scale distortion




This book exposes the possibilities, practice and longevity of an image.

Using a  printer  and  scanner  as a image reproduction means this duplication method acts as a tool and process system to develop facsimiles of one another – in this case creating new imagery from an existing image. Each spread becomes an image in it’s own right. Through distortion, scale, cropping etc – these techniques provide the image with a new context that is distanced from the original photo. This process of printing, copying and re–purposing, is a method that should be celebrated.

cut my leg shaving with one of your razors - a stream of blood made its way down the thigh like molasses on a hot day and coalesced with soapy water painting a scene redolent of a Hitchcock reel. I shaved my skin off entirely and taught the enamel of the bone to worship the ambivalent side of the blade, ripping through the vein and chunks of muscle, bare handed. I was afraid to clog the drain, my darling – it was the first thought that intruded the caucus of fear and consternation invading the mind. My reflection scaled the bathroom mirror, distorted and misaligned by steam and the nausea from the sudden onset of anxiety this prick of neglect conjured and, for the life of me, I could not find a sliver of breath to formulate a scream, taking curtain and rail with me, as I my body lost its ability to stand. Day turned to evening and you were not yet home. I waited, with the breath of small children, but by then I already began to rot. What would the neighbors say of the stench, my darling?