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Yeah the contract-thing was another reason why I was hesitant. I didn't want to get emotionally attached to the acts knowing they'd either get kicked out for racist/homophobic/whatever Simon's utter bullshit reasons and think they aren't good OR be trapped like 1D. It's not a win for anyone really, is it? Besides L and the acts, we suffer. We can't vote Louis's acts cause it's rigged and we shouldn't give the views and we are being emotionally manipulated and used too. (1/2)

(2/2) I really hope Louis negotiated something good out of this. But after all these years I can’t let myself be optimistic and I’m now afraid that Simon will once again change the rules. I don’t think he realized that the gp would fall in love with him. That must piss him off.          

Yeah, it’s a shitty situation all around because you do want to spport Louis and his acts, but obviously we know what getting deep into TXF machine means. Your last point though about how Simon probably didn’t realize that the general public would fall in love with Louis……that’s something I definitely agree with.

Despite being known as such a ~~~smart businessman~~~~, Simon Cowell is fucking idiot. He saw One Direction’s potential, but aside from that, he got basically every single thing wrong when it came to that band. He burned them out and drove them into a hiatus when they had the potential to be a long-lasting successful act if they’d just had time to breathe and stretch their own wings instead of rushing out albums and tours every year and exhausting themselves. He failed to see that Harry was not the only member of the band with potential - ALL of the boys had serious potential as solo artists, as they’ve all now proven. He failed to understand that pushing Louis and Harry into the closet and hiding their relationship only made the band weaker and alienated the most powerful aspect of the band’s fanbase. He failed to realize that making Louis feel like he was unworthy was never going to work in the long-term because Louis is too talented, intelligent, clever, and strong for that. No matter how insecure Simon made Louis feel, the other boys always rallied around him like he was their sun and many fans did the same. And now by making Louis an X-Factor judge, likely through his typical manipulative and threatening means, he’s given the entire UK the chance to rally around Louis and support him too.

So really, in the end, Simon is just another dumb fucking white man with a lot of money who gets way too much credit for the few things he’s done right while doing most things wrong. And that’s why ultimately Louis will win, regardless of how long it takes and regardless of how much Simon tries to hurt him and manipulate him and fuck him over in the meantime. ✌🏻

Sweet Creature Lyric Analysis

I have already discussed this song in a bunch of posts, but I wanted to do a proper full song analysis before leaving this blog.  I originally thought this was about Gemma due to Harry’s weird denial of it being about Louis, but then I heard another interview where he said the song was about one person, but he was not sure if the person knew it was about them, which to me makes no sense if it were in fact about Gemma. I feel like this song could have been alternately titled If I Could Fly: Part II. My mother and I were discussing this song the other day and she is an English professor that has done her fair share of poetry analysis in her life, so it meant a lot to me that she and I more or less completely agreed on this analysis.  That being said, this is just our opinion, and could be incredibly wrong.

Sweet creature
Had another talk about where it’s going wrong
But we’re still young
We don’t know where we’re going
But we know where we belong

I’ve always felt like he is establishing that this song is about someone he cares about deeply, his sweet creature, and yet someone he was no longer in a romantic relationship with at the time the song was written.  He had been talking to either this person or someone else close in his life about where this relationship failed, and went wrong.  That being said, there is hope.  Stating that they are still young gives the impression that there is still time for them to figure things out between them, and while they don’t know where they are going in their individual lives, there is a sense of belonging to each other.  Also, Harry previously used to refer to Louis as “sweetums” and “sweet cheeks” in tweets. He even once told someone that Louis didn’t need sugar in his tea cause he was already “sweet enough.”  So, I’d like to confirm that Harry Styles does in fact think Louis Tomlinson is sweet.  The tweets still exist if you search for them.

And oh we started
Two hearts in one home
It’s hard when we argue
We’re both stubborn
I know, but oh

They “started” under one roof.  So, either this is about someone he lived with as a child, or it is about someone he was in a relationship with and lived with.  Since Harry has only lived with his mother, sister and Louis, and this appears to be about a broken relationship, which would make no sense in terms of his family members, then I think it is highly likely it is about Louis.  When he says they “started,” perhaps he means their relationship started once they were already living together.  This could either be referencing the X Factor house, or the home they shared end of 2011 through beginning of 2012 (which I think is when and where their relationship became official - timeline coming soon).  He acknowledges that he and  this person argue, largely because they are both stubborn, but…

Sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of road, you bring me home

…despite the arguing and stubbornness, this person represents home to him. They not only lived in a shared home, but this person somewhat embodies what “home” means to him - safety, comfort, where he can be himself (”for your eyes only” comes to mind). This person holds a place in his heart that others do not, and despite the fact that they are on separate paths at the moment, Harry feels like he will be pulled back to this person once he’s completed what he’s set out to do.  When you consider it is widely thought that Home was a song Louis wrote for Harry, promising to always feel like home to him, and Louis’ compass tattoo (that goes with Harry’s ship) points to home, it is, once again, incredibly likely this is a song for Louis.

Sweet creature
We’re running through the garden
Oh, where nothing bothered us
But we’re still young
I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough

This is the part my mother and I discussed at great length.  Harry seems to be thinking about a time in life when things were innocent and sweet between him and this person and then contrasting it with the present moment and their separation.  He keeps bringing up where they “started” - the beginning of everything.  The line about “the garden,” however, seems much more metaphorical.  When you look at videos of Louis and Harry in 2010 and early 2011, it is clear their relationship was still so innocent and most likely non-physical, despite how crazy they were for each other.  They were free to be happy and interact how they pleased, but like Adam and Eve, they were banished from this garden, this place of complete happiness and freedom, when they “sinned” (when their relationship became physical in nature).  Harry is thinking of this time when they were very young, but follows it up, once more, with “but we’re still young,” meaning time has not run out for them and maybe, some way, they could get back to that place of bliss and happiness again.  While they do not speak enough, this person is always on his mind.  His sweet creature.

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With respect, Syco is no longer 'Simons label'. He owns maybe 20% of it. Sony decides what happens to Louis music career, because they control Syco Music. Their placeman is in charge. Simon is a monster all right and still a useful cog and frontman, but Sony outmanoeuvred him long ago.

I’ve always placed a ton of blame on Sony and I continue to do so. I’ve trashed Sony on my blog almost as many times as I’ve trashed Simon and you’re not informing me of anything I’m not already aware of. But if you think that Simon isn’t a HUGE part of why Louis in particular is the one who is still being strung along like this after all this time, I think you’re wrong. Sony and Simon have both had a role to play, and Sony definitely has more power because it’s a huge corporation and now they’ve bought out most of Syco, but while Louis is sitting next to Simon on the judging panel two nights a week, I’m going to talk about Simon. He’s played an important role in fucking Louis and One Direction over from day one onward, and I don’t think that should be erased just because Sony is another major player in this game.

Hi all. I have the feeling that I have not drawn as 2 weeks. In short I have had jobs and I have exams to do until the end of October and it is quite exhausting.
And well I thought about making an idea that I had about Rajan, as well as his expressions and statements:
1. When he is in the chapter unexpected encounter, in its normal state and not taking spices or drugs.
2. When he is in the jungle and is in a hectic state as he continues spreading the spice and relaxes getting a little drugged.
3. When he fights against Murray and is already in a super badass way to take a super drug developed from his plantation. But in spite of that adrenaline rush, he ends up falling into a coma due to fainting and falling down.

I hope you like these expressions.






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