sc stephen

She handed me the necklace, and my fingers were shaking as I took it. The guitar was perfectly crafted, delicate, but sturdy, and there was a large circle diamond in the center that sparkled in the lights. It was me, and it was Kiera…the perfect embodiment of what we were, or rather, what we’d never be. I couldn’t think of anything better to give her, to help her remember me, and what we’d gone through. “I’ll take it,” I whispered, not even looking at the price tag.

“Excellent,” the woman beamed. “I’ll go ring you up.”

While she walked away, Evan stepped up to me. “Kellan…you can’t expect her to wear that. It’s too obvious.”

I shook my head as I stared at the glow emanating from the diamond. “I don’t expect her to. I don’t expect anything. But this is what I want to give her.” My eyes were watering when I looked over at him. “This is how I want to say goodbye.”

—  Kellan Kyle, Thoughtful by S.C Stephens

Stephen Curry, First Unanimous NBA Most Valuable Player

  • Led the league in scoring (30.1 PPG)
  • Led the league in steals (2.14 SPG)
  • Led the league in freethrow percentage (90.8%)
  • 402 three-point field goals made (NBA record)
  • 12 three-point field goals made in a single game (tied NBA record)
  • 50/40/90 Club (50.4%/45.4%/90.8%)
  • 17 points in overtime (NBA playoff record)
  • 73-0 regular season record with the Warriors (NBA record)
  • 24-0 record to start the season with the Warriors (NBA record)