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Write a Tomarry thing centered around the dinosaur in a dress PLEASE

I fucking love you guys so much you have no idea.

I hope a modern, non-magic au is okay because there’s only so much ridiculousness I can shoe-horn into this.

“Well, what do you think?”

Tom’s eyes flicked upwards from the canvas, meeting brilliant emerald green and quirking lips that fought against widening into a grin. His neighbor, Harry Potter, held the painting in his hands, eyes gleaming with mirth from behind wire-rimmed glasses that slipped down the bridge of his nose.

Tom rose a brow, pursing his lips. He meant to say that it was good- even if it was an absolute lie, the thing was horrid- but when he opened his mouth the only word that came out was, “Why?”

Harry struggled to maintain a straight face, lips trembling now with the sheer force it took for him to clamp tight over the bubble of laughter. “It came to me in a dream,” he managed to say in a leveled tone.

‘A dream you had while dying of pneumonia?’ Tom thought, bringing a hand to his chin and cupping his thumb underneath it as the knuckle of his index finger pressed into his mouth. Surely, the delirium of fever mixed with the nebulous presence of death served as the inspiration. Or some rather intense medications. “It’s certainly unique,” was the only criticism he offered of Potter’s painting.

“My therapist suggested painting, and I think she may have unknowingly unleashed the next Rembrandt on the world,” Potter said with mock pride.

He had known the younger man fairly well for him having only recently moved into the flat beside him, intriguing in and of itself since the old and charming building was typically too expensive for someone so young. But he had soon learned that he had inherited a sizable amount of wealth from his parents upon his eighteenth birthday, and had been drawn to the flat by the its superb location within the city and to his university. He was quite sociable, and never hesitated to chat with Tom when he saw the older man in the corridor, no matter how stoic or sour his expression.

And yet, despite his amicable nature, it still seemed odd that he would visit Tom to gift him a painting of a velociraptor in Victorian garb. What sort of impression had Tom given off that made Harry think this was something he might enjoy?

Harry took advantage of Tom’s silence, brushing past him and stepping further into the immaculate flat, chewing his lip as he looked around him, the painting held to his chest. He hummed in thought before his eyes widened, and he strode over to the fireplace, settling the canvas atop the mantle. “You should hang it here. In can be your- what do they call it? A focal point?” he asked, unable to contain himself further as a wide grin split over his face.

Tom pinched his lips into a thin line. The painting looked absolutely absurd among the cool grays and minimal décor of his sitting room. He had exactly one painting on the walls- a somewhat prized collection he had purchased from a gallery opening- that hung above the clean and simple silhouette of a black leather sofa. And even that painting maintained the monochromatic and minimal theme he was drawn to, with the brightest color on the stretched and starched canvas being navy.

This thing was garish- with forest green scales wrapped within a flowing pink gown, the bodice embroidered with multiple colored daises. Ringlets of blonde curls cascading from the head of a dinosaur as its jaw was practically unhinged in a roar.

He’d be damned if that thing ever saw the light of day.

“Well, I should get going then. Enjoy your friend- her name’s Patricia, by the way,” Harry said, practically skipping as he left, closing the door behind him.

Tom sighed, rubbing a hand over his face as he made his way to the mantle and removed the painting, looking at it with derision. Technically, it was well done, he begrudgingly admitted. But it was a dinosaur. Dressed like it had waltzed off the screen of a second-rate Disney movie. He would be out of his mind if he left it sitting there any longer.

He tossed it into a closet, deciding to get rid of it properly later.


Tom opened the door on the second knock, causing Harry to startle from the opposite side of it, his hand raised and poised to rap against the wood. “Oh…hello!” he said, rather cheerily as he smiled. “Sorry to bother you-”

“I doubt you really are,” Tom interrupted, gesturing with a wave of his hand to the table behind him, a bag of take out placed upon it.

Harry continued speaking as if he hadn’t heard him. “I thought I heard you out in the halls, and I was wondering if you wanted to come over. My roommate and I have some friends and family over for a game night and I we wondering if you wanted to join us?” he asked.

Tom leaned against the frame of his door, crossing his arms over his chest as his lips twisted into a crooked smirk. “We?” he asked, knowing it was an embellishment. His roommate- Ron or Rob or something of the sort, he couldn’t really be bothered to remember it- hated him. ‘The blokes a bit funny is all,’ he overheard him say when he didn’t hear Tom leave his flat, approaching behind him.

Of course, he was hardly perturbed by the redhead’s aversion to him. He was never keen on company or making nice with the neighbors, as it were.

Harry shrugged, running a hand through his untidy hair. “Don’t mind Ron. He’s a bit of a prat when he wants to be, but he’s been my best mate for as long as I can remember. His little sister has a thing for you is all, and he’s a bit protective,” he said, looking away sheepishly to glance at the apartment behind Tom.

“Hey,” he said abruptly, frowning as he turned his gaze back to the man in front of him. “What did you do to my painting?”

Tom hesitated for only a second before saying, “I was robbed.”

It was an obvious lie, and he really didn’t even intend to come up with a more believable one. It was a terrible painting, and there was absolutely no shame in him confessing to never wanting to display it.

Harry’s brows rose, disappearing into the ebony locks that fell to brush along the curve of his spectacles. “Is that so?” he asked, his voice heavy with skepticism.

“It was the only thing they took, actually. They were burglars of very particular taste,” he quipped.

Harry laughed, a lopsided smile brightening his face. “Well, perhaps they saw the value in it. Certainly worth more than all the other junk you’ve got in here,” he teased, leaning forward to look pointedly around the flat.

Tom scowled, unfolding his arms to grab hold of the doorknob. “Enjoy your night, Harry. And do tell Ron’s sister I said hello,” he said. The last thing he saw when he closed the door was the smile fall from Harry’s face, looking somewhat crestfallen as the light in his eyes diminished.

He was terribly easy to read, like one of the many, many books lining the shelves that flanked the fireplace. A curious story, however, and Tom could hardly stop the slight smile, the chuckle that vibrated within his throat. He didn’t really care for company or his neighbors, but there was something incredibly delectable about making Harry squirm in discomfort.


Tom slammed his door, huffing in annoyance as he shrugged his jackets onto his arms. He should have known he wouldn’t have a peaceful night. All he wanted was to spend a quiet night in, reading some of the new case studies and research papers he had gotten his hands on with a glass of brandy, but it was simply too much to ask. He was really beginning to grow irate with the familiar tone of a call coming from work- something of a surprise considering his colleagues tended to refer to him as a 'workaholic’.

Though he supposed anyone would be considered a workaholic to that lot, preferring to hover within the realm of mediocrity instead of actually using those brains of theirs for something more productive than gossip. It was hardly a crime to be ambitious, to crave knowledge and authority and influence within a desire field.

He was interrupted by his thoughts as a door opened behind him, a voice calling out after him. “Hey! Tom!” He came to a halt, sighing in impatience as he turned to face Harry, his head poking out from the door to his own flat.

His hair was even more disheveled than usual- an impossible feat, really- and his chin and jaw were coated in short, black stubble. It made him look a bit older, and a bit handsomer if he were being honest. In a rugged sort of way, not at all like Tom’s own polished and well-kept appearance.

“Yes, Harry?” he drawled, lips slipping into a smirk as Harry’s jaw clenched at the sibilant lull of his voice.

“Where are you headed this late at night?” he asked, swallowing thickly as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

Tom regarded him for a moment. “If you must know, to work. Emergencies hardly wait for appropriate office hours,” he said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

He made to turn around again, his head twisted away when Harry stopped him. “Oh good, you can bring it to your office then!”

Tom sighed, closing his eyes in reprieve as he took a deep breath. He really considered just walking away, leaving the younger man behind without even a farewell. After all, there were far more important matters to attend to. Namely, an A&E overfilled with victims of a mass shooting. But he found himself turning back to face Harry, brows knitted. “Bring what to my office?”

Harry ducked back into his apartment for only a second, returning to the corridor with a canvas clutched in his hands. “I made you a new painting! And I thought that perhaps it would be safer in your office at work,” he said, taking several steps until he stood directly before Tom, gripping either side of the painting as he held it in front of his chest.

He practically gasped at the horrendous things, dark blue eyes widening as he skewed his lips in unmasked disgust. Three velociraptors sat around a table, tufts of hair below bonnets. An elaborate spread adorned the table, flowers within a glass vase in the center as trays of biscuits and scones  and a large, floral tea pot sat around it. Long claws emerged from lacy and billowy sleeves as they wrapped around delicate tea cups.

Harry was grinning in almost manic delight, shoulders shaking with just barely disguised laughter. “Well, do you like it, Tom?” he asked.

Tom pursed his lips, jaw clenching in annoyance. “Actually, if I’m being perfectly honest, Harry, it’s absolute rubbish,” he said, speaking in a voice that was colder than ice, as if his words were venom. The sudden and unexpected malice within them was enough to make the joy slip from Harry, his mouth falling into a frown as green eyes wilted.

“Oh,” Harry said, reeling from the cruelness.

“The only thing that you are worse at than painting- and by a large margin, though that is in no way a compliment to your artistic abilities,” he began, actually struggling to keep the smile from his face as Harry continued to sulk, shoulders slumping. “Is flirting.”

He snapped forward at that, cheeks burning into a bright crimson as he stammered. “I am not flirting!” he lied, eyes darting to the left for a brief second.

Tom chuckled at the obvious tell, taking a step forward so that he loomed over the shorter man. “Oh, but I believe you are, and between you and me, your hands are better left for more…arousing activities than arts and crafts,” he purred, mouth pulling into a smirk as Harry’s eyes widened at the insinuation, his jaw slacking open.

Without another word, Tom turned, striding down the corridor as his neighbor gaped unattractively in his wake.

I want to abandon all my stories and just write this. I want to write a sequel, and a sequel to the sequel, and just never stop writing about the gloriousness of Harry painting awful dinosaur portraits in a terrible attempt to flirt and Tom tearing him down with his suaveness.

Also, I always headcanon Tom as a surgeon in non-magic AU’s (it’s a field that requires a lot of study and determination, can be very rewarding in terms of professional achievements and recognition, and I imagine holding someone’s life in his hand satisfies his God Complex)

Also also, I’m sorry if you’ve sent me a prompt and I haven’t gotten to it yet. I promise I will, but sometimes it takes a bit for the prompt to speak to me, and this one sang at me like a soul singer pouring her heart out.

UGANDA. Near Gulu. September 23, 2016. At the Pagarinya refugee camp in Adjumani District, Jeffrey Michael, a severely disabled boy crawls in the dirt near his tent. 

For the mentally handicapped living in the refugee camp is a constant struggle to get proper medication, and wheelchair access. The outbreak of violence in the capital Juba last July created a humanitarian crisis in northern Uganda as thousands of South Sudanese sought refugee there. The country is hosting the lion’s share of South Sudanese refugees, with 373,626, more than a third of them arriving since early July. The fighting was a major setback to peace efforts in South Sudan, coming as the troubled new nation prepared to celebrate its fifth anniversary, amid a short lived peace deal between supporters of President Salva Kiir and former First Vice President Riek Machar.

South Sudan now joins Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia as countries which have produced more than a million refugees. While some South Sudanese may attempt to head for Europe, the numbers within east Africa are comparable in scale to recent refugee flows to Europe from the Middle East, and their traumatic experiences due to war are often just as hellish. More than 85 percent of the refugees in this recent influx are women and children. Many children have lost one or both of their parents, some forced to become primary caregivers to siblings. With the large influx of refugees in July 2015, relief agencies had to implement stringent food rationing in the refugee settlements. Currently the international humanitarian organisations lack the necessary funds to meet the needs of the more than 200,000 refugees. 

Photograph: Paula Bronstein

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hey, just so you know, that post about thigmonasty and thigmotropism in plants isn't factually sound. plant consciousness is fringe science and widely disputed because it's like a plant biologist's wishful dreaming with essentially no evidence. aquaporins and calcium channels get damaged with overuse; auxins, gradients, and calcium levels increase or decrease as an automatic plant response to stimuli, it goes on and on. there's far more concrete evidence against "thinking" plants than for it!

people are still very interested in tropisms and nastic movements, & there’s a lot more new stuff to learn. the effects and levels of plant hormones, newly discovered molecules, & ions are rapidly being made known to the plant bio community. all of the things i mentioned play a role in these responses to stimuli, how rapidly&frequently they can happen, or whether they can even happen at all in some circumstances! plus without a cns plants cannot experience cognition in any way animals do, period

This is all very good stuff! Thanks for writing it out.

I gotta be honest, I don’t even think that the article mentioned plants experiencing cognition like animals. I agree that would be ludicrous. I just thought the experiment itself was really cool in terms of how the responses to stimuli changed!

I understand that fringe science isn’t something to be pounced on and taken lightly and believed at first sight. But to be honest there’s nothing wrong with taking a healthy, skeptical interest in various theories without getting tangled up in tinfoil hat stuff.  

Personally for me, in the linguistics side which takes my interest the most (development of language in humans) this is probably something akin to the claim that “whales have a language!”. The parameters we use to measure specific concepts like “language” and “consciousness” are guarded by constraints that scientists put on them to make them easier to identify. However, that doesn’t mean that either one is a binary THERE or NOT type of deal. 

Correct me if I’m wrong but… Cognition is a flowing scale. Language and communication is a flowing scale. Human language and human cognition are specifically defined terms that cannot be over-applied. Animal communication and animal cognition, while not the same as human language and human cognition, nonetheless exist on the spectrum of our understanding of the parameters outside of our own experience. Why can’t we also consider this, theoretically, to be at some point connecting to non-animal organisms? Despite their existence being incredibly far-off from that of the consciousness that we know, it’s still cool to theorize about how they experience their world. 

Sorry, I know that this type of stuff is actually going CLOSER to fringe science, and I know that it’s also ridiculous. :D It’s just cool in theory. Doesn’t mean I think plants can experience their world the same way as animals.  

The Debt

My entry for Phanniemay Day 11, “Folklore.” Thanks to my buddy @caffeinechick who encouraged me to finish it. 

“Jeez, what a douchebag.”

“Gregor’s not that bad,” Sam defended him, of course. Tucker still enjoyed the vindication that she’d known exactly who he was talking about. “When you get to know him, he’s actually pretty sweet.”

“Yeah, to you,” Tucker said. “Guy couldn’t be any more obvious; he probably thinks I’m here to score points on some lame ‘almost outta the friendzone’ scorecard.”

Said douchebag was currently waiting safely back in the van with the rest of Sam’s activist friends, leaving them to do the actual work.

“You mean you’re not?” Sam mock-gasped. 

Tucker snorted loudly since rolling his eyes would have been pointless. “I’m here because I don’t want some noob screwing up and getting you caught.”

“Plus I’m paying you.”

“Plus you’re paying me.”

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Hey thanks @an-alien-or-sutin for tagging me in this. I love talking about my favorite albums! and like you, this will probably take me hours. HERE WE GO. (aside from #1, theyre in no order. Im listing them as they come.)

Jakes TOP 10 ALBUMS (for now)

1. Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta : This is still my favorite album after years. The first time I heard this, it blew me the fuck out of the water. I didnt know albums could be this large in scale. All the songs flowed perfectly, and the amount of instrumentation was just dizzying. Its a challenging listen to most, but spend time with it and you’ll see.

Fav track : Miranda, That Ghost Just Isnt Holy Anymore

2. Hot Fuss - The Killers : This may come as a shock, but this is one of my most beloved records. Every song stands out. Its a pop record, but It goes deeper than that. Brandon Flowers voice on this album is just heavenly. The final song on this record, “Everything Will Be Alright”, has brought me through so many things and for these reasons, it makes the list. It just has a nice sound.

Fav tracks : Everything Will Be Alright/ Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll

3. Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins : This record has been a recent addition to the list. I dont even have to say how huge this fucking record is. It incorporates so many different sights and sounds that span the albums massive 2 hour length, and its almost as if half the songs are Echo and The Bunnymen meet Black Sabbath, and the other half are the sweetest songs you’ve ever heard. Its just a great mix.

Fav tracks : Bodies/Farewell and Goodnight

4. You Are My Sunshine - Copeland : This album brought me through the most difficult year of my life so far. It hold so much value in my heart and mind, and every track is the perfect amount of dreamy mellotron lines and sharp lyrics. From start to finish, its almost entirely perfect. Ive been at risk of wearing every one of these records out, but this one, I can always come back to.

Fav track :On The Safest Ledge

5. Lonerism - Tame Impala : This album is exactly what I think when I hear the term “psychedelic”. This album is layered in so many thick synthesizers and noisy guitars, and its done in the most perfect way. The lyrics all over this album are very personal and relate-able to pretty much anyone in my current age group, and thats why this record has held so much weight lately. And it also helps that the instruments make you feel like your’e floating. This album is just fucking colorful.

Fav track : Music To Walk Home By

6. …Like Clockwork - Queens of The Stone Age : Now, this isnt the most groundbreaking record on this list, but it doesnt have to be. Every last thing about this record absolutely hits it’s mark and doesnt go over board. Its such a tight experience with songs that stick in your mind FOREVER. As you can tell, Im a sucker for good lyrics, and this record does not lack in that regard. From hilarious lyrics like “I got my own theme music. It plays wherever I are” to lyrics that cut my heart in two like “I go missing, No longer exist. One day, I hope,
I’m someone you’d miss“. Its just so well put together.

Fav track : I Appear Missing

7. St. Vincent - St. Vincent : This is the album that made me realize that pop music isn’t all that bad. Annie Clark inspires the hell out of me. She’s put out 4 incredible records that all stand on their own. This particular record best exemplifies St. Vincent as a whole. Every single song is strong. Shes riding the line between dissonant/ugly and harmonious/pretty. It’s surprisingly minimalistic in its approach as well, with not nearly as many auxilary instruments or over dubs as her previous work, yet, its still so powerful and demented. Its honestly a perfect album. Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing music, Annie.

Fav track : Severed Crossed Fingers

8. Congratulations - MGMT : I can’t NOT include this. I love this album so much. It’s one of the most “me” sounding albums that I can think of. So many quirky things all over this record. I absolutely adore the instrumentation and tone of each individual instrument. Andrew’s voice is top notch on this one too, and his lyrics are a little too real for my sad self to handle sometimes. “If youre concious you must be depressed, or at least cynical” like FUCK. This album is super 60′s and I love every last minute of it. I always will.

Fav tracks : Siberian Breaks/Flash Delirium

9. The Family Canvas - Aneirin : No one reading this will know who this band is, but that is ok. Aneirin were a local band from my town from about 5 years ago. Before I heard this EP, I was legitimately one of those kids who would comment on youtube videos and say ‘music today sucks. there is no good music past the 80′s”. I was THAT kid. And then this 4 TRACK EP came along and changed my fucking life. It changed everything. My outlook on modern music. My outlook on music that had screaming or weird guitars in it. Even my entire guitar playing style changed after sitting in my room for HOURS trying to figure out the insanely catchy and difficult guitar parts that adorn every song on the album. I will always love this. Go listen.

Fav track ; The Family Canvas

10. Come Now Sleep - As Cities Burn : Its hard to describe what exactly this album to did to me when I first heard it. But trust me, It did something crazy. This, along with the Copeland record that I mentioned were there when nobody was. I know thats mega cheesy to say, but its the truth and I dont like it either. This album really helped to inspire me musically back then as well. It pulled me out of so many slumps. The guitar playing on this record changed my life. As far away that I get from it nowadays, I will still always love this album. Just dont listen to it when youre sad. You’ll hate yourself.

Fav track : Contact

AHHH im done. That took forever. Thanks for caring. Do this if you want! @mbdtyler @evnbwrs @blessyourheart-forbeating @ibleachednirvana


Panorama of jointed and fractured Tertiary-age basalt flow making up a portion of North Table Mountain. Note hikers (for scale) at base of flow about midway through the pan. This image was captured on November 13, 2016.


File this under “missing lighthouse”. In the leaked version of episode 2, which was still being worked on at the time, most of the texts were more a summary of what they look like in the final release. The last text message from Chloe, which you get in Jefferson’s class, seemed to indicate that you could meet up by the lighthouse if you wanted, possibly instead of hanging with Warren.

I think somewhere in develpoment they were planning on letting the player choose between debriefing with Warren or Chloe. The current final scene is called “Main Campus - With Warren” and no other scene has ever noted who you were with specifically.

There are a hundred different reasons why it could have been changed, such as production time, scale, narrative flow and so on. It’ll be interesting to see if we get any choices that lead to these kind of branching paths in future episodes though.

Raphril Fanfiction: Defence

Universe: 2k14
Ship: Raphril
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some swears, some mild insinuations
Summary: April has gotten used to being on the defensive.  

Also takes place before Weightless; just some stuff I felt really needed to be put down about 2k14 April. Now that it is, I feel I can progress with getting them to the next level.

This one is for all the women out there.

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Flow patterns can change dramatically as fluid speed and Reynolds number increase. These visualizations show flow moving from left to right around a circular plunger. The lower Reynolds number flow is on the left, with a large, well-formed, singular vortex spinning off the plunger’s shoulder. The image on the right is from a higher Reynolds number and higher freestream speed. Now the instantaneous flow field is more complicated, with a string of small vortices extending from the plunger and a larger and messier area of recirculation behind the plunger. In general, increasing the Reynolds number of a flow makes it more turbulent, generating a larger range of length scales in the flow and increasing its complexity. (Image credit: S. O'Halloran)

🎉👩🏼🐠🎉 • Closed RP


“WONDERS BEYOND IMAGINATION!” The banner at the aquarium’s doors read. For about two weeks now, the town that held the aquarium had been littered with tourists, pamphlets, and fliers about this aquarium’s newest attraction, ‘Serendipity.’ That’s what they called her anyway, an incredible discovery by simple chance. And, this Serendipity had a small enclosure, showing off her beauty, purple and silver scales, her long flowing gray locks, and her eyes. An incredible catty yellow, and a slit like pupil.

Her beautiful looks were matched only by her dangerous eyes… she would peer at the passerbys with them, and although she was a docile specimen, they would always find shivers down their spine at simply a glance from them.

Tumblr, with its vibrant musical community, already abounds in posts of this nature. But I posted this in another site, and thought it might bear reproducing here.

Practice at any musical instrument isn’t about quantity. It’s a matter of quality, and this is the biggest flaw in the “10,000 hour” myth. The only way quantity – in terms of hours, say – enters into the equation is to ensure that one establishes and maintains a certain amount of forward momentum. Even then, a relatively small amount of consistent and efficient practice is vastly superior to a large quantity of disorganized, unproductive dawdling. Practice doesn’t pay by the hour.

I’m a big proponent of the value of sitting down at the instrument and just playing, because I think it deepens one’s relationship with the instrument, enriches the affinity for and fluency with music in general, and prevents us from bringing a mass-production mindset to the piano bench (where it certainly does not belong). The figure is somewhat arbitrary, but I’d say that for beginning and intermediate students in particular, something like 30% of one’s time at the instrument should be spent in this unambitious, exploratory manner. This, too, is practice, and practice of an important kind. To sit down at the piano, or any other instrument, with clear, hard and fast goals at all times is not in my opinion a healthy and sustainable approach to music-making, though some might disagree. 

At any rate, I don’t think the desire to do this – to sit and play, for heaven’s sake, enjoying sounds and livening up the synapses the way a child would – can be forced where it doesn’t already exist. But if a person doesn’t find pleasure and knowledge in aimlessly spending time with the instrument in this way, then I do find myself questioning from whence comes his or her desire to play at all.  

With that preliminary aside out of the way, I’m happy to share some of the ways by means of which I try to ensure efficiency and productivity in piano practice:

  1. Consistency of practice habits. The most powerful way to promote efficient practice in the context of the individual session is to foster regularity by creating a basic practice schedule, say on a weekly basis, and sticking to it over the course of weeks to months. If you have to lose some time, make it up, and plan in advance to do so. Guard your practice time jealously. Having established a routine, you can add to it or adjust it if you must – but don’t cheat it, and don’t get in the habit of soothing yourself with reassuring internal chatter like, “Well, this week, I just didn’t have time.” We either make time, or we don’t. Period. It doesn’t have to be a severe affair: just establish a routine, and hold yourself accountable for it.
  2. Begin with a warm-up. Piano-playing involves a truly athletic component, and practicing without a thorough warm-up is as disadvantageous for a pianist as for a gymnast. It’s crucial that the warm-up not be mindless, perfunctory. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. When it’s ready, you’ll know. When you’re simply stopping after minutes in hopes that you’re ready – well, you’ll know that, too. You choose.
  3. Don’t practice for longer than you can remain engaged, and experiment with segmenting your practice. Even for advanced pianists, practicing for more than about two hours at a stretch starts to push it. You may find it helpful to divide your practice time into segments: 15 minutes for a casual warm-up, 30 minutes for Piece A, another 30 for Piece B. Take short breaks between the segments if you find they help you refocus – get up and walk around a bit, maybe. 
  4. With respect to the music itself, divide and conquer. Few habits are as unproductive as the practice of “running” a piece before you’re ready to do so. Be methodical and Zen enough that you can devote 30 minutes or so at a time to a troublesome passage that’s only a few bars long. Save big-picture thinking and big-picture work for when you’re ready; in music, there is no such thing as filling in the details later. The musician needs a large number of manageable short-term goals, not a small number of castles in the sky. That’s not to say that the latter option is destructive, only that it must be converted to the former in order to produce results. (See item nº 1 for how to create a systematic approach that will keep you from needing to “cram.”)
  5. Practice technically difficult material slowly and methodically. At the piano (and at other instruments, certainly) there are healthy motions and unhealthy motions. To “power through” a technically difficult passage is to learn to accomplish that passage with unhealthy motions that will produce inconsistent, shaky results. To rehearse it methodically, beginning far under tempo and gradually increasing speed with repetition, is to begin with healthy motions which then get organically integrated into the flow of the music and produce a result in which you can be as confident as humanly possible. It’s old, dry wisdom. And it works. Andrés Segovia said that methodical practice is like a scaffolding which we construct around something we are building. Eventually the scaffolding is taken away and only the structure remains, with no evidence of how it was all put together; but if the architect didn’t bother to use scaffolding at all, we can sure tell it.
  6. Make use of ‘varied repetition.' The concept of varied repetition relates to the theory that we learn best through practice when the repetition that is inherently involved is…well, varied. Turn even-flowing scale passages into jagged, dotted rhythms and practice them that way for a while before going back to the original. Practice complicated or troublesome passages at a variety of tempos, from unreasonably slow to unreasonably fast. For breakneck pyrotechnics, practice them with much greater velocity than necessary once they have been brought up to performance tempo in a healthy fashion. One of Rachmaninoff’s favorite maxims was, “The way to ensure the horse can win the race of a mile is to first make sure it can win the race of a mile and a half.”
  7. Keep the ears online, always. Always pay attention to the sounds you are making, and critique them by connecting the ears with the hands. Making music requires both fire (passion and intensity of involvement) and ice (cool, critical detachment). Don’t think of them as separate phases of the practice process – learn to integrate fire and ice at all times. This will make your music flow like water rather than in fits and starts. Modern technology can help: get comfy with the idea of recording yourself. For pianists, even very lo-fi video recordings are especially helpful and will reveal quirks (both positive and undesirable) that you probably weren’t aware of before.

We hope that you will not get tired of such a large -scale flow of material from the material and are ready to prepare for a really stunning frames that deserve your attention .
Мы надеемся, что вы не устали получать такой большой поток материала с масштабного материала и готовы приготовиться к действительно потрясающим кадрам, которые заслуживают вашего внимания.

Introducing Suniplier

Suniplier is a new Darkiplier of mine. I actually had zero intentions to create another Dark, but Suni sprung out of nowhere in one of my dreams. I decided to start developing him (and I’ve honestly gotten quite attached to him through this.) I’ve even dreamed about him a few more times, which helped with the development. He’s still new to me, and there’s probably some things I’ll work out along the road with him, but here he is nonetheless! Under read more.

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