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"Muggle-born Slytherins exist, but are very rare, as noted insultingly by Scabior the Snatcher."

Okay, so I have this headcanon that blood-purity really isn’t necessary to get into Slytherin. Ambition doesn’t change with blood type, after all. However, Salazar convinced the first Hogwarts students that Slytherin is “the Pureblood house” and as the years went by and the rumor was passed on from generation to generation, it was accepted by most students to be true and most Muggleborns didn’t bother to check.

theleackycauldron  asked:

What do you think went trough Draco's head as he watched Hermione getting tortured by his own aunt, in his very own house in front of his own eyes? Just curious.

In terms of book canon, when the trio are brought to the Manor, Draco is very hesitant to identify Harry and says he can’t tell if it’s Potter or not. He also does not give up Hermione and Ron. 

As for what Draco thought during the torture… it’s not clear from the book how much of it he actually sees. On page 462 of the Deathly Hallows, Bellatrix takes down Scabior and the snatchers to regain possession of the sword of Gryffindor. She then tells Draco to take the unconscious men outside and either finish them off or leave them for her to deal with later. She tells Narcissa to take the trio to the dungeon, a task Narcissa delegates to Fenrir Grayback. At the last minute, Bellatrix grabs Hermione to torture. The torture scene is not actually shown in the book - Harry and Ron hear Hermione screaming, but are not witness to it. 

On page 472, Harry and Ron escape the dungeon and use Wormtail’s wand to disarm Bellatrix. At that point, Draco is in the room, having apparently returned from moving the snatchers outside. Bellatrix holds Hermione at knifepoint and tells Harry and Ron to drop their wands. They do, and Bellatrix instructs Draco to collect the wands. The Dark Lord has been summoned, and Bellatrix tells Greyback he can have Hermione.

When the chandelier crashes in the book, Draco is injured by it. The last line on page 473 is “Glittering shards of crystal flew in all directions: Draco doubled over, his hands covering his bloody face.” When Ron runs to pull Hermione from the wreckage of the chandelier, Harry then runs to Draco and wrestles three wands from him: Draco’s wand, Wormtail’s, and Bellatrix’s, and then uses all 3 to stun Fenrir. 

In the film version, it appears that Draco is in the room the whole time and is uninjured by the chandelier, yet he still surrenders his wand without much of a fight.

So what did he think? This is all speculation of course since we’re not actually given the scene from his POV, but I believe that he was deeply upset by it. 

We know that Draco is not all that happy being a death eater. It’s never explicitly stated what happened to Draco in the immediate aftermath of Dumbledore’s death, but given how we see Voldemort interact with his death eaters, it’s not unreasonable to think that Draco may have been tortured for failing to actually cast the Avada Kedavra at Dumbledore. 

 He doesn’t want to witness violence, so watching his aunt torture one of his classmates would have bothered him tremendously. I think by that point he had probably seen Bellatrix torture quite a few people and probably expected Hermione to break pretty quickly. That she doesn’t break, that she continues to insist she hasn’t stolen anything from Bellatrix, that the sword is a fake must have stunned Draco. Purebloods have been broken by Bellatrix, but this muggleborn, this girl who is supposed to be beneath him yet constantly beat him in school, does not crack under torture from one of Voldemort’s inner circle. Yet again, she’s proven that his father’s blood supremacist rhetoric is false. 

Ultimately Draco’s goal is self-preservation, and that’s going to rank higher than self-sacrifice for the greater good, but I do think that witnessing Hermione’s torture was another nail in the coffin of his beliefs in blood purity and supremacy. 


Harry Potter  Scabior Fanfiction/Drabble Contest

Details: Version 1.


This is a Scabior contest, purely dedicated to the snatcher from Deathly Hallows. The idea is that you write a story about Scabior being bribed. In other words, someone must offer Scabior money in your fanfiction. The person offering the money is the person Scabior will pair up with. This can be romantical, smut-wise, or just friendship only.

  • Rules:
  • Write a story of at least 800 words.
  • One-shot is allowed, multiple chapters are allowed 
  • Must be about Scabior the snatcher
  • Scabior may be linked/paired to any existing Harry Potter character from the books/films
  • He must be offered money by someone. This someone is the one he will pair up with.
  • Can be any rating, anything lemon/citrus should carry a warning when posted
  • Must be your own work
  • You can post it anywhere as long as you tumble a link to your work
  • Use the tag: hp-scon or hibw?
  • Have fun 8D

The Deadline is set 31th of July .

Good luck!