A “Coming Soon to School Idol Festival” announcement has appeared in EN’s in-game notices! In case you didn’t know, these are a precursor to the 4.0 update.

JP’s schedule in concerning these notices went as follows:

  • First notice: June 22
  • Second notice: June 29
  • Update: July 5th

It’s possible that we’ll see 4.0 on EN in around 2 weeks if they follow the same schedule (but they usually don’t). If you’re interested in seeing other features that 4.0 brought, check out my translations here and where I answered FAQ here!
"Seduce Me" Crack
I do not own any of this :v

So, erm, I kind of made a “Seduce Me” crack
@thebunnyofevil happy birthday from a great fan of yours <3
@jonahscottva @thechristopherescalante @ethannakashimava @alejandrosaabva I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want you all to think I’m a crazy fangirl (as if this video was not enough proof) but I really hope you like this :v

EDIT: I’m the worst human being of the world because I tagged Jonah without knowing his birthday was also nearby and that was so rude omg ;-; He and he’s work are very important to me and I wished I could give him something special for his birthday as well but I forgot completely and I’m so embarrassed :c So please consider it as a gift for him as well. And for the entire SM crew because you all are so fucking awesome.

Question for typology tumbl: when it comes to ennea variant blind spots, do you care about that variant being a blind spot at all, or do you see being blind in that variant as a strength and not a weakness?

For example, my so blind spot is so bad that most things social variants chase and value, I detest, and see as a weakness– so I perceive being weak in the area of so being a strength

I’m just not sure about other people? I know MANY sp blind people don’t like being sp blind since its so generally disadvantageous to be sp blind, but? I’m not sure which outlook is more common or if it changes depending on the blind spot and/or enneatype

Finally going to dance en pointe!!!

Me: My teacher has allowed me to start pointe work, and she said to schedule a fitting here.
Woman at the store: Poor you.

It finally happened, I got the ‘okay’ to start pointe work and I could obviously not be more excited! I’m sure I have lots of pain ahead, but right now I’m just enjoying finally getting to this pointe (pun intended) in my ballet journey. Hard work pays off, and I’m so grateful for all the time put into strengthening my feet and legs over the last year. 

I hope the new semester is going well for you all, take care, have fun and happy dancing! Until next time xx

“Ven cachorrito.” extendió sus brazos hacía el pequeño animal que andaba perdido, no sabía como había entrado al campus pero si sabía que lo quería cargar. “No te haré daño.” Le seguía hablando como si fuera un bebé, extrañaba poder tocarlo y desde que esa persona poseyó su cuerpo que no se le acercaba casi ningún animal. “¿Tú crees qué me lo pueda quedar?” Le preguntó a la persona que se encontraba cerca de ella. 

Tú siempre has estado en mis palabras más importantes, en mis verbos, en mis sustantivos y hasta en mis artículos. En cambio yo estoy sólo en tus pausas, en tus comas y en tus puntos suspensivos, esos que se dejan al aire y que se pueden retomar en cualquier momento para continuar una idea, o en nuestro caso, una historia.