Louis: *in front of the camera*

Niall: *trying to get out of the bucket

Liam: *can’t do anything about it*

Harry: *is asleep*

Okay. But someone help me figure out a thing.

When was the last time Louis was actually seen? Like we know for sure what day it was and there are photos we have?

What about Harry? When was he last seen and photographed out and about and we know for sure what day it was?

Been awhile? Just wondering, because who’s to say that photo wasn’t taken by Louis? Are we sure he isn’t there?

anniepie73 asked:

I agree with you... We haven't seen him since the shoeless subway photos, which were either Feb 1 or 2... same with Harry/ YSL store feb 1 or 2. There's no reason not to think he isn't there, and very purposefully saying "I Wish I was there to celebrate". It's an interesting post and an interesting caption, and it's not my fault I overanalyze everything.

I’m just saying, this is the boy who flew from London to la and back again all within 72 hours. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that he’s there.

He’s supposed to be playing the hands on, absolutely chuffed dad in la, so naturally that would mean that with a newborn he wouldn’t fly halfway across the world, but outside of that particular narrative there is quite literally nothing keeping him in la. I just…

I am seeing people being heartbroken and totally worked up over Louis not being with his family for the Twins’ birthday, and fair enough, but I’m gonna keep my Headcanon that he is there.