Cosplaying both Cullen and Meredith has actually been really, really interesting from a character design angle too. There’s elements of their outfits that are so similar but are slightly tweaked to highlight their differences. It carries through every single piece they wear too. All of Cullen’s pieces are on the left, Meredith’s are on the right. 

First off, Cullen may be all “I want nothing to do with that life anymore,” but damn, he’s definitely still wearing Knight-Commander armor. Just throwing that one out there. 

The vambraces are nearly identical, at least in their base shape. The only real difference is that the angles on Cullen’s curve into circles while Meredith’s come to sharp points. 

I’ll cut the rest because it’s long. Keep reading for more cosplay character analysis! 

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This is officially the most ridiculous armor I’ve ever made. That side slit is going to be the death of me. 

So that’s the majority of the armor done. 

There’s still a ton of go though. I need to make the back of the chest piece, attach the scailmaille to the chest pieces better, add in a whole lot of leather lacing everywhere, make thigh high boots because these are just what I have on hand, make the red shirt/turtleneck thing, and make two knives and one bow.