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so overall on a scale of 1 to 50 shades of gray fanfic tier nonsense how would you rate the latest a/z episode

“I say, what will we do for this latest episode of aldnoah?”

“Hum, we’ve already done a fanfic like episode, we should shake things up a little…”

“How about we check what pixiv has been drawing a lot and incorporate it along with fanfic stuff?”

“Excellent! Now lets see…a fanfic thing would be…SAAZBAUM ADOPTATION and…uh…MOAR HARKLIGHT IN LUV WITH SLAINE!! MARTIANS RACIST AGAINST TERRANS, TERRANS RACIST AGAINST MARTIANS!And now for pixiv…hum, we already stole the Inaho with eyepatch idea from their fanart so this time…oooh Slaine wearing the Count uniform!”

“Both fanfics and fanarts have a lot of inahoxslaine, what do we do regarding that?”

“We’ll throw in Inaho thinking about Slaine while holding the locket. that’ll appease the shippers”

“Such brilliant thinking! What about actual plot?’

"Oh right, we need that. uuuhh…Slaine manages to figure out the trajectory so his bllets would…idk…travel in space and land where he wants then…u…manages to lure Inaho to the exact spot somehow…but then somehow its Saazbaum that manages to get stopped in that exact same spot. Im sure people will be screaming too much to think on that. Lets go with it”

“Right away!’