Every round object in the solar system, to scale:

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Each disk is ten times larger than the previous one. If the first disk you see is the size of the palm of your hand, then the second is the size of a coffee table, the third the size of a room. The seventh is the size of Belgium. The ninth is the size of the Earth. The 23rd is around the size of the galaxy, and less than 2 minutes into watching, the 28th is the size of the Universe.   [code]


Expanding the Panama Canal | Via

In 2006, Panamanians approved a referendum to expand the Panama Canal, doubling its capacity and allowing far larger ships to transit the 100-year-old waterway between the Atlantic and Pacific. Work began in 2007 to raise the capacity of Gatun Lake and build two new sets of locks, which would accommodate ships carrying up to 14,000 containers of freight, tripling the size limit. Sixteen massive steel gates, weighing an average of 3,100 tons each, were built in Italy and shipped to Panama to be installed in the new locks. Eight years and $5.2 billion later, the expansion project is nearing completion. The initial stages of flooding the canals have begun and the projected opening date has been set for April of 2016.

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Some things are so awesomely big it helps to compare them to big things we’re more familiar with in order to better comprehend their extraordinary size. Redditor movielover278 created a visual comparison of the Super Star Destroyer from the Star Wars with an aerial map of Manhattan to demonstrate just how incredibly massive the ship is supposed to be. They appear to be roughly the same size.

“So to head from one end of the ship to the other would be roughly equivalent to walking from The George Washington Bridge all the way down to The Brooklyn Bridge. Star Wars reference material has referred to the Executor class Super Star Destroyer, which I assume is the model being used here, as being 19,000 meters long, or roughly 12 miles. It also looks to be about as wide as Manhattan is at its widest point, which is around 2 miles.”

All this talk of huge spaceships reminds us of the opening scene from Spaceballs:

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“This scale will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. It will not tell you how beautiful you are, how much friends & family love you or how amazing you are”

But can we talk about this? I was about to weigh myself in today and found this on my scale, which I’m guessing my uncle put there since he stayed at my room for the last month, and I think is a great way to start my day, specially since I gained 5kg this last month, but I’m okay, no freaking out since probably is 80% water weight because I’m drinking a lot of water, and even if it’s not that I’m perfectly okay with this, and this quote might help a lot.