Sounds From the Other Room, A Bawson Sinning Sunday Story, Rated E

My contribution to Sinning Sunday, I do hope you enjoy it. xx

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The deep moan that rings out from the other side of the wall makes Mike sit up in bed. 

He turns his attention to the glaring white door standing between his and Ginny’s rooms. 

She’s been his hotel neighbor for past two nights on the road. They’re gearing up to play Seattle for the second time before going back home to play the Rockies. 

It’s the start of a new season, and Mike’s still a Padre, still chasing a ring he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get. 

And now there’s this chasm between him and his rookie.

There are new rookies, three of them in fact, but Ginny’s his rookie. And they barely speak. 

Most of that is his fault, after that night when his trade fell through he did his utmost to shut out his feelings for Ginny. Especially after she told him it was “no big deal.”

“No big deal” wouldn’t have him thinking about that moment every time he closed his eyes. “No big deal” wouldn’t have the fantasy play out just the way he wished and have him waking up hard and unsatisfied morning after morning. 

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anonymous asked:

I'm really disappointed with all the people saying Bawson is trite, or overplayed, or doesn't respect Ginny’s agency. Let her have everything, including her baseball idol openly admiring, respecting, and adoring her. She deserves it. And thank you.

Yeah, never has the narrative been played that Ginny isn’t a complete person or that she’s somehow incomplete without love, but my god, this girl has been through a lot. Let her be happy and whole.

Any time someone says a character doesn’t ~need~ romance to be complete, I really want to kick their ass, because it’s not about need. What about want? What about just plain ol’ want? And why is this criticism only lobbed at black women (and other WOC) when they’re moving towards a fulfilling relationship? It’s such transparent racist bullshit thinking.

Not EVERY woman has had the benefit of being seen as desirable for centuries. Or has been seen as worthy of rescuing. Or has been centered in their own narrative. And don’t even get me started on queer women, especially WOC, who hardly ever get to see themselves centered in their own narratives, so yeah. I’m not here, nor will I EVER been here for the romance ruins the narrative bullshit. Because it is utter bullshit.

Yes! It’s finally done! The most complex thing I’ve drawn in a LONG fucking time. But it was so worth it! I’ve been wanting to draw a Universe Falls Christmas thing pretty much since before Thanksgiving, so here it is! Now since I designed this piece in the stupid way I did, you guys probably can’t see it all too well, so allow me to break it up into pieces to make it a bit more manageable visually: 

So here we have Mabel and Wendy collaborating on building “Peri the snow Gem”, much to her chagrin, especially as Ford watches on and laughs (and drinks some delicious hot cocoa!)

In the middle, we have Garnet helping Steven put the star on the tree (which, if you look closely, features all the symbols from the UF version of the wheel), as Pearl, Connie, and Soos also help.

And finally we have Lapis and Dipper facing off against Amethyst and Stan in a snowball fight. And as you can see, Lapis and Dipper are about to completely win. 

Another quite cute thing to note about this is that everyone’s ugly Christmas sweaters were sown by Mabel, of course. Also, I may or may not have stolen a background from Steven Universe to create my background because I’m lazy and tired…. O_O

Anyway, enjoy this and Merry Christmas (even if its still a few weeks away!)