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As a feminist, I'm struggling most with Cait's role in the debacle. I don't want to believe that she deliberately mislead other women for her own gain but it may be the uncomfortable truth. I've had difficulties with Sam since he failed to intervene to stop the IW from bullying women in the fandom. He looked very weak in those moments. Nevertheless, SC are self-professed partners in crime. I now find it difficulty to believe their words and actions.

I can’t see Cait misleading people for her own gain. Maybe it’s my optimistic opinion, but that’s not how I see her. And Sam. Oh Sam. I have so many questions. But, if you scroll back through my blog, I wrote a post not too long ago titled Participant vs. Observer (sorry, no clue how to link it) which compares and contrasts SC personalities.
The way I see it, Sam is an all out people pleaser. He will do whatever it takes so that *everyone* is happy. Now imagine what would happen if he would piss off such big shot as IW? His career would be shot. The big wigs would be pissed, and he’d have no more prospects. If that means alienating some fans, well, a man’s gotta prioritize.
As for Cait, she’s an observer. She likes to sit back and watch the show. Whatever that means to her.
Regardless, I don’t see them as bad or malicious people. We are definitely missing a LOT of puzzle pieces.