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Final deliverables for the three-field pan assignment. Thought I’d post the one without figures again, since I’ve made some adjustments to it, plus the version with figures. We’re only allowed to turn in the b&w version for class, but I’d love to color it on my own time…

(landscape and buildings inspired by Elder Scrolls Online, creatures inspired by Hieronymous Bosch and my own sleep-deprived brain)


At the Movies Comic - Avengers by Bill Watterson

SEQA project

Draw a comic and/or cover illustration combining a scene from a movie with a famous comic artist’s style.

Rather than do something like Spaceman Spiff, where the world and costumes are real, I decided to do the opposites on the spectrum, with Watterson’s realistic style and his usual cartoony style. So I had all the avenger kids just wearing costumes. This totally reminded me of the Avenger Baby comic I read awhile back!

This was my favorite project, I had a blast drawing and coloring it! I used watercolor this time cuz after the mishap with the orange in the last project I was a little sick of ink.

Me and my friends came up with all these headcanons revolving around this story where all the Avengers are kids in this orphanage run by Nick Fury.

I really want to do at least one other illustration for what happened right after that cover page. IE. Loki traps them all in the tree except for Steve and Bruce.



to be continued.

A wild comic appears! I’ve been sitting and noodling with this story for a while now, and I’m so excited to start getting it out of my head and onto pages. I hope you like it!

A million thanks and hugs to SEQApeople for invaluable critique/love/support, and congrats to the newly graduated! GO TEAM! :D


PHEW, Fall quarter just ended! I might as as well get some shuteye before my flight tomorrow; it’s going to be a busy day. BUT YEAH! I drew this during class the other day (sketched and lined in 2.5hrs), and ended up liking her a lot. I still can’t decide which color palette to use though?