sc draws


I’m finally FREE! My finals are nearly done and i already enjoying beign free 
I’d like to start drawing again with my mcl oc, Lunaria hehe
It’s still winter and cold, so i decided to draw her in regular-winter school outfit.
Little bit mun’s style maybe anyway i hope lys-baby likes it hehe
I changed her style little bit (her hair, color palette etc.) but she still has same personality. Later I’ll add some infos about her. 

So i need practice, i missed to drawing some candies/gardiennes and maybe i start to working on follower giveaway. 
I have some ideas…

Post-Game-Casual Kuja because I am part of Team Zidane Got Kuja Out of the Iifa Tree Alive and the Reason It Took Zidane Nine Months to get Back to Alexandria is Because He was Busy Recuperating with Kuja in the Black Mage Village with Mikoto and the Other Genomes and Black Mages.

….We considered getting jackets but the name wouldn’t fit.

(Belated) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ofc will I ever forget nalu for vday psh totally crammed this in an hour i have no idea how

Also this is dedicated to Ari bec I miss her so much but ugh you will not be able to see this anyway T__T