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A Sburb Session: Some Must-Haves-and-Dos

I’ll never claim to be an expert on Sburb, especially after I failed so dramatically, but my session taught me a lot. 

1. You must have a Space player.

Without a Space player, you’re dead. Your session is dead. You’re doomed from the start, left without a single hope of success. You can’t create the Gensis Frog without a Land of X and Frogs, and no Space player means no Land of X and Frogs. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you need to get out. Initiate a Scratch, if possible - get your Witch to break through the fourth wall, haul yourselves into a new universe with new possibilities. 

If you have no Witch or no way to create the Scratch then….I’m sorry to tell you, but you Alpha Timeline was doomed from the beginning.

2. You need a Time Player….or if not, a really awesome Seer.

Time players protect you from Doomed Timelines. That’s their role, essentially, to ensure the Alpha Timeline continues unabated, to, if possible, to keep the count of Dead Doomed Kids close to zero. (For that, I would recommend a Sylph of Time.) If you lack a Time Player, you need to be extremely careful. Any single move could cause a Doomed Timeline and you’ll have no way to turn back the clock.

This is why I recommend a brilliant Seer. Seers gain knowledge from their aspect; while the flow of timeliness may elude them, they could still gain valuable information that could mean the difference between Doomed and Alpha. (Terezi, for example, prevented a Doomed Timeline by killing Vriska.)


Pages are a fantastic class. In those advanced levels of Godtier, they kick butt like no-one else. They are an asset that needs to be closely watched and guarded from attack because, well…Pages start of weak. And let to their own devices, they will mess up. Horribly. 

Pay extra attention if they’re your Time player. Pay extra extra attention if they’re your Space player.

4. Enter with people you care about.

There’s no point entering Sburb if you all hate each other. Trust me, I know this from experience. It’ll only end badly. You have no incentive to protect or support someone whose eyes you want to dig out with a rusty fork.

Plus, they’ll probably double cross you.

5. Don’t forget your quests.

You have two quests in Sburb; the physically, external one that has you journey through your land, and the internal one that changes you as a person. Corny as this sounds, don’t forget to take some Me-Time. Session can get chaotic and its very easy to be caught up in the excitement but understanding yourself is vital to Sburb and your Godtier.

(Also, don’t forget about Prospit and Derse. Well. Derse. Don’t forget about Derse. Or more specifically, the people on Derse. You’ll wake up with a knife embedded in your gut.)

Anyway, while we’re talking about Godtier….

6. Don’t Godtier on your own.

By which I mean, ensure your friends achieve Godtier as well. The immortality granted by Godtier might only be half-hearted, but its enough to create a huge power gape between you and your co-players. There’s also a chance you’ll be…well, be left alone if they all die, while your immortality keeps you alive.

7. Be careful with those god-damn Kernelsprites.

Don’t prototype a genetically enhanced super dog, for example :/

I threw a piece of paper in mine. It was the shittiest guide ever but those imps were easy as all heck to defeat.

And….that’s it. That’s all I can think of. Aside from, ya know, don’t die, but I felt like that didn’t need to be said.

Happy gaming, my friends >:]

Art Post

I may have posted this one here. I am not sure if that was here or DA, but whatever. Its awesome, for my art anyway. Essie underwater looking in shock as Di floats downward stiff and holding her own head by the hair. She is dead. I figure, there was bound to be at least one doomed timeline in which Aedred actually killed Di, straight-up ragekills her and then probably feels bad about it for a while because he was a capricious bastard, and then Mintak has to go back in time and kind of… Fix things by talking him out of it somehow. Essie was actually an afterthought and doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the drawing, mostly I wanted to draw a headless sea-troll and didn’t want to draw a version of Eridan that wasn’t Eridan Harris from Buffystuck. Which is still a thing being worked on, however it is on the backburner for the moment.
I guess I should add that these are characters from the RP but you probably get that by now?
Like I said, I just wanted to draw a headless sea-troll. Heldina I know how to draw. She looks too tall in this drawing, but I don’t even care. It looks decent for having been drawn by me. XD