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I would like to share with you guys the list of game sliders(not custom sliders).

I always discover a new slider every times I make a new sims. @@

Until now, I think I have master all the sliders. So I decided to make this list for those who might missed out some sliders like me or those who are new to sims 4 and want to understand the sliders. :)

I’m not sure if somebody done this before but whatever. XD 


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it’s 2000 followers giveaway contest time!

We hit 2000 followers a while ago, and I’ve decided to hold a giveaway to celebrate my awesome followers !

These are all dragon types or to-be dragon types with a bit of flygon in their genes !

Open the images to see the full designs !

Special traits in each pokemon:

goomy: goggles, slightly bigger head antennae thingys

axew: goggles, two head spikes, flygon style darker markings

dratini: goggles, darker stripes, tail fan

jangmo-o: goggles, three tail scales (usually one), flygon ear thingys, scales are diamond shaped and the edges are darker(like on flygons wings)

deino: flygon ear thingys, darker markings, long tail with tail tuft

bagon: goggles, flygon style gray head things, darker markings

tyrunt: goggles, darker markings, three spikes on tail, longer head spikes

noibat: goggles, flygon style wings, darker markings, longer pointier tail, thinner and pointier ears

swablu: goggles, bigger (also darker)head ribbon things, flygon feet, flygon tail with tail tuft

gible: goggles, two head blade thingys, darker markings, longer tail

Okay, now what do you have to do to win one of these cuties ?

You have to draw a final evolution for the pokemon you want, and the one I like the most, wins that pokemon !

This isn’t so much about drawing skill, but design, so don’t be afraid to enter even if you’re not that confident in your drawing ability ! Just try to do justice to their flygon genes !

The contest ends on 5/26, and I will be announcing winners shortly after !

To enter, please post your entry as a separate post(as in, not a reblog) before 26th of may, and tag it with [#flygondailygiveaway and #flygondailygiveaway*pokemon you are entering for*] so if I would draw an entry for the goomy, I’d tag it with [#flygondailygiveaway #flygondailygiveawaygoomy]. This helps me find entries for specific pokemon !

You can enter for as many of these ‘mons as you like, but I’m not giving more than one to one person, so i’m just going to pick my favorite design!

Reblogs are appreciated so more people can see this and enter the giveaway contest!

happy flygonings ! -fishy

Imagine Your OTP

Imagine your OTP Dragon Shape-shifter edition

-Imagine that one member of your OTP is a Dragon Shape-shifter 

-maybe they still possess dragon-like qualities in human form??? (horns, scales, tail, pointed ears, tall, deep voice, red/yellow eye color)

- Person A (dragon) meeting Person B for the first time and seeing them spit/drool and getting suPER EXCITED LIKE YOU CREATE WATER FROM YOUR MOUTH????? THAT’S SO COOL

- Person A puffing out a bit of smoke whenever they get flustered and when they are around Person B they just start spewing smoke everywhere

 - Person A shape-shifting in Person B’s house and breaking something and when they see their face they get all worked up like i’m sO SORRY I CAN FIX THAT LET ME BUY YOU ANOTHER ONE

- Person A taking Person B on cliche romantic flights

-Person A being super confused by human beds like how do you sleep on those they look so uncomfortable here come sleep on my horde this is much better

-Person A sneezing and lighting something on fire

-Person A trying to give Person B a romantic dinner but they’ve only eaten raw steak so they try and cook it themselves with their fire breath and Person B ends up having to force their entire plate of burnt meat down because they don’t want to disappoint Person A who keeps asking them how they like it

-Person B makes the horrible mistake of trying to take Person A on a trip to the beach and Person A spends the whole time jumping around at the edge of the ocean just scREAMING

-lots of cuddling in the winter because Person A is sO WARM 

-Person A flying Person B up to really high places to watch sunsets/meteor showers

-Person A collecting shiny things and making a horde in Person B’s basement

-Person A placing Person B on top of the horde and calling them their “Princess”

-Person A pretending to drop Person B while flying and laughing until Person B starts crying

-hahaha you actually thought i was gonn- wait nO STOP CRYING MY PRINCESS I’M SO SORRY

-Person A being super possessive of Person B like perSON B IS MINE HOW DARE YOU TALK TO THEM

-Person A aggressively cuddling Person B so that they can’t get out of bed and leave them to go to a boring place humans call work like why would you go to work when you can stay with me-wAIT NO PLEASE STAY

-Person A leaves little gifts for Person B everywhere and usually they are weird things like coins or a shiny buttons

-it’s raining and Person B loves the rain so Person A has to pretend it’s not physically painful for them to jump in puddles and dance around without an umbrella

-Person A getting really offended when Person B calls them cute like no i am the nIGHT I AM DARKNESS I AM FIRE I AM DEATH FEAR ME

-Person A and Person B having a kid and Person A collects all the flowers they pick and their little crayon drawings and macaroni art and friendship bracelets so that their horde begins to look very different and when someone mentions this to them Person A picks up a crayon drawing of a dragon and smiles and whispers “this is treasure to me now”

(bonus: imagine Person A and B having to handle a tiny dragon child that cannot control their fire breath.)

Galra analysis - part 1 - generics


I can’t really hide my love for Galras anymore and since I’m drawing them a bit (a lot more in the future, yeaas) I need some down-to-earth flatly objective and compulsory depiction of them (also because I’m personally pretty thorough and obsessive with accuracy and avoiding OOCness and I like analysing stuff). Since I could find no compilation about this, I made it myself. Hohohoho!

This is based on the show only; no comics here, I know it’s considered canon but it’s so freaking bad I can’t bring myself to refer to it, also the show got the whole team working on it and thus is a far better reference.
There is NO headcanons here, this are only facts and stuff that happened in the show. It’s meant as an objective source of informations. So no shipping, imaginary past, fairy dust or whatever. I don’t claim I’m right about anything, I’m simply compiling existing datas.

And of course, if this helps you with anything, refer yourself to it as much as you’d like.

EDIT: corrections in tabs!

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Oh sweet Dill. Like Cori she has an olive beak and scales, with green ears, however she has a single comb. She’s bigger than several of the other silkie hens and has a wonky toe that doesn’t impact her health but I check on it daily to make sure it’s not developing sores. She is just the SWEETEST, and while her affection can be a little painful she will happily preen you or talk to you loudly all day. She has a deep, raspy voice, and she uses it a lot. She just wants to be with people all the time, a big change from when she was just a chick and very shy!

Galra analysis - part 2 - general anatomy

N.B: I use “human” as a comparison unit in terms of anatomy.

Also, I drew Haxus and he’s beautiful. *flutters eyelashes*
(second “drawing” under the cut)

(I promise, I have an explanation. Check under the cut. TT)

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pretty-prince-lulu  asked:

Heyo! ...I've got a humanoid species with features of a fennec fox. Ears, tail, bit of facial resemblance- nothing too wild, mostly. However, I've run into a snag. I totally want to go with the Ears of a Ridiculous Size- mostly for the aesthetic, I'll happily admit. Look at them!- but could they still function with the same head-to-ear scale of the original animal? Would that be too much heat loss on a human-sized species? Would their hearing actually be -worse-, than a standard human?

I highly doubt their hearing would be worse than a standard human, our hearing is pretty poor when you compare us to the rest of the animal kingdom. That’s probably one of the reasons why we domesticates dogs!

Originally posted by creek-nymph

Whether heat loss is a concern for a human with fennec fox ears will depend on their ambient temperature. They probably wouldn’t handle snowy climates well at all, but in warm, dry environs like where the fennec originated they may well be fine. Larger animals have a smaller surface area to volume ratio, so they typically lose less heat than smaller species anyway.

So while their hearing and heat loss is probably fine, making these ears move is a little more of a challenge.

Look at this drawing of canine head anatomy from Millers Guide to the Dissection of the Dog.

There would be, oh, something like 15 muscles involved in the movement of ears. You can see some of them above, particularly scutuloauricularis. To appreciate how much of a canine head is composed of muscle, take a peak at this typical CT image, also from Miller’s guide.

Compare that to a human CT scan of the head from

You can see the ear canal at #5. Air is black, bone is white, and soft tissue (eg muscle) is grey. Canines have much, much more muscle and less brain space than humans do. Admittedly much of the canine muscle mass are jaw muscles, but some of them are ear muscles.

So you can stick fennec fox ears onto a human head, but if you want those ears to be able to move and do the cute things then you need to provide large enough muscles to do so. If you haven’t shrunk the brain of this humanoid they may have extra muscles packed around the skull, giving them a more domed appearance than a human would have had. They will also likely have more muscle running from the back of the ear down he neck.

I hope that has given you something to work with.



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