Here’s Reiner's relationship chart as well! :D

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Character Relationship Flow Chart - Reiner Braun

From Gekkan Shingeki no Kyojin, Volume 2

[Translation: @yusenki​; Image: @clevergirlraven]

Deep relationship with Bertholdt who is from the same village.

Even after the trainee graduation, Reiner still spends a lot of time with Bertholdt. Nobody can come between these two…?!

  • Reiner-Bertholdt- Bond from the same village [come from the village behind the mountain of South East Wall Maria]
  • 104th cadets → Reiner - Deep Trust
  • Reiner → Christa - Wants to marry…
  • Reiner → Titans -  Bring them down so he can return to his village. 
  • Reiner → SC - Joins the SC.

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