xnakura  asked:

[SC-RS-AU] HONESTLY. Jen would make her own outfit, ON HER OWN, BECAUSE SHE CAN FINALLY STAND ON HER OWN. Daniel would try to wear Jaspers clothes, which are obviously to big and Jason probs lets Jen design clothes for him, because there is no way in hell that Davids outfit would fit him and 'cuz he loves making pp happy, especially his friends. :>

aww jason you sweet boy,,,,

anonymous asked:

(SC au) idea: jen's one of the few types of fish that glows in the dark. It looks really pretty and it feels warm so Jason and Daniel smother her at night. But smh those weak ass noodle men are her key to impressing Gwen so she picks them both up with her arms and the crew looses their shit. Jaspers like 'YO DON T DROP MEMEBERS OF MY CREW-', Gwen's wetter than the ocean, and david covers Nikki's eyes

hjnjkdnjg i think it’s just daniel whose a weak ass noodle man but still that is p hot