focus on what you do want.

Peace be with you.

A Hiccup in the Plan [Jacob Frye x Reader]

Author’s Note: I was pleasantly surprised at the reception of my last Jacob Frye imagine! When you guys leave me sweet little notes or asks like that regarding anything I write, I hope you know that it really is encouraging, because a lot of times when I write for a character for the first time I’m very uneasy. But I have a lot of fun writing them and it makes me happy that you guys think I’m doing a good job! I love you guys(:

Word Count: 1,717 

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thesnugglingkoala  asked:

Are there INFJ's in Game of Thrones?

There are two INFJs in Game of Thrones so far:

1. Daenerys Targaryen

She has been mistyped as ISFP and ENFJ. However, INFJ is the best fit for how she processes and implements information and ideas. She first absorbs a ton of information she finds useful with dominant Ni. She takes in more abstract political and ethical ideas. She doesn’t share these ideas right away until she is certain about them. She often forms ideas about what she wants and what will work in society without actually experiencing them. Her deep intuition has taken her far as she trusts her hunches and keeps quite, seeing what others around her do. She then implements her Ni ideals with Fe. She enforces social order and is people focused. Her Ni is big picture and her Fe wants to help others, just not on the one on one level, but on a much bigger scale. Her focus is on the social order of her kingdom, and her Ni is constantly looking for new ways to work with it and improve that order. 

However, because she makes many choices without really experiencing the culture she is trying to change, her tertiary Ti comes into play. This judgment is far more hands on, situational, and logical. She works with what she had and becomes more realistic once she is experiencing the people of the kingdom. She adjusts her grand Ni-Fe plans, seeing that her sweeping rules and judgments do not work for every individual situation.

2. Melisandre

Although she is not as beloved of Daenarys, she operates quite similarly. She is just as big picture, if not bigger in her schemes. She uses her Ni just like Daenarys, but her focus is that of the light. She uses Fe to enforce her religious order’s social rules, rituals, and culture. She is more in touch with her Ti and not as oblivious to the real world as Daenarys is. She adjusts to individual situations with much colder logic than Daenarys. 

shadowrun: dragonfall - the director’s cut came out today, and playing it through again so far has been very enjoyable. its also given me some time to think again on the story and the themes prevalent through this little game that does a lot with limited resources, compared to the modern RPG affair, with first person perspectives and massively explorable inter-connected 3D worlds. instead, dragonfall takes a step back, focusing on a more tightly focused, and yes, mostly linear campaign inside of a few select locations, and always ending up back in your little hub in berlin, the Kreuzbasar. and it achieves quite a lot with this scaled down, tight focus.

simply put, the overarching themes of Dragonfall are about freedom and control - how much freedom we actually have, how we control and manipulate others even in the name of our own freedom, and all of this often coming down to the finality and inevitability of death. who’s controlling who, what for, and who actually has any real freedom of their own?

massive spoilers for Dragonfall ahead!

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