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QoAaD probably:
  • Cristina: So where did Isabelle go?
  • Simon: Oh, I think she said she wanted to make something for the kids to eat- *realisation strucks in* OH NO!
  • Dru: Oh no what?
  • Simon: Get the kids and get out, call Alec or Jace if possible.
  • Diego: Why though? What is happenng?
  • Emma: *remembers what Clary has told her about Izzy* OH NO!
  • Cristina: Oh no what again???!
  • Emma: We need to stop her before Julian gets to her.
  • Simon and Diego: Why?
  • Emma: He loves his kitchen more tha-
  • Julian: *from the distance* BY THE ANGEL!! MAAAAAAARK WAS IT YOU AGAIN???
  • Cristna: OH NO.
  • Emma: We better hide Mark first!
  • All: *hear Mark screaming*
  • Dru: OH NO!
  • Kit: *enters room, looking sick*
  • ALL: OH NO!!!
  • Simon: Shouldn't you be asleep right now?
  • Jace: I should be a lot of things but I live to disappoint.

“And that boy band George is obsessed with. He has all kinds of theories about their romances.”

“What … boy band … George is obsessed with?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. The band’s going through some hard times lately, and it makes me too sad.”

i don’t draw much for the tmi fandom but when i do i make sure it’s quality art. here is george post-ascension because if you think he’s not surviving that then im sorry we can’t be friends.

commission info just in case :D?

  • Jace: *quietly* I love your hair.
  • Simon: What?
  • Jace: I said I love the air, Lewis. Pay attention.
  • Raphael: I have feelings for you.
  • Simon: You do?
  • Raphael: Yes. I feel you’re a little annoying.
  • Raphael: Not much could ruin today
  • Simon: Hi, Raphael!
  • Raphel: Oh no, shoot, I forgot saying that summons him.
Judge rules Chevron doesn't have to pay billions in Ecuadorian ruling
  • $9.5B in damages won’t have to be paid to Ecuadorian villagers, as part of a ruling against Chevron that approved by Ecuador’s Supreme Court, according to a trial judge in Manhattan. According to U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, there was clear evidence of corruption in the original ruling, leading Kaplan to refuse to enforce the fine in the United States. Chevron has already pulled the bulk of its resources out of Ecuador, forcing those who filed the suit to try and reclaim damages in other countries where Chevron still has a significant presence. Attorneys representing the Ecuadorian villagers say they will appeal the ruling in the U.S., and will also continue to seek enforcement in other countries as well. source