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Finding your blog was an absolute /treasure/ to stumble upon while watching this season. As soon as I would finish an episode, I would come scrambling to read the inevitable follow-up meta that came with it. Thank you for the countless insightful words about the show, and here's to many more! (( Also, thoughts on how Margot, Alana, and their child would tie into a fourth season now that they've scadaddled? ))

*it never ceases to boggle my mind that there are people using my blog as, like, a resource?? when I’m just making shit up as I go and not really blogging for anyone but myself?? how bizarre*

Ooo, here’s a horrifying scenario for you:

Will and Hannibal living the high-murder life in S. America somewhere. 

Will is out at the local village one day when he comes across an adorable little kiddie who is lost and scared in a public place and stays with him to help him find his parents. 

Suddenly the little boy cries ‘Mommies!!’ and Will looks up into the horrified faces of Margot and Alana. 

That’s one way. 

Or, of course, they could just put a price on Hannibal’s head again.

(It’s a shame Will’s got such distinctive facial-scars, he’s much easier to detect than Hannibal, now. And now Alana knows, they’d only need to find him.)

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Do you RP on other Alts? If so, can we have names of a few?

I have a total of 7 alts on Wyrmrest Accord. 2 are Horde. The only name I shall give is Ramone. Only because I never use him any more. Some of you have had interactions with an Alt or two. The rogue in me wants that to remain secret.

That’s all ya’ get. Now scadaddle, ya’ varmint.

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Wow, you got more of them? None of these fools can take rejection, aha. It's not that big of a deal, fellas, scrape up the dignity you have left and scadaddle, I'm getting second hand embarrassment watching this. Really, if you get this bent out of shape when you talk to someone online I can only feel for the poor girls who are suckered into talking to you in real life. Do you not have pride?

^ ^^^

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