a concept

•joyce and hop get married and hop cries at the wedding and el laughs at him and he gets angry and blushy

•will and el are the most supportive sibiling duo, el protecting precious little boy byers at all costs

•will calls hop “grasshopper” and thinks its the funniest thing ever

•el asks joyce how to flirt because she heard the phrase on one of jonathans mixtapes, to which joyce makes her cute little Confused Mom™️ face and gives a speech about powerful women needing to stay true to themselves even when it comes to cute boys (and she may or may not make a fake gagging sound when she says the word ‘boys’ just to make el laugh)

•will and el gush about mike together and will teaches el what the term “bleeding heart” means by using mike as an example

•will and jonathan eat eggos every morning and whenever jonathan opens his mouth to suggest something else will kicks him under the table

•will tries to call el ‘jane’ but he slips up almost every time, he feels so guilty and el just says “its okay, i dont mind” and gives her little half smile

•when the kids go to bed late on friday night, hopper and joyce sit on the couch together and watch jonathans footage from that week and make useless commentary like it was some kind of reality tv show