Có những ngày tự dưng bạn thấy tồn tại ngay giữa lòng mình một khoảng không hoang hoải. Bạn không biết tại sao, nhưng rõ ràng là có. Bạn thân, người yêu, gia đình,.. cũng không tài nào lấp nó đi được. Bạn sống cùng với khoảng trống giữa lòng đó và bạn thấy chơi vơi.
—  Lạc lối - Ai rồi cũng khác - Hamlet Trương

I like to think Spock has a human name too. Like he chooses to go by his Vulcan name because he chose the Vulcan path.

And Amanda only calls him his human name when she’s super pissed at him (which is not often)

But could you imagine. Amanda and Sarek are being transported on the Enterprise and Spock does something uber dangerous and when Amanda finds out she stomps into the room he’s in and just shouts his human name and Spock just goes white and curses under his breath.

And of course Jim and McCoy are there and while Spock is fleeing, McCoy is changing his name in his health PADD and Jim is smiling and repeated the name over on his tongue.

Pauline Bremer has been awarded the gold Fritz Walter Medal 2015 (best female junior player).

“Pauline Bremer is a very talented player with a great personality,” says national trainer Silvia Neid. “She was one of the defining players at the U20 WC 2014 in Canada and afterwards managed the change into the senior team. I wish her a lot of success in her future and specifically at her new challenge in France.”  [x]