sca fell


Through the gap. by Alan
Via Flickr:
Cloud beginning to cover England’s highest.

So I figured it’s time I told you about the time I climbed Sca Fell, one of the tallest mountains in the UK. My uncle Josh, his dog Smudge and I left for Cumbria on a lovely May afternoon. Upon arriving at the campsite we walked the dog.

We also found this weird shelter.

Anyway, went to sleep, left the campsite at around 8:30 the next morning to hike first to Sca Fell, then up it.

Cumbria is, it turns out, very pretty. Whatever, we hit the top after a long and arduous climb.

Wow, such hill. So mountain.

We began our descent. Ten minutes from the bottom, after roughly 12 hours of hiking, I slipped on a gravel path. I dislocated my left knee and sprained my right ankle. Mountain Rescue stretchered me the rest of the way down.

I was pretty tired by this point. I’ve been in the back of ambulances far too much. Regardless, after being discharged with nothing more than a compression bandage for my ankle, I returned with Josh to the campsite.

The next day we went to the pub. I wore Josh’s pajama bottoms.

All in all an eventful trip.