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Coming up with my SCA persona

So I’m working on figuring out my SCA name and have narrowed it down. I’m definitely using Anne as my first name, but I’m having a harder time pinning down a byname/surname. I’m going to be mainly playing Norman Conquest through the Anarchies England, so am thinking of using a French name.

I’ve got 3 names that I really like:

Beaumont (I like the way it sounds)
D'arcy (Yes, I’m a giant Jane Austen P&P nerd.)
LeRoux (I’m usually a redhead so I kinda want to incorporate that into my persona)

But decisions, decisions, decisions.

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(this has nothing to do with the tag but I’m 21 today! Figured it was a good time to answer this c: )

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Name: Kaily

Nickname(s): Kayso, Geronima (my SCA persona)

Zodiac Sign: Gemini 

Height: 5′4″ (~1,62 m)

Ethnicity: white (Irish, English, and German ancestry if you’re curious?)

Orientation: bisexual (the important thing to me about this label is that I am attracted to multiple genders. I have a bit of a preference for girls over other genders.)

Favorite fruit(s): apples, bananas, strawberries, grapes. Fruit is good! :D

Favorite season: fall

Favorite book(s): American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Sunshine by Robin McKinley, Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu.

Favorite flower(s): peonies and lilacs! they’re so pretty and my favorite colors, plus they smell nice :D

Favorite animal(s): dogs, rabbits, snakes, bats, salamanders, hummingbirds…unicorns.

Favorite beverage: apple juice!

Average hours of sleep: 9-10

Favorite fictional characters: Tenth doctor (Doctor Who), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful), Nico diAngelo (Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus), Sydney Sage (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines), 

Number of blankets you sleep with: one thick, heavy comforter. In the summer, I push it off my bed and lay there sweating and fending off mosquitos :/ :/

Dream trip: I have several destinations I’d love to see. I want to see Newgrange in Ireland and Horace Walpole’s mess of a re-created medieval castle Strawberry Hill. Several of the cons I’d like to go to, like Rufflecon, and some of the further away SCA events like Terpsichore at the Tower, the Known World Dance Symposium, and Pennsic are dream trips too! ^_^

Blog created: January 2013

Number of followers: 430 (followers who interact w/ my blog: like 6 :b )

My additional questions:

How many/which languages you know: (’know’ is subjective, whatever you think ‘counts’ for this does count! c: )

I know English and Spanish. I want to learn many, many more. I can count to 10 in 5 languages though! That’s something, right?

Favorite bands/musical artists: 

Metric, My Chemical Romance, Regina Spektor, Eliza Rickman, Kawehi, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode (and I’m always looking for new music to listen to!)

Cultural Appropriation (or not?) in the SCA

Alright, so I was gonna ask this on the SCA facebook page. But based on a discussion I just read, the page is full of ableist, old, ornery, flaming white douches. Which leads me to believe they’re likely racist to boot.

I’m hoping for a more interesting, educating and peaceful discussion on here. If you aren’t in the SCA but want to get in on this, please do! I’m exceptionally curious about this topic.

So within the SCA you develop a persona/character based on a time period and culture. Most people go with viking, roman or western European. There are loads of others but those make up the bulk of it.

When explaining the SCA to someone and how to join it, I told them about developing a persona. I said that unless they are of certain closed cultures, they should avoid making a persona based on them (specifically; First Nations peoples, Maya and Inca. I realize now I should have also included Romani). When listing personas I know of, I listed Mongolian as one. This didn’t appear to be appropriation to me at the time, because he portrays it well and also from a time during the Mongolian empire, when they were oppressors rather than the oppressed. I got an ask about it and that fueled my curiosity.

We say white people can’t experience racism or cultural appropriation because they (we) are the oppressors and the dominant culture. Does this apply as well to dominant cultures in the past? Is it cultural appropriation if you are portraying a persona accurately (something the SCA as a whole strives for) and respectfully from a time when they themselves were the oppressors?

SCA persona and device stuff

So I’ve completely decided on my name for the SCA! I’m going to be Anne Russell (I might go for the more Norman spelling of Russell, since I’m mainly going to be playing from the Norman conquest through the Anarchies).

I’ve also been thinking about my device and have narrowed down some of the elements. I’m thinking a purple field with a golden doe as the main charge. I’m thinking of having something else along the borders. Something basic like mullets or something. I’m going to have do more research, but I’ve got a basic idea of what I like!