To my future daughter:

I hope that it does not take you as long as it took me to understand and accept yourself for who you are,
But if it does, I will be next to you to watch and smile as you grow, and learn who you are.

I hope that when you have your first kiss, you feel something, whether it’s butterflies in your heart or regret in your rib cage, I hope kisses always mean something to you.
But if they don’t, I will be next to you to teach you that no press of the lips against your skin should go unnoticed or unfelt, you are too important for that.

I hope that when your heart breaks for the first time, you realize that you still have all the pieces and that you have the ability to redefine the word broken.
But if you don’t, I’ll be right beside you, with ice cream & tissues in hand, because whoever said time heals all wounds didn’t know that ice cream makes clocks tick faster.

I hope you love adventures, I hope you crave windows down, good books, clear lakes, and good company.
But if you don’t, I will be there to take you window shopping, make you get out of bed, buy you a new cd of a band we’ve never heard of, and point out the things that are waiting to be done.

I hope you are always surrounded by love, I hope that you are always laughing and making people laugh, and I hope that you have the kind of smile that turns a cold heart warm, I hope you understand that good things don’t always have to end despite what anybody says and that you know more about yourself than anybody ever will and that even the most hateful words can teach you more about love than anything else.
I know you will.
To my future daughter, I will make sure you do.

The Different Parts Of Louis Tomlinson

sooo i’m sure there must be about a thousand masterposts on louis but i decided to do just one huge, massive masterpost because i just wanted to get all of louis in one thing. seems impossible bUT LET’S DO THIS!

(this is long as fuck and i’m not even sorry)

(credit to the owners of the pictures and gifs used in this thing; i do not own anything besides the stupid comments, if you want credit to be given to something of yours let me know here!)

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