sc2: hots

here are some of hanzo’s entertaining hots lines seeing as both wikis seem to lack transcriptions

  • [if you keep clicking on him] WHAT? SPEAK.
  • [if you keep clicking on him] have you nothing better to do? no, of course you don’t, as i expected.
  • revenge is never a straight line. it’s a forest. and like a forest, it can be most enjoyable.
  • every year, i sneak into shimada castle to honour my fallen brother. you’d think at this point, the clan would just close the gate.
  • garrosh is PROUD of his tattoos, but can they summon a pair of SPIRIT DRAGONS? HA! DIDN’T THINK SO.
  • it’s not my fault if people want to pick me all the time. they simply recognize greatness when they see it.
  • they say that ‘perfect’ is the enemy of ‘good’. so i guess i’m a villain after all. [laughing]
  • heal yourself before you become a burden.
  • if you do not heal yourself, you will die.
  • a talking fish? is this a JOKE?
  • overwatch? ha! so you are the ones for whom my brother betrayed his clan.
  • your archery is keen, but your heart is SOFT. compassion has no place in battle.
  • crossbows? ha, toys for CHILDREN
  • ha! save your concern for yourself.
  • you DARE to disrespect me?
  • you could train for a hundred years and STILL not reach my level.
  • this conversation bores me. it ends now.
  • you can either be silent, or start making sense.
  • [probably talking to the monster heroes] whatever you are, just stay out of my way.
  • [probably talking to the monster heroes] whatever you are, i suggest you prove yourself useful.
  • your words are a waste of breath.
  • so you’ve heard of my skills before? good. your ideals are childish. open your eyes to the real world.
  • that armour… you look ridiculous.
  • yes, you will soon witness what a TRUE archer can do.
  • you are no TRUE dragon.
  • is that the BEST overwatch can offer?

1. he continues to make fun of other sniper weapons (rifle and crossbow)
2. there are references to both his murdering genji and interactions with genji who is another hots hero, so just try figuring that mess out

Also, just wanted to make a tiny complaint about Hanzo’s HOTS quotes and voicelines. I’m not really sure what to think of them? As I feel partly disappointed. To me, Hanzo sounds rather arrogant and even like a bully? He seems to be making fun of a few other heroes by their attire or appearance too, which I don’t approve of very much. I am aware that Hanzo is proud of his skill as a Master archer, but I don’t imagine him having this much of an ego to be honest. He always came across as a mature and competitive guy to me, but in HOTS he just sounds a lot more big mouthed and I really hope his quotes aren’t canon in the OW universe as he sounds a lot more at peace with himself there.

I do like his jokes though, it shows us a more playful side to him, but I’m not that fond of the rest of his voicelines. In general, he just sounds a lot more angry and disinterested in the world around him. HOTS Hanzo so far is not really my fave, sorry Blizzard. I will probably still buy him though and play him, since I do like his gameplay, but perhaps you can change his voicelines before releasing him, that would be great.

anonymous asked:

Have you heard Hanzos new voice lines in HOTS?

Hell yeah.

1 - Is it just me or he sounds like he’s drunk? I mean if you listen to the whole thing, he sort of sounds like a drunk, insane man yelling at a cloud or something, and then, when his speech reaches a certain peak, he pauses and takes a huge dump. Then he goes on, and on. Kinda reminded me of Abe Simpson, but in a sexier way. 

2 - New lore is aligned with most things I had in mind for my fic so… yeah. 

3 - Have you noticed he talks about Widow, twice? *wink, wink*


Hazno FULL Quotes - Heroes of the Storm

I don’t even need to say anything. This man is like, wow.