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My take on a Strider knives SLCC .

3.5 mm thick old high carbon saw blade steel etched and stonewashed .

Bone linen micarta scales over double copper clad G-10 liners with copper hardware .

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Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


a series of unlikely crossovers:


Panels from “Scott Pilgrim” (Colour Edition & Original Black/White Print)

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” is one of the finest comic book series I have ever read, not just for its originality, relatable characters, references and humour, but also for it’s layout and composition that communicate its narrative. 

Scott Pilgrim has it’s fair share of “Oh Sh*t!” Moments and lively fight sequences that work perfectly with large scale panels (including several double page spreads - such as the one you see at the top), but what I think is most brilliant about the way Scott Pilgrim is planned and designed, is the way that each page turn and panel size demonstrate the emotions of the characters as well as the mood of a sequence. 

Notice how the bottom pages use very wide panels with large open spaces, small speech bubbles and fantastic use of solid black & white to help us empathise with the despondent solemnity and internal sadness of the break up sequence, particularly from knives’s perspective. 

In contrast, notice how the straight verticals of the pages second from the bottom illustrate a sequence of high intensity. The tall panels help accentuate the height and scale of the library the two characters are fighting, and make the scene more exciting than if it were square or rectangular panels. 

Using these wide and/or tall panels can amp up the emotion of a sequence as they ‘lock in’ the subjects and draw attention to them in a way that can change it’s meaning entirely. 

We see this in comic books and graphic novels all the time, as it is a fundamental aspect of framing as a method of film language - It is only more noticeable in comic books as the still images are crafted with a heavier focus on each individual panel and what it communicates

^ Take a look at these different comic book template pages, which feature multiple variations of panel layouts and compositions. Which of these layouts would best communicate a certain type of sequence, it could be dialogue, a fight, a car chase or a dream for instance. 

More examples:

^ Avatar: The Last Airbender – The PromiseNovel by Gene Luen Yang - amazing use of perspective and clever framing to show action and reaction during intense sequences

Deadpool - the panels here draw us in as we are ‘locked’ into the scene with the seemingly intimate relationship - which in turn makes the last panel’s effect stronger

I want my bones to be seen without effort
I want that scale to be double digits
I want people to ask how Igot so tiny
I want to look in the mirror and hate myself a little less
I want to be someone’s thinspiration
I want to be skinny
I want to be skin and bones

Solum Nox Tatooine
Eastonia (AndWhyJay)


So I delved into your Double Agent Vader ‘verse and couldn’t get out. Then I found your slave culture tag.

And then this happened.

So imagine that the easiest instruments to make would be drums and woodwinds. And these instruments are taken care of very carefully, as in Depur can’t take these away. I imagine that they are easy to disassemble and/or hide and that yes there are riotous, fun songs. With leaps and bounds and backflips.

But then there are songs like these.

Songs that are a little wistful, a little clumsy. Songs that have a surprisingly strong heartbeat.

Songs that echo into the desert night and mourn a freedom that they have yet to know.


You definitely haven’t seen a pocket knife quite like this one. Discommon has teamed up with the James Brand to create a special edition of its signature Chapter knife. They’ve taken the handle and updated it with an incredibly complex surface of machined aluminum scales that mimic an ocean wave, hence the name, the Swell. Not only is it beautiful, but the scales double as a grippy, tactile surface to secure the knife in your hand. It’s definitely one of the finest examples of form and function to cross our desks in recent memory.

What the Instruments are So Angry About
  • Bassoon: I am not an oboe. Also have you seen the price of bassoons???????????
  • Oboe: That the ensemble is out of tune already.
  • Flute: That other know it all flute player they can't stand
  • Piccolo: Everything. Pure living ball of hatred.
  • Clarinet: Probably something related to a fandom. If not, definitely reeds
  • Bass Clarinet: :)
  • Saxophone: That other guy in the section that's clueless
  • Horn: Goddamned offbeats
  • Trumpet: but why don't I get ALL the solos
  • Trombone: 8th position
  • Euphonium: always being forgotten and left out
  • Tuba: Society in its entirety.
  • Percussion: why does s/he get the cool part
  • Violin: Everyone else in their section.
  • Viola: what is a viola you mean violin right
  • Cello: probably scales
  • Double Bass: I have to carry this thing around with me.
Thorin and the Mithril Vest - Hobbitcon 2016

So Mark Atkins (Thorin’s scale double) was doing a panel (he’s such a sweetheart) and he mentioned something really interesting. He said that, in the Battle of Azanulbizar, Thorin was wearing the Mithril vest.

Naturally, my little heart went ??!?!?!??

So I got up to ask a question.

I said, “Hi! I’m really interested in the costume design in the hobbit, and you just mentioned something really interesting. You just said that Thorin was wearing the Mithril vest at the battle of Azanulbizar - do you mean he was wearing the one that appears in the Battle of the Five Armies, or chain mail?”

So he basically said that he thought it was, but he thought the collar was different, so he wasn’t sure if it was a continuity error or if it was a different one, but he believed that it was the Mithril vest - and he likes to think it was the Mithril vest.

Now, how the hell the Mithril vest gets from there to Erebor is a good mystery, but I love that idea, so thank you, Mark!

(Sorry I asked you a shippy question in disguise)


Another EOD .

A new version of my EOD Tanto for a customer in Germany .

This one is 5mm thick L3 bearing steel etched and stonewashed with black peel ply G-10 scales over double copper clad G-10 liners with chain ring bolts .

 The customer had seen my original version here

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


*HAPPY BIRTHDAY* Luke Evans (4/15/1979)

“Being at my birthday as I celebrated in Wellington, and having all my friends there. Everybody from the crew to caterers to my driver, my makeup artists, to the kids, to all the actors, the scale doubles, they were all at my birthday, and I remember standing on a stage and looking down and thinking, “These people have become my family.” That’s the image I remember.”

Luke Evans


Kiri Kiri 1 .

The first of 2 recent Kirinite Kiridashi in a  recycled hybrid Japanese steam / cyber punk style  .

Old high carbon saw blade steel which was etched and stonewashed .

Stonewashed Krinite glow scales over carved double copper clad G-10 computer board liners with copper tubes .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from