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I'm so scared of that moment A turns around (or however the scene where we find out who A is), I think I'll have to pause and just sit down and mentally prepare myself... I'm so scaared! I just imagine the second we see A's face omg :'D I think I might throw up because of the excitement hahahaha! We've waited YEAAARS!

I’m honestly so excited and scared. Because I think everybody is going to be expecting another misdirect reveal, you know? So when it happens, everybody is going to die of shock because we never really expected to know. Which is kind of brilliant on Marlene’s part…. 

forgot i cant cry bc im at home and if i wka someone up they yel at me for cying but im scaared

no srsly my dads not answering, we don’t know if he’s ok, i literally don’t know what to do. i’m fucking scaared. what if somethings gone wrong.

i cant believe i was in the city doing adult things like i signed a contract about moving into my new place im so scaared but excited and then i ran into my friend nick and it was so cool today was a funny day

my hea d hurt and my arms hur t calis so mean i wana brea k down crying again but im just gona go to bed before she comes bback im honestly so scaared though

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slurred words

send “slurred words” to hear my muse describe yours whilst ridiculously drunk.

“hayds is my brooo. ok but honestly he’s like my broffher and I loove him for finsihing fights for me, y'knwo like good bro good bro, hayds is a good bro. someffing’s def changed betweeen us though ever since he told me everyffing and I can feeel it even though I brush it off like all the time. i don’t think he’s going to want to talk to me about anyting again like he’ll just go to others and that scaares meee.”