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tony and the guardians being friends is my aesthetic and i would just love them to be salty af to the rogue avengers (cough steven grant rogers cough) right??

Team Free-Riders: We are ready to accept your apology and forgive you, Tony.

Tony: lol what- can’t hear u over the sound of my alien sugar daddy comin to pick me up and take me to space. Have fun getting T’challa to fund u, bet that will last at least a month.

Quill: Hey babe

Tony: Toodles

fecipher twitter, 24-4-2017: “Buried Memories, Gerome” and “Perfect Iron Mask, Gerome”

[Card Showcase] Is changing the past really the right thing to do? Gerome, a dracoknight who has come from a hopeless future, grapples with that challenging question. But the sight of his friends standing against fate, their souls determined not to abandon hope, inspires in him a determination to fight! (Illust. Megumi Nagahama)

more fire emblem cipher series 8 translations!

Poor Poppy, kid’s been through a lot today.

She’s been violated by being forced to hurt others including her friends, had her memory wiped and identity stripped and called into question and to top it all off people she used to call friends and colleagues tried to kill her. And she saw what an unsettling psycho Parad is when he doesn’t get what he wants.

To top it all off she infected people with her virus, something she has never done willingly to anyone, at all.

I’d say she deserves time away from that belt and a chance to recover. Who knows? She could put it on again with a clearer head and a renewed resolve to help people.

For now, the Yuriko Misaki curse is broken this season thus far so, happy days! Besides, her surviving means she can possibly join her sorority sisterhood of Riders in the next All Kamen Rider handheld game if we really want to see her as Kamen Rider Poppy again!

so this was one of those times that the sketch came out great and then after spending an hour of line work i figured out that i didn’t like it at all anymore but

i wanted to finish it anyway cOVERS IT WITH A BUNCHA TEXTURED SQUIGGLES

@kohikki Coffee DnD character who doesn’t have side burns I actually don’t know his name wHOOPS

  • Parado : You are me, M.
  • Parado : *possessed Emu*
  • Others : *speechless*
  • Possessed!Emu : Now, time for the most thrilling game.
  • Poppy : *whisper* What should we do?
  • Taiga : *whisper* I think we should call the Warren couple.
  • Nico : *whisper* No! Just called the two priests from The Exorcist.
  • Hiiro : *whisper* What about calling the Daitenkuji peoples?
  • Possessed!Emu : *sigh* Hey, you. Listen to me. We gonna played fighting game, not whispering game!