Can I just take a moment to thank Stranger Things? It started out as just that new Netflix show I decided to watch, and now it’s become so incredibly important to me. It makes me so happy, it’s led to me discovering so many of my interests, I made so many amazing friends through it. This show has really changed my life and I’m so thankful for it


Requested by the lovely @adavinic

Summary: After the last fall of the Enterprise, you were left with visible scars, and there was only one person who could help heal them.

Relationships: Reader x Chekov

Note: Officially the first oneshot with Mr. Chekov! I’ve never had experience with writing his character before, so if anything need improving, please do tell. Enjoy!

Word count: 1287

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But Nancy was just a vulnerable inexperienced teenage girl who was already terrified with losing her virginity when some guy she barely knows got pictures of it and then the guy she slept with put graffiti around town calling her a slut and this is all while dealing with the death of her best friend I just feel so bad for Nancy okay

i don’t understand how trans women can claim female socialization and then turn around and argue with gay men and lesbians about how much more difficult and unaccepting their family/friends are. it’s one or the other the community is in on it or it’s against you you do not have both