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The new sun article where Simon talks to Dan and just how telling is it that Louis is talking about being friends with Zayn and they had that sun article where he says it's unclear whether Harry would return to One Direction and now Simon says it's possible Zayn could reunite but there is a chance Harry wouldn't and One Direction of course would not be the same. Zayn left, Harry stayed and somehow they still want Harry to hate the band and the band hate him.

I can’t wait for Dan’s article about how all of One Direction decided to ditch Syco and betray their mentor and Best Human Being On Earth, Simon Cowell, though of course Simon is supportive of them because he’s such a good person despite how fucking awful they were to work with </3

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Why do you think Dan is suddenly stopping the solo Harry shit?

There are very few things that I feel confident in regarding this band aside from Harry and Louis being together and this baby scandal being fake af, but I am very confident that Harry never planned to go solo next year from conversations I’ve had with people that know more than me and from my own assessment of Harry’s behavior. I also don’t think that Simon Cowell and Dan Wootton were ever in the dark about the fact that it wasn’t happening.

I think they’ve been selling solo Harry not to benefit him in some way, but to damage One Direction. I think that has ALWAYS been their intention. That requires raising Harry up, emphasizing what a rockstar he is, and discussing his superiority over his bandmates. That might be considered beneficial image-raising to most people, but in this case, it has isolated him from his bandmates (in the public eye, not in real life obviously) and weakened One Direction. In my opinion, that’s what they wanted all along.

I think Dan is changing his tune because he knows time is almost up. I don’t think talks have broken down. I think they knew Harry wasn’t going solo all along and they simply used the existing rumors and assumptions of the media and general public to make solo Harry into another tactic that damages the long-term viability of One Direction. And they’ve been largely successful - no matter how many times the boys reassure people that they’re committed to the band and will be returning, the vast majority of people do not believe them.

Dan can’t sell “Harry is going solo” until the break officially begins because he knows that it isn’t actually happening. That’s why I believe he’s now backing off of those statements - it’s to protect his own reputation as the “truth-teller” about One Direction. There is really no doubt in my mind that Harry never planned to go solo next year, and Dan knew that every time he wrote a bullshit article. There’s always a chance I’m wrong, but I don’t think so this time.

Isn’t it a funny coincidence that every suggestion that the band is breaking up and/or that Harry Styles is going solo can be traced back to two sources? 

1) People who have no real knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes (e.g Lance Bass).

2) People closely connected to Simon Cowell and Syco (e.g. Louis Walsh, Julian Brunetta, Dan Wootton). 

WHAT. A. FUNNY. COINCIDENCE. There are just so many of those with this band…

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1. UO: I don't think there's a current smear campaign against 1D. I mean, right this second. Nothing negative has been published about Louis since he toed the line & confirmed the baby again. The Harry/Haylor/cougar shizz seems like Syco's idea of a fabulous marketing campaign. Ditto Dan's idiotic DRAMA! posts about 1D; they seem like the toilet-level promo 1D's old team always uses. To me, the Liam article is just stirring drama, but not dragging him. I think 1D is playing nice with Syco rn.+

2. I think there’s holy hell bts, but publicly 1D are behaving. Simon seems to be winning October. Apart from L scuppering the ‘romance’ angle & not actually posing with B, it’s all gone babygate’s way. And the way Simon is not just doubling down on the baby, but doing so on camera, makes me believe he’s pretty confident that he’s on top of things for a good stretch longer. If the smear campaign had continued (esp toward Louis), I’d be more inclined to believe the end is nigh.

Yeah, I pretty firmly disagree. I think if you’re expecting this smear campaign to target the boys in very specific and consistent ways, you’re not going to see that. I think the overall intentions of this smear campaign are as follows:

1) Make it look like this is the end for One Direction
2) Drag down the individual images of each of the boys as much as possible

If you look at it that way, the Liam article about his backstage meltdown is not just stirring shit. It is furthering a message that The Sun has pushed CONSISTENTLY since Dan first announced the “disbanding” - #1 above, that the end of One Direction is rapidly approaching. Also, you need to keep in mind that they aren’t going to be that obvious with this because they’re still playing both sides. They’re undercutting 1D whenever possible, but still making it look like Simon believes in and supports them (e.g., positive judge Louis articles).

Also, I’m not adding this to the list because it’s a debatable smear, but similarly to the “man up” comments that Simon made back in July, him saying to People Magazine that he told Louis “‘When you’ve embraced it, you’ll be amazed how much you are going to love it’” is NOT a positive thing. It suggests that Louis requires prompting from a mentor to take responsibility for his child and to do what he needs to do to be a good father. That isn’t a nice thing to imply.

October 1: The Daily Mail targets Louis - Louis leaves club with “gaggle of girls,” “disheveled” and partying while B is in town, photos selected that make Louis look sickly and/or strung out
October 5
: The Daily Mail targets Louis/Liam - Liam “SHOVES” Louis, Louis is being unprofessional onstage and is pissing off his bandmates
October 7: The Daily Mail targets Louis - Harry, Liam, and Niall arrive in Scotland by private jet, talks about Louis being unprofessional onstage
October 10: The Sun targets Harry - Caroline Flack fling
October 11
: The Daily Mail targets Louis - “disheveled” Louis parties
October 15: The Sun targets Liam - Missing the Attitude awards “has done nothing to dispel previous accusations that Liam is homophobic”
October 16: The Sun targets Harry - “secret fling” with Nicole Scherzinger
October 22
: The Sun targets Liam - “backstage meltdown”

The big tells that this is a smear campaign? The smears are coming from two sources - The Daily Mail and The Sun - that have always been associated with doing Simon’s bidding and selling the official 1DHQ message. Other media sources pick up on the stories, but the bullshit is consistently originating from those two places.

And before anyone comments on the Harry stories, I refuse to accept the suggestion that those aren’t smears. For a year now, Harry’s image has been cleaned up in the press when it comes to him being a womanizer and man who loves older women. Two articles within a week about him with older women IS intended to drag down his image back down to where it used to be.

Anyway, I think that babygate has remained largely static, but Louis HAS sabotaged it successfully twice recently, first with the partying that most likely led to B being sent home, and second with the interviewer where his uncomfortable demeanor clearly contradicted the 1DHQ narrative that he is “excited.” I agree that (for the most part) they’re playing along, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the smear campaign. The boys definitely knew that this would be how Simon would play it and they’re helpless to stop it. I’m sure for the most part, they’re just biding their time until they’re free.

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That if Louis and Simon are in a good terms or if he wants to work with him, and his label stuff.

Oh, I don’t think we’re wrong about that at all. I don’t believe for a second that Louis and Simon are on good terms and I don’t believe that Louis will be working with him on his label. Of course we could be wrong, but almost all signs point to us being right about that.

Dan’s article is absolutely meaningless - there were no hard facts in it, only speculation. Triple Strings is registered to two lawyers, not Louis. Nothing has happened with 78 Productions since it was first created. Louis has not spoken about his label since he thanked fans for congratulating him back in April - I’m pretty sure he’s never actually spoken about it to the media. The most recent Be In The Band update talked about Louis being involved in its creation, but said absolutely nothing about him signing the band to his imprint. Every time Louis has been asked about following in Simon’s footsteps, he has spoken very vaguely about how he definitely wants to do stuff like that in the future.

They can and will suggest that Louis and Simon will be working together long-term until One Direction is free from Simon’s grasp. Unless they have cold hard facts (e.g. Louis Tomlinson has signed the following act for his label and they are hard at work creating their first album), remember that whatever is said is purely speculation and can therefore be 100% bullshit. Do not trust Dan Wootton. They WILL pretend that Louis (and all the boys) are close with Simon and that Louis plans to work closely with Simon on business ventures in the future. That does not mean for a second that it is true.