scad service design


After group roles were assigned, we divided our research according to three specific topics: 1) Analog vs. Digital, 2) Corporate Innovation Trends & Collaborative Spaces,and 3) Education Trends & Collaborative Spaces. We then affinitized each group’s findings into clusters under the subjects Knowledge, Hindrances, Environment, Technology, Group Performance, and Group Behavior. We took these categories and placed them in the context of IPO according to the step in the process they most affected. This allowed us to identify the gaps within our research.

Because we were unhappy with our first round of affinitization, we decided to take a break and have at it during our next meeting. We were much more successful this time around, finding seven potential Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for an Innovation Lab!


Co-Creation 3 (cont.)

Another very successful aspect of our co-creation session with OSI (Office of Student Involvement) was when we split them into groups to think and ideate possible space distribution and redesign of their office. Providing them with printed layouts of the office floorplan allowed for them to create as many different types of layouts which could work within the space given. Moving the walls, the tables, reducing the amount of deskspace, and creating an area for the office to express itself visually were the highlights of the designs. Having Bernardo from Design Group as well as work-study students, allowed us to ensure that all of the stakeholders are considered within our proposed solutions. This is a key characteristic of having co-creation sessions with clients: To assure and include them in the project and consider their point of view, understanding their needs and their perspective on the subject.

Hey guys! MLK day is fast approaching and SCAD buildings will be closed… WHERE WILL WE WORK? Not to worry, the Service Senior Studio invites you to come and do your group work at The Foundery, a new coffee shop here in Savannah. This place is great for group collaboration, and we’ve reserved a special spot just for design groups!

All we ask is that you allow us to observe your group doing work and answer a few of our questions!

Please join us this Monday (MLK Day) from 2:00-4:00 pm at The Foundery Coffee Pub, located at the intersection of Habersham and Anderson streets, right across from Anderson Hall.

Hope to see you there and happy MLK day!