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MattLobster Appreciation Month

Matt appreciation month is (if you don’t know already) when we EddsWorld fans appreciate Matt and what he’s doing for the EddsWorld community. This idea was invented by @kylerinvention and the anon who suggested it. I’m sure all of us appreciate what Matt is doing for us fans. This appreciation idea has inspired me to create a daily challenge idea for the EddsWorld community. It would be nice if you fans could participate in it. Without further a do, here are the daily challenges:

February 2017, MattLobster appreciation month 

Day 1 - Draw Matt!

Day 2 - Re-draw Matt eating a cookie scene (The End-Part 1)

Day 3 - Write a compliment for Matt (Yes, you will be writing and drawing for MLAM, MattLobster appreciation month)

Day 4 - Draw what animal you think Matt would be

Day 5 - Draw Matt interacting with Tom and Edd

Day 6 - D/W (Draw/Write) your reaction to meeting Matt

Day 7 - Draw Matilda

Day 8 - Write a scale (1-10, 5 stars, 100%, etc.) of how amazing you think Matt is

Day 9 - Draw real life Matt 

Day 10 - Draw British prince from Saloonitics 

Day 11 - Look at yourself in a mirror for about 5 minutes “The Matt way" 

Day 12 - Draw Matt with silly face

Day 13 - W/D what you think Matt has in store for us

Day 14 - Draw vampire Matt

Day 15 - Draw Matt with wings (any of type of wings) 

Day 16 - Draw Matt crying over broken mirror 

Day 17 - Write something funny you think Matt would do  

Day 18 - Draw future Matt 

Day 19 - Draw cat Matt (On television PowerEdd) 

Day 20 - Draw Matt with Edd’s drawing style      

Day 21 - Draw kid Matt 

Day 22 - Draw Matt in the backseat OR Write a funny Matt car story

Day 23 - W/D Matt breaking the fourth wall

Day 24 - Write ”#MattLobster" on your arm (Keep on for as long as you want)

Day 25 - Write your favorite thing about Matt

Day 26 - Draw Matt just chilling at home 

Day 27 - Draw Matt in a suit

Day 28 - Make a heart felt thank you letter to Matt

Important: No nsfw, shipping, or inappropriate matter of any kind.

Please spread this around and reblog it. If you do not desire to do the challenge, you don’t have to, but it would mean a lot if you could. Tag your friends so they can see this.

For the MLAM, put in the tags “MattLobster challenge” to indicate that the post is for Matt appreciation.

Thank you! <3

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Simon: Risks

Requested: Anon ‘Hi! Could you do an imagine where you and Simon like each other, but refuse to admit it, and you’re always getting teased by the boys! Thank you!’

Warnings: Alcohol

A/N: May not be exactly what was requested, I kind of added my own twist to it. I think it is one of my best pieces so far, but that’s my opinion haha. I hope you like it and enjoy x

“Take a picture it’ll last longer.” Ethan snickered at Simon, who was watching you dance across the crowded room.

“Shut up.” Simon told him, rolling his eyes.

“Admit it.” Ethan pestered, nudging him.

“Admit what?” Simon asked, looking confused.

“That you love her!” Ethan exclaimed, giggling.

“I do not love her!” Simon protested, shaking his head. 

“Who doesn’t Simon love?” JJ interrupted, standing next to Simon.

“Y/N.” Ethan replied, smirking making JJ laugh loudly.

“Oh Simon, you silly boy.” JJ giggled, shaking his head.

“What?” Simon questioned, knotting his eyebrows together.

“You can protest all you want, but everyone knows damn well that you both love each other.” JJ told him with Ethan nodding in agreement.

“I’m going to refill my cup.” Simon said, annoyed moving past the dancing people, in JJ’s lounge and into the empty kitchen.

Simon sighed, sipping his alcoholic beverage. Thinking, thinking about you. That’s all was on his mind lately, ever since one of the boys mentioned that he and you should just be together, joking of course a few weeks back. He thought what it would be like if he and you where in a relationship. It brought a smile to him, the thought of your lips against his, his hands running through your silky hair, his giant hands clasping your smaller ones. Late night talks, laying in bed listening to each others heart beats- it seems so beautiful, yet dangerous at the same time. What if it ruins your great friendship? Destroying it in one simple move. But, is it worth the risk?

“Simon! There you are!” You exclaimed, giving him a quick hug and pulling back.

“H-hey Y/N.” He greeted, bring him back to reality.

“So, what are you doing all alone in here?” You asked, pouring yourself another drink in your cup and turning to face him.

“Just thinking whether or not to take a risk, or just leave it.” Simon sighed, looking down.

“Well, how much of a risk is it?” You questioned, putting your drink on the side.

“On a scale of 1 to 100, I’d say 99.9.” He answered, making you question yourself what kind of risk he might take.

“Wow, that much of a risk, eh?” You replied, looking at him.

“Well, I could just possibly destroy the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He told you, looking lost and anxious.

“It depends, are you willing to destroy it, or live your life not knowing what could’ve happened if you did it.” You said, turning your head to the side to look at his face.

“I’ll do it.” He blurted out, after a few seconds of silence.

“Do it then.” You answered, smiling.

Suddenly, he grabbed and kissed you. Your eyes went wide in shock, then you completely melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck.

After a few seconds, you both pulled back panting and smiling at each other.

“You’re a risk worth taking.”


9 Havasupai Native American children are suing the US Bureau of Indian Education

  • Nine schoolchildren from the Havasupai Indian Reservation in Supai, Arizona, filed a lawsuit Thursday against the United States federal government for providing them with an inferior education.
  • The Bureau of Indian Education is required by federal law to give Native children educational opportunities that “equal or exceed those for all other students in the United States.” 
  • The suit alleges that BIE has fallen woefully short of that goal.
  • The only subjects taught at Havasupai Elementary are math, reading and writing. 
  • It lacks any kind of system to teach special education students, which make up roughly half the student body, according to the complaint.
  • As a result, children with disabilities and behavioral disorders are routinely excluded from school activities, removed from classrooms, suspended, expelled or handed over to federal law enforcement as a result of their disciplinary issues. 
  • Some are compelled to leave the school altogether and pursue education away from their tribal homeland (Havasupai Elementary is the only school on the entire 188,077-acre reservation).
  • The school is persistently understaffed, leading to unsupervised classrooms, longterm vacancies and schoolwide shutdowns lasting weeks at a time. 
  • Havasupai Elementary doesn’t even have a functioning school library. The most recent data, from the 2012-13 school year, showed that its students ranked in the 1st and 3rd percentiles — on a median scale of 1 to 100 — in reading and math, respectively. That puts them in last place among schools operated by BIE. Read more

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From Coraline to Kubo : A Magical Laika Experience - Universal Studios Hollywood (extremely image heavy)

During the month of August 2016, Universal Studios Hollywood hosted a Laika exhibit wherein characters, sets and props from all four of Laika’s movies to date were displayed. My husband and I had activated our passes on the LAST day of the exhibit. Little did we know, we had to make reservations to attend! It took some convincing, but the staff let us into this AWESOME display!

The first room was, of course, Coraline. This area featured real animation puppets, that I believe had been used on screen; and a massive Pink Palace Apartments display. (please excuse the phone quality photos)

Next was Paranorman! The displays beyond Coraline used display maquettes as opposed to actual animation puppets. However, the quality was still screen worthy. All of the props and sets still breathtakingly detailed.

The victorian-inspired details of The Boxtrolls displays were gorgeous, even in all their lopsided quirkiness.

Before diving into the Kubo displays, we took a moment to appreciate exactly HOW much work is put into these films. This is just a TINY fraction, of how many face plates these characters use. Can you count all of these?

And lastly, the fantastic Kubo displays.

This room (pictured below) was massive. It stretched back so deep, and every tiny item was crafted with full real-life detail.

The leaf boat was HUGE. It towered above the display walls (and they weren’t short).

But what was the real monster here? The skeleton! There was a little scale replica of him. (I swear… 1/100 scale? lol!)

But no… They had a full sized replica. I don’t feel the photos really bring it across, but he was HUGE. The last photo was taken underneath him, with my arms fully stretched upward over my head, holding the phone for the photo.

This event was so quietly advertised - and not simple to get into either! I feel it was a shame it was so temporary, and I wish so many more people had access to see these amazing puppets and sets. I truly treasured this experience, and look forward to what Laika has in store for the future.


Miss Pauling in-game sentence starters

1. “Oh, oh! Gotta go. ____ asked me to drink beer, so I’m gonna drink beer.” 

2. “I’ve got a contract for you.” 

3. “That’s mine! That’s my molar! Did anyone see where that went?” 

4. “Oh my god. This is the same cave I bury bodies in.” 

5. “I’m trying to get someone killed for money, could you give me a second?” 

6. “I have been bitten by about 60 raccoons.” 

7. “Nice work.” 

8. “You’re halfway there.” 

9. “Don’t worry, I’ll run clean up on this.”

10. “And to the victor goes… this thing.” 

11. If you don’t want that, I will take it.” 

12. “Don’t tell the other guys I gave you this.” 

13. “It’s okay. We’ll get ‘em next time.” 

14. “Let’s… uh… call this a learning experience.”  

15. “Hey, sometimes you have to walk away. I get it.” 

16. “You did it! …Wait, you didn’t do it.” 

17. “This contract’s big. Don’t pass this up.” 

18. “That was a joke I’ve been researching. Could you write your amusement, on a scale of 1-100?” 

19. “I’ve got a job here that requires blowing up a lot of people and everything else. I thought of you.” 

20. “Actually, keep the gloves on. This might get messy.” 

21. “You owe me one, and I’m cashing it in.” 

Captive | 02

< Part 1 | Part 3 >

Genre: Smut | Fluff | Angst | Mini Series


The once safe distance was becoming progressively smaller. Each painstakingly step he took forward, the more anxious you grew; your palms damp from the sweat pooling within your fisted hands, your breathing jagged and your pulse escalating to a dangerous high. With only a matter of seconds before he would be standing before you, you prayed, wished and hoped for your body to respond to your inner pleas. However, no matter how much you desperately willed your body to run. To move. It refused to listen as though it had a mind of its own. A mind with a much stronger resolve that the body that was once in unison with the brain became disconnected.

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161014 BTS Synnara Fansign

Q: Suga-hyung (?) I actually sobbed listening to your mixtape, it was really touching. Thank you so much ㅠㅠ I’m curious about your happiness index these days. On a scale of 1~100, how happy are you?

A: 95%

(OP said Yoongi felt really happy these days, Yoongi left out 5% because he had been busy lately so he’s a little tired)

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RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

a/n: thank u so much for the one who sent the ask!! i made a re-do that’s why i lost the ask but you know who you are you beautiful person ;) omg i had so much fun with this request oops so i hope u have fun reading too! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!


  • zen’s weapon would be either a real katana or a wooden sword
  • he’d be wielding a M1911 Pistol for emergency situations
  • i’ve always pictured zen to be knowledgeable about kendo ( it’s a japanese martial arts swordsmanship style ) since he was asked to practice it as a part of a musical acting script he once performed
  • he’s got a fast, smooth move and excellent wielding handwork of all types of swords
  • he would prefer a reversed-edge sword ( he will use the not sharp edge to knock out human threats )
  • but his sword is a tsurugi type so he’d just knock off those people by the handle of his sword
  • he’s also the one who stays fashionable out of everyone even when there’s an invasion of the undead
  • “Uhm Zen… we’re going to kill zombies not walk in a runway.”
  • “Whoa, hey now! I need to look good just in case we save the world!” somebody help this guy
  • he would be good on either offense or defense but he’ll be much more efficient on the defensive side of the team
  • he’s the one who can kill a lot of zombies in a horde attack
  • sometimes he’s on the front of the team or on the back ( he can be the tanker or the shield )
  • but sometimes he can be a bit careless too and a lil off guard of his own defense since he’s pretty busy protecting the group
  • he won’t even if it costs his life ever leave you
  • when you’re in danger, he won’t hesitate to receive all the attacks that’s supposed to be yours
  • he always has a medicine pack available for his own and an extra in case of an emergency
  • and he’s a bit oozy when it comes to blood ( his sword is always squeaky clean lolol )
  • and he’d sometimes yell while attacking a zombie, ( the rumors say it’s his battle cry LOLOL ) “Like I’d let myself look like you! It’d be a disgrace on my grave!”


  • she is on the support side of the team
  • she’d either wield brass knuckles or a knife-edged police baton ( customization with the help of seven ) she’s actually good with any melee weapons
  • she’s on an advantage when it’s a close to medium ranged combat
  • she’s pretty knowledgeable about judo herself and has a pretty good stamina so she’s perfectly fine with defense
  • ps. she’s also the one holding jumin’s extra ammo supplies
  • would always always want to wear leather gloves as to not stain her hands with blood ( also not to catch any unnecessary germs )
  • she be aiding zen whenever he carelessly lets his guards down
  • she, alongside yoosung will be the ones who tries out seven’s data experiment just to know what characteristics of zombies might be used in their own advantage
  • she’s the one you can run to whenever you’re short of ammunitions or you need a reality check
  • "Do you think we’re going to die, Jaehee?”
  • "Yes, we will. If you base it on a survival probability rate scale of 1-100, we are only on 3. Unless we find a cure then we can survive.” gee thanks a lot jaehee
  • she is also a medical support by helping out yoosung by always carrying extra medicine packs with her so whenever yoosung runs out of it he asks few from jaehee
  • she’s the one running first towards you, no matter how far you are from her whenever you need help aka being cornered by a horde bcoz nobody dies under momma jaehee’s watch
  • she’d be teaching you basic defense stances so u can take care of yourself properly ( she does not want you to become a damsel in distress )
  • "Don’t worry, Zen. The zombies might be attacking you because they find you attractive.” uhm that is exactly not helpful at all lol


  • totes the one wHO HAS AN ARMORY FULL OF GUNS
  • he had been going to shooting ranges since he was a kid and he got interested in guns and gun works since then
  • "What? You have a house here?”
  • "A resthouse.”
  • "How many houses are under your name in this country?”
  • “About 20 of them.” ok but WTF??
  • “W- What were you doing, buying houses that many??”
  • "My interests may have…slipped.
  • he’d be wielding four Glock17 ( the two other are hidden on his ankles *tied* just for emergency purposes ) and one Marlin 1894 CB ( since these has one of the basic firearms cartridge -ammos- available )
  • ps. he has the fastest handwork while switching guns on a zombie horde attack
  • he also likes using an AK47 7.62x39 mm assault rifle
  • second one to kill most zombies aside from zen
  • has perfect aim aka always shoots bull’s eye
  • "Assistant Kang, have you brought my extra firearm cartridges?”
  • “Yes, Mr. Han. How many boxes do you want?”
  • "Give me as many as you can. It’s time to put these maggots to their rightful places.”
  • "Where exactly is that, if I may ask?”
  • "On their grave, under my feet.” jumin still be slayin zombies with his sassy mouth
  • he once killed a zombiefied child without hesitation ( in which yoosung strongly disagreed with and cried because of it )
  • "It could have killed you if I didn’t kill it first.”
  • he’d be the best protector/guardian for you since he puts a lot of efforts to keep you under his watch ( jumin never lets you get out of his sight )
  • he’s excellent at both offense and defense but never in assisting
  • has strong sensibility even in the roughest times
  • u can COUNT on him through extreme measures
  • because he is mistah TRUST fund kid


  • the medical support of the group!!
  • he’d be the one carrying all your medical needs so he needs to be badly protected
  • ps. he’s the most excellent assist in a group
  • but don’t worry he can protect himself perfectly fine aka you don’t underestimate this cinnamon roll he can actually kill u
  • his best wielded weapons would be two Smith and Wesson 54s and he’d be an excellent melee wielder as well ( probably an axe )
  • he’d be seven’s partner in analyzing things about zombies aka finding out what caused the virus and how to cure it
  • he’s not afraid to lay his life just to protect you has the self-sacrificing shounen disease
  • will come running on your aid faster then u can shout for help
  • he’d always make sure you won’t have any wounds, you are sterilized and that you are properly taken care of
  • but ofc when all of this first happened, he was he one who cried the most because what has the world gone into
  • such a worrywart when he sees a member having a wound he’d immediately clean it
  • "Yoosung, it’s just a scratch.”
  • "But what if it gets infected??”
  • "No, really. It’s just a scratch.”
  • "But.. but—” cue puppy eyes
  • “Fine. So you will stop worrying.”
  • do not underestimate his handwork in guns he’s pretty knowledgeable about it too and he’s got perfect aim just like jumin
  • he kind of enjoys killing zombies or going on a killing spree in a zombie horde attack uhm yoosung this isn’t a game omg
  • would go bat shit crazy if someone from his group gets wounded by an attack ( expect a massive amount of zombie bodies killed by this boi )
  • sometimes when he sees animals going to be attacked he’d risk his life to protect it all life must be protected under yoosung’s watch
  • also when he found out that animals can get the virus too he got depressed


  • the virus probably came from his secret agency
  • the central intelligence of the team & a perfect battle formation planner ( totes would work well with jumin when devicing plans aka escape routes and how to go heads to heads with a horde )
  • the brain behind every successful zombie attack defense of the group
  • he has the most weird yet convenient weapons available
  • he’s gonna provide laser markers for everyone in different colors
  • “Do you like rainbow colors? I have a rainbow one.”
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “…yeah!”
  • he can fucking drive a military tank
  • “Ohhh! This is the infamous WWII Nazi Tank!! Ohhhh! This is so brilliant!!! I get to drive a vintage classic!” he’s squealing in happiness excuse him for a moment
  • “…just drive, Seven.” 
  • he once made weapons out of nail guns, nails and a magazine
  • also made a deadly weapon out of a baseball bat and an unused mop
  • he also helped jaehee and yoosung to level up their weapons aka customizing them according to their capabilities
  • he invented a zombie tear gas bomb where zombies becomes immobile for a few minutes if it you throw it and it explodes at them ( effectivity rate of weapon will be good enough for an entire horde )
  • he works hard to find a cure for the virus because he somehow feels guilty and has a gut feeling that the mania came from his own secret agency
  • would ask yoosung to be the tester ( a kind word for bait ) just to try out his theories regarding what senses are still active when a dead man becomes a zombie
  • would probably hack WHO’s data base just to get data they gathered regarding the source of the virus and how it has spread wildly in an instant
  • would test out his developed experimental cures with yoosung
  • he has secret armory of weapons he made way back
  • he may have anticipated for a zombie apocalypse to happen
  • he’s best in both assisting, attacking and defending aka he’s the real tanker-shield-support of the group
  • he’s pretty knowledgeable about guns too and kind of collects some of his own ( and probably modifies it to his own liking )
  • “Wow, Seven! How were you able to make such weapons?? These are all good!”
  • “I… may have always dreamed of having a Zombie Apocalypse!”
  • “…uhm, what?”
  • “You may not know but… I’ll let you on a secret~” whispers
  • “Gamers have been waiting for this day to come!” grins goofily you can even see stars on his eyes wtf LUCIEL
  • would literally die for you also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • totes knows how the virus came to be but keeps quiet about it
  • would try to solve the problem by himself aka giving his life to be a dummy in an experiment so they can find a cure
  • would do all sorts of things just to save you
  • just like jumin and seven, he’s good in guns too but he prefers close combat fights with melee weapons just like jaehee
  • his favorite weapon is a Nagamaki sword and a H&K .40 caliber Universal Service Pistol configured with a laser and a flashlight it comes very handy for him
  • he had gone under extensive training of self-defense
  • he can wield a sword and has good handwork with it like zen
  • aka the most versatile member of a group meaning he can be a tanker, a support or a shield
  • when the bus you were all riding crashed, throwing you out into the open and you got separated with the group because the bus exploded and they all came running to the other side to avoid it and you were trapped on the other
  • he came running after you
  • “MC!! MC, are you alright?!” and oh god did he sound so desperate
  • would probably be the most calm out of everyone he’s been through worst
  • would teach you how to heighten your other senses aka your hearing and feeling senses
  • “Listen… Not all things should be burdened to the eyes. When your eyes becomes a dead weight to you, your other senses remains active… you can strengthen them as well.”
  • he would teach you techniques when fighting in the dark since he’s the most efficient in it
  • the most secretive part of a group but still whenever a crisis arise, he’s the most dependable one
  • he has this crazy high will to save everyone
  • would work closely with luciel as a part of the group’s intel
  • probably knows more a lot about zombies than he lets on
  • has extremely good wilderness surviving skills
  • very efficient medical skills ( aka the fastest to provide first-aid to a hurt member )
  • also has the self-sacrificing shounen disease


  • and a bit of martial arts here and there would probably be knowledgeable about judo and maybe small karate
  • likes to work alone, never does well with team work
  • would probably get irritated over jumin’s bossy attitude
  • “…who are you to order me around?” glares
  • “I am the one who’s trying to save your sorry ass.” glares back
  • lots of glares
  • his preferred gun model is a G27 and has extremely excellent gun handwork ( much better than jumin’s tbh )
  • is fond of using shotguns and is efficient in aerial/large scale combat
  • his favorite weapons are FNH PS90, FNH Police 12 gauge tactical shotgun and an AR 15 Rifle
  • the excellent assassin aka the hitman of the group
  • he can kill zombies x20 faster than everyone else if he’s aiming from afar
  • would probably be irritated by luciel’s goofy antics
  • “…who said you can change my laser marker’s color?”
  • “But green suits you!”
  • No. I don’t like it. Bring me back the original one. Don’t just change my things without my consent.” glares
  • luciel never listens
  • is p much cold blooded ( he keeps on arguing with yoosung; one day saeran immediately put a bullet to a just-turned zombiefied old woman’s head without hesitation; they were just talking to her a few minutes before the turning and yoosung was determined to give her a cure but saeran just… yeah )
  • “…a single hesitation can lead to your own death.”
  • “What did you just say?! They’ve been alive too! They had lives before everything!”
  • “You won’t last a day with that kind of mind set. Tch.
  • but he’s a v important asset to the group and sometimes he teaches everyone how to use a rifle and a shot gun
  • but becomes irritated if u ask questions u should learn it immediately the first time he demonstrates and this happens rarely