the signs as disney villains

*based off of the sign’s worst qualities (not all are the sign’s qualities) & stereotypes (sterotypes aren’t always true)

Aries: Cruella DeVille 

Quick tempered, picky, & cruel

Taurus: Lady Tremaine

Calm, untruthful, & unreliabe

Gemini: Ursula 

Manipulative, cunning & only has her own interest in mind

Cancer: Maleficent

Hurt, resentful, & vengeful

Leo: Gaston

Slef-obsessed, clueless, & show-offish

Virgo:  Hades

Resentful, hot-headed & sarcastic

Libra: The Queen of Hearts

Childish, diva, & high expectations

Scorpio: Jafar

Tactical, power-hungry, & jealous

Sagittarius: Yzma

Bitter, quick to judge & unplanned actions

Capricorn: Shere Khan

Powerful, vicious, & conceited

Aquarius: Scar

Independent, unfaithful, & indecisive

Pisces: Mother Gothel

Protective, obsessive & secretive

-sophia librattarius 


Stunning Reclaimed Wood Infused with Glass Rivers

Furniture maker Greg Klassen’s River Collection includes a set of stunning intricately and handcrafted tables, which hold an embedded turquoise glass river, which runs through eace piece. The tables also mimic the texture and energy of waves and the shore, which display the flaws within the wood. 

By using discarded pieces of wood, Klassen establishes his work as beautiful and eco-friendly design, which is also functional. 

Mon-Chonsia, Kansa Chief

Monchonsia, or White Plume, was chief of the Kansa tribe and among a delegation of Native Americans who visited Washington, D.C., in 1822. Artist Charles Bird King was hired to create portraits of the delegates. Those paintings were copied by Henry Inman to illustrate History of the Indian tribes of North America…(1837-1844) by Thomas L. McKenney and James Hall.

See this and other illustrations from the Museum’s Rare Book Collection in the special exhibition, Natural Histories, closing September 13!

I think one of the reasons that I love Joker’s Asylum: Scarecrow so much is because the main character is a bullied teenager girl. While bullying is something that has previously been seen in comics (especially in villain backstories) the victim is usually a male character bullied by other male characters in the typical “high school jock beats up the scrawny nerd” fashion. 

When girls are bullied, however, it tends to be based on emotional/verbal abuse rather than–or in addition to–physical violence; it is often exhibited via name-calling, manipulation, cruel comments, etc. There are reasons why girl bullying tends to be so different, like internalized misogyny and societal pressures to appear and act a certain way or otherwise earn a degrading label (you’ll often see girls using gender slurs against one another as an insult) and the bullies in this comic are no different. They invite the main character to a sleepover under the pretense of friendship when they’ve really been planning to play a prank on her, mock her for eating ice cream to the point where she flees to the bathroom to purge, and attempt to film her during an intimate moment with a boy. 

Dr. Crane is the girl’s therapist, and later shows up at the party to torment the bullies. At the comic’s conclusion she lures one of the bullies into a cemetery before taking revenge by dousing him with fear toxin. It’s a satisfying ending, albeit a fairly predictable one. 

Anyway, my whole point is that I liked seeing a female bullying victim in a story featuring one of my favorite villains, as it’s something that I myself experienced throughout school. Fans often get annoyed at people who demand to see more representation in comic books, but for some of us it can really, really mean a lot to see characters/situations that we identify with. 

preview of Boys Don’t Cry - Stucky High School AU

Bucky Barnes fucking hates his life.

High school fucking sucks, there’s no way around it. Elementary school fucking sucked, and middle school fucking sucked, but he’d still had hope for the years to come. High school rolled around, Bucky got a binder and his family moved into a new school district and everyone called him he automatically, and things were supposed to get better. He takes shots in his thigh every few days and his voice has broken and he feels better in himself than he ever remembers feeling before, but none of that changes things.

High school fucking sucks, and Bucky Barnes fucking hates his life.

There are several sources of his angst, and he catalogues them mentally as he throws his rucksack into the corner of his bedroom where it usually lands in his post-school rage.

1.       Natasha, former best friend, is a fucking tool who moved to a performing-arts school right when Bucky needs her the most. They Skype a lot, and the snapchat wars are insane, but it’s not the same as having someone to actually sit with at lunch. Now he has nobody to argue with about Russian literature and has recently started bringing a bagged lunch so he can eat it in the bathroom undisturbed.

The biggest cause of Bucky eating his lunch in the bathroom, aside from the fact his best friend had to be an asshole and be talented, is the second reason his life fucking sucks.

2.       Steve Rogers.

Reasons three, four, and five that Bucky’s life sucks are also Steve Rogers, to varying degrees. Bucky fucking hates that guy.

He might have actually made a list (a physical list, well, a digital one, there might have been a spreadsheet) once about why Steve Rogers is a fucking tool, and not in the good way like Natasha (former best friend, he sent her a spreadsheet about why she sucked right after she left too, he just likes spreadsheets a lot). He’s a tool because he makes fun of Bucky for being small, he pushes him into lockers whenever he’s near enough, and he laughs at Bucky for being a giant nerd at every opportunity.

Bucky’s not a giant nerd, he just likes to read and is polite to his teachers, so they’re nice to him in turn. And maybe the spreadsheet thing. But organisation is perfectly reasonable, so he’s going to chalk his spreadsheet boner up to being awesome, not a nerd.

Steve Rogers is also an even bigger tool because as well as being an asshole he’s fucking gorgeous and Bucky wants to jump his dumb bones every time he sees his stupid fucking face.

So everything sucks, and most of it is Steve fucking Rogers’ fault.