Her name is SALACI EQUEST and she’s a member of one of the HIGHER CASTES OF TROLL SOCIETY because hey, look at those cutie wiggly seadweller fins. Her trollian handle is aristocratArisen and she tends to SPEAK IN ALL CAPS ♆HEN SHE GE♆’S ALL EXCI♆ED like ♆ha♆’s her problem. She lives in a coral palace under the sea with her LOBSTER DAD who often puts her on embarrassment because he wants to be the greatest HOST to her guests. She belongs to a cult that worships  AESTETHICALLY APPEALING CREATURES and FASHION. Her strife specibus i SBURB DELTA the Tridentkind. Salaci is mostly egocentric and CREATIVE, but always wishes to help her buddies, even if she fails at doing so because of her OBNOXIOUS behavior.

She belongs to Beta, aka iskandarsbutt