Fic: Caretaking

This is extremely plotless sickfic, because I felt like it. ~1000 words, PG-13 for cursing.

Kurt felt like death. Which, unfortunately, was nothing new.

“How you doing this morning, babe?” Blaine asked, bustling around their bedroom as he got dressed for work.

“Not-” Kurt gave a hacking, mucus-filled cough. “-great.”

Blaine hummed sympathetically and walked over to their bed, where Kurt was still nestled in the blankets. “What can I do?” he asked before kissing Kurt’s forehead.

“Just leave me here to die,” Kurt said, only half kidding.

“No, that’s not really gonna work for me,” Blaine said. “How about I bring you some soup once I finish up at the studio? I’ve only got half a day today.”

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