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Well if SC do have other partners, their behaviour with each other is profoundly disrespectful to them! If Cait is dating T then both her and Sam's conduct on the T2 red carpet was shocking given that he was standing just a few metres away. I also keep comparing the class of the GOT cast and crew with the OL scmucks who have zero respect for their fans (no fans no show!). And any Sophie/Rik ship is entirely in his imagination! Little chemistry between the two.😬

I think they deeply resent the fact that they must interact with the fans when they despise the fandom culture itself. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Seriously. I do. Always have. I think they find fandoms to be idiotic and beneath them, but they have to play nice with us because the job requires it.

They involved themselves with these charities in order to give fans a way to interact without them having to pretend to be grateful for our presence. It’s how they tolerate us. Being so unnecessarily unwillingly to even so much as like or retweet articles claiming they r with these other people that they “present” is the only control they have. There is no other explanation for the obstinacy in refusing to comment at all for so long on such a benign subject. Presence of a significant other in one’s life is benign statistical information. It just is.

The across the board offense taken by everyone to this question befuddles the hell out of me and makes them all look like elitist assholes and makes me question their respect for the source material itself. Tobias accusing Cait of being a cynic about romance recently shores up a suspicion I’ve had since the beginning that she hates the romance genre and finds the Jamie Claire story a bit gag worthy. Hence her offense at the notion of a grand romance between her and Sam.
Matthew Weiner on Stanley Kubrick and the Unintentional Reference of "The Monolith"

I understand you’ve just finished the script for the series finale—the final final episode.

I wrote the finale over Memorial Day weekend. I had an outline that the writer’s room and I had been working on for the past four or five weeks, so that always makes it easier to actually get it done, but it was great to finish it. I’ll be tweaking it and directing and working through that, so it’s not complete release because it’s not really done until it goes on the air. But yeah…. [long pause] it was a pretty strange experience. I don’t really have words for it. It hasn’t sunk in. Just the idea that you’re finished with writing for a while in itself is mind-blowing. It’s my first little piece of withdrawal from the ridiculous miracle that was getting to do this show. But now I have all the anxiety of, is this the right ending?

I read in an interview with Jon Hamm that several years ago you told him you knew what the final scene or image of the show would be. Did you stick to that?

Yep. That’s what we did. You’ll see if it’s that interesting when you get to it, or if it’s anything particularly remarkable, but yeah. I sort of knew where Don’s story was going when I started [the show], in a way, but what would actually be the manifestation of the last few minutes of the show, or what the lasting image would be, that was something that came to me between seasons 4 and 5, like right during my negotiations [with Lionsgate and AMC to continue the show, which turned nasty at one point]—that terrible negotiation—and I told Jon about it when I knew we were going back to work. And I followed through on it! You have to take my word for that.

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I'm surprised more people aren't talking about the MPC tweet "Great idea for a partner challenge..." from MPC. Sam's own personal charity. Made up of people he trusts, tweeted get your partner-significant other-and get to checking those balls to kill time and they're referring to a pic of Sam and Cait to represent that partnership. It's not an in innuendo tweet. It's pretty blunt. Cait's tweet says a lot, the pic in itself says a lot. But damn. It's things like that that really settle it for me.

I just sent you an ask about the MPC partner tweet and idk why I didn’t think of this in my original message to you but Sam may even run that account from time to time? I’m assuming so but I don’t know for sure. I just know he seems really involved so maybe. So either one of his most trusted friends working with him on MPC used that picture of SC to reference partners, or Sam posted that himself under the guise of MPC flat out insinuating they’re partners. Either way they’re totes together. 🙌

FIRST OF ALL. I wanted to answer this earlier but I didn’t have access to a computer to post the screen cap but YES I think the partner tweet is HUGE. I was kind of blown away by the blunt-ness when I saw it. Pretty clear Sam and Cait are partners every day. and not just scene partners. 

Second of all: I think Sam used to run the account actually, before MPC was what it is today. I remember a couple instances of Sam being on twitter and tweeting from both accounts hahaha. I don’t think he still does. I remember hearing or reading that it had been turned over to others since Sam got so busy with Outlander etc. I’m sure he has access to it and I’m also sure if he didn’t want something tweeted out he would have the power to veto it or have it deleted. Slash the people who run MPC with him probably wouldn’t have tweeted something so blunt in the first place if they knew he’d have a problem with it. But….no problems here!! Pretty damn clear message Sam, Cait and everyone involved with them is sending.