Decisions were made. There will be non canon elements in Sburbstuck. These elements are listed below.

  • 12 new balanced aspects

There will be twelve new aspects in the game. However they will not appear until later. (More info later on in this post)

Sprits- Emotions

Discord- Chaos

Stream- Water

Ground- Earth

Blaze- Fire

Storm- Electricity, Rain, High pressure

Shade- Shadow

Dreams- Dreams

Plague- Disease, poison

Illusions- Altered perspective, trickery, false perception

Drought- Drain

Serenity- Calmness, holy essence, zen

  • A polarity system for all 24 aspects

The polarity system is basically a way to keep all the aspects in check, giving each of them an opposite to counter and balance them out. Basically aspects that are at the end of their polarities will be able to work extremely well togetherbut not against eachother. I.E. Time and Space will work amazingly together but against each other they will hit a stalemate. Below is the polarity chart.

  • 14 new balanced roles

There will be Fourteen lovely new god tiers each with their own interaction with their aspect. This is detailed in the picture below. Since the words look kind of small here on my end I will also type them out.

Soul- I sense my aspect

Assassin- I free my aspect

Demon- I warp my aspect

Druid- I respect my aspect

Cleric- I undo my aspect

Guardian- I protect my aspect

Vanguard- I confront my aspect

Seeker- I discover my aspect

Guide- I direct my aspect

Lich- I dominate my aspect

Chief- I allow my aspect

Liege- I share my aspect

Ace- I surpass my aspect

Star- I distract my aspect

  • A new mode of shenaniganzy bullshit

In Homestuck they do a lot of Alternate Universe bullshit. We wanted to take it a step further with ALTERNATE DIMENSIONAL BULLSHIT!!!!

This will involve a massive event that will cause all of the dimensions to collide into one. This is where you’ll see most of the new aspects come into play as alternate versions of our 8 characters and 28 Trolls appear here and there. (Go Team Douchbag! ((A team of four different Talon Mark’s ((Inside joke))) )) )

There are rules however just like with everything else

  1. Alternate versions of characters will have different aspects, but the role will remain the same
  2. They will look different from other versions of the character in question. I.E, Different colored glasses/hair, completely different race. They can be small details or big details.
  3. They can have different personalities.
  4. In each dimension The Game ((Sburb, Sgrub, Sprib)) will choose a set of aspects. This choice in set will determine which two aspects are required to win and the goal that must be met. 
  5. Set A ((Canon set)), must breed the genesis frog to MAkE their new Universe.
  6. Set B ((non-canon)), must travel through dreams and pocket dimensions to FIND their new Universe while their actions create and shape it.
  • A new race

Not gonna disclose much information on these guys yet ((Mainly cuz we don’t have much yet)) but for right now we will tell you that they are called The Homeless and they will be the ones using the 12 new roles. They are a special case as for the sets of Roles and Aspects. Because instead of having a small group play The Game they had their WHOLE PLANETplay it in one giant “Apocalypse Session”. This was a special case which made The Game allow them to use all 24 Roles and Aspects. 

However, because of the Vast amounts of prototyping they went through their enemies were way too powerful and they were pretty much obliterated (Hence the term “Apocalypse Session”) Only a good handful of them remain….at least 12.

QUICK DISCLAIMER: None of us made any of the aspect symbols/God Tier outfits shown here and I have no clue who did. I found them on my computer from a long time ago and thought I’d put them to use. If you are someone or know someone who made one of the designs mentioned please tell us and we’ll be MORE THAN HAPPY to credit you for your hard work and awesome design.

On another note if you don’t want us using your design then tell us and we’ll change it. We will want undeniable proof that it is your work however to avoid possible Troll’s and assholes.

Really weird Homestuck moment/paradox/4thwalldestruction just happened.

I was just out, and I was listening to Black on my tablet (which ironically enough is from Homestuck.) I was keeping the tablet in my pocket (it’s a Nexus 7 and it’s just small enough to fit in someone’s pocket) Suddenly I heard weird noises like the settings were going off or something. Since it sometimes goes out of sleep in my pocket and accidentally does stuff, I just get it out and want to put it back in sleep mode.

Oddly though, it had a list of names in some kind of menu that I’d never been in before and asked if I wanted to join a “group session” or something. It then showed a list of names, and I swear one of them was “Lalonde.” I don’t have anything specifically about Rose on my tablet that would take shape in a menu like that. Being an idiot, I closed out of it without reading the rest of the list. I tried to get back to the menu but I couldn’t.

i am nOt cRazYy (ʘ‿ʘ)

You stand in a dark room. You have no idea where on Earth you might be. When you look around there is nothing but the soul shattering darkness of the abyss. After wandering for several moments in said blackish hell you hear an electrical humming come to life as many lights begin to illuminate what looks like a shitty MSPaint drawn house in the far distance. The words “Sburbstuck” and “Coming Soon!” appear over said shitty house. What could it mean? What kind of adventure could lie behind that shittily drawn door? Perhaps one day you will find out. But for now, stare in awe at the shitty house. Stare in awe…..
Sburbstuck Update 3!!!!!!!!

The teams idea has been discussed so far two people say yes and one is not effected by this choice.



Heir of Time

Land of Quartz and Fire

Prospit Dreamer


Sprite Progress: Head near completion


Mage of Space

Land of Beauty and Frogs

Prospit Dreamer


Sprite Progress: Currently being worked on


Thief of Breathe

Land of Shadow and Zephyr

Derse Dreamer


Sprite Progress: Needs to be discussed


Rogue of Doom

Land of Stairs and Angels

Derse Dreamer


Sprite Progress: Head done, body in progress at later point

Bob Terner

Knight of Rage

Land of Wrath and Haze

Prospit Dreamer


TROLL- Violet blood

Sprite Progress: Being done last

Gravity Skaia

Seer of Void

Land of Silence and Roses

Derse Dreamer


Sprite Progress: Needs to be discussed


Knight of Heart

Land of Bubbles and Shade

Derse Dreamer


Sprite Progress: Infinity


?????? of ?????

Land of ???? and ???

????? Dreamer


Sprite Progress: ???????

-More info soon. We haven’t given up yet!-

Wait what? How did this pesky Troll get past your block filter? You had blocked all the names that the Troll’s in your session had given you. At least you’re pretty sure you blocked them all. Like, 80% sure…..maybe 60%.

Well the damage is done. And on top of that something seems to have him riled up. Maybe you should go see what the deal is, just to be safe.

Jace: Talk to Cezelt