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shadyshit91*tumblr*com/post/163565845781/its-really-interesting-actually-to-look-at-the What do you think about this Sea? Do you see any parallels between Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Sweet Creature? (I know Ed is very in love with Sherry right now, but still...)


Thank you for the question. I know when Divide first came out, Ed said that his favorite song on it was “Perfect.” I was expecting something great, because I love “Thinking Out Loud” – that song is genius.

UO: I think Ed’s album is much inferior to Harry’s, and “Perfect” shows lazy, derivative songwriting. It’s taking every love song in a waltz tempo (“Unchained Melody,” “Come Away with Me,” “Moon River”), making it as bland as possible, throwing a selection of “white guy romantic lyrics” at it, and calling it a song.

While I don’t think “Sweet Creature” is Harry’s best song on the album, it’s a good song, done honestly and with honest intentions. “Perfect” is a day-old Big Mac with fancy ketchup. “Sweet Creature” is a good homemade burger, with real ingredients.

I hope Ed fans aren’t mad… I just think he could do better.


Ed on Calvin’s SC last night.