scale custom models


I finished up painting my Gourai a few hours ago! I tried out some different painting and weathering techniques on her and I think it came out pretty good. Though I do think I went a little overboard with the chipping. Over all this was a really fun kit to work on, I’ll definitely look into more things from kotobukiya in the future! 


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I finally finished…!

HGUC Gouf Custom modded into something inspired by the Gouf Vijayanta and Gouf Heavy Arm Type from MSV.

The backpack nozzles were my first experiment in using some 3D printed parts. Decals are the insignia of the ace pilot from the old Dreamcast 0079 game (fond memories!). The antennae are old bass guitar string ends.

The Diorama shot was shot on a borrowed Canon 6D with a 50mm Canon Prime. Wappa and ground crew from the “Ground War Zaku” set.

As always, painted with a mix of Mr. Color and Gaianotes, weathered with enamels and glazed with oils.

Also, I finally hit 10 followers on Tumblr! Thank you everyone for liking my works.