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anonymous asked:

Does SCAD have good connections in their animation department? Someone told me that the only way to be successful in that field is to go to Cal Arts or SVA.

First of all, whoever told you that is wrong. Yeah, certain colleges have certain reputations, but it all depends on how motivated and hardworking you are! College is more of a resource and learning experience than an automatic ticket to get into the field because of its reputation from the past. I have friends that go to (of course) SCAD, MICA, Sheridan, Columbus College of Art and Design, Ringling, and even large universities that are hella talented and are most indefinitely gonna go places when they graduate! (There are plenty of colleges I haven’t mentioned that are amazing btw)… Heck, there are plenty of talented artists right now in the field as we speak that have graduated from all different kinds of colleges!  So I think that there are a looooot of really great colleges for getting into the animation field. Don’t get me wrong, CalArts and SVA are amazing and the work that the students produce is quite breathtaking, but I don’t think that you’re giving other colleges the credit they all deserve! If the entire animation industry just consisted of CalArts and SVA grads, then there wouldn’t quite be as much diversity and different ways of approaching problems in the field as there is now. As for SCAD, we do have some really great faculty that do have connections in the field. I know that they try their best at helping us enter the industry as fresh new animation babies.

But yeah! The beautiful thing about the animation industry is all of us coming together and applying all of the different things that we learned from all of our different backgrounds to create something amazing  (▰˘◡˘▰)