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Sburb Update: Creating your own levels


As some of you might or might not know, I’ve started working again on Sburb. my exams are now over and I am free to work on whatever the hell I want. So, Sburb!

Last time I opened Sburb, I noticed how shitty it was to make my own levels. I had to draw a whole scenario, then make a collision image, then upload the fucking files to imgur, fetch the links and only then would I have a playable scene.

Then I realized how much that sucked.


The Campaign Creator is a tool that is going to be bundled with Sburb. I am currently working on it as you read this post! I will post another update soon-ish showing a WIP version of it.

 The goal of the tool is to allow players to easily create their own levels by adding sprites to the scene and configuring them as they damn well please. You can change their position, their size and their rotation, and also tweak some variables, such as whether you can collide with these sprites or not, or if they are static or dynamic (rigidbody physics!). I am also working on an event system, so that you can, say, spawn a computer sprite and give it functionality, such as opening a door or exploding something. 

What can you use as an object in the Campaign Creator, you ask?

The answer is obvious, considering this IS Sburb.


Pick a file from your computer. Is it an image file? Good. It’ll do the trick just fine. You can resize objects in the editor anyway, no need to worry about size or anything like that. 

There are only TWO very important restrictions:

1- The image MUST be in the .png format.

2- The image MUST NOT be bigger than 4000x4000.

Other than that, go nuts! The possibilities are pretty much endless. 

Once again, prepare for the end of the world!

(and before anyone asks, yes. you can use an image of your own ass. That is not recommended or wise.)

Trigger Warning- Vide9games.

You were a Seer. Technically you should have seen this coming, that is a sudden influx of users into the game. Not that you really thought they needed to be there. In fact part of you felt very sorry for them.

This game had caused enough trouble.

Your friends had tried this game before and though it had gone fine at the beginning, your entire group had ended up losing and having to make a pact that er- one of your group had decided not to go along with and she had blown you all up.

What was worse was that she did this without even giving the idea of a doomed game a chance to be put into more constructive discourses and open avenues of discussion.

Which was one of your main issues with it.

Whatever the case, you were back in the game because of the presence of some trolls from another time line, a “post scratch” one apparently. You were looking at your computer screen, regretting everything. You had obviously not thought about this well enough, your group had not put enough debate into rejoining the game and looking at your screen-

Blah, blah, blah- it was time to get something done.

OE: Hell9 there! N9w I kn9w this is pr96a6ly s9mewhat unexpected 6ut I have a feeling I 9ught t9 get 6etter acquainted with 9ther players since the game has 6een re instituted as it were.

OE: First I sh9uld ap9l9gize th9ugh. I h9pe y9u d9 n9t mind me sending this message. May6e I sh9uld start s9mewhere simpler. My name is Kankri, wh9 might y9u 6e?

You wonder if you need to trigger warning anything. Probably not, you were being polite enough that your introduction probably did not merit one.

You think.

You immediately go back to the keyboard then stop yourself. No, no, it should be fine.

Palom: Question the mysterious being possessing this tome and give them a piece of your mind

After a moment of blank expression and decidedly tired waiting, Palom decided it best to continue. Were there… rules to this game this tome was playing? It couldn’t hurt trying Or asking. Could it? Was it sentient? No, it wasn’t. Something- one?- else was writing through this tome. He might as well be graceful with it.

–cosmosAge [CA] began pestering ???–

CA: What are you? What is this? How did you get here? Who do you serve? What is my next step?

===> Be the slightly cocky teenage girl

Fawn lazily inserted the disk into her computer. It was just another game that she could win without even blinking an eyelid; and she knew it! She was great at games; absolutely perfect, and she never ever lost! Yeah, maybe Fawn was a little cocky, but with her track record she had every right to be. 

As she waited for the game to install, she clicked on a random chum and decided to pester them. Who knows, maybe they could shed some insight onto what this game actually consisted of? 

IM: hey loser
IM: got any deets on this sburb game or what  

After giving the letter from his best chum Hershel another skim over here and there to make sure he didn’t miss anything - the guy was awesome, sure, but he had the annoying tendency to hide puzzles in his letters when he couldn’t see you in person at the last minute - it appeared that despite his terrible eyesight in general, he’d gotten the general gist of the note. Hershel wanted him to install this game and help him!

SBURB, huh? Must be a puzzle-related game of some sort, because Randall honestly couldn’t see his chum playing games of any other kind.

Luckily, there was a copy of said game included in the letter to him. Well, that saved going out and buying one himself, didn’t it? Prying the game out from the envelope, the ginger pushed aside his backpack full of exploring stuff on the way to his dusty - but still working - computer. Oh, wait. Before he installed this game, he’d better take his sword up so it wasn’t just lying in the way.

You got the FENCING SWORD!

(Nothing ‘special’, but sharp enough to get basic fisticuffs done.)

Picking it up and moving it nearby, he spun around on the chair with a grin a few times before moving to take the disc out of the cover - however, it seemed someone was pestering him! Well, as a gentleman, he should acknowledge them, first, before installing this game. Probably Hersh or one of his other chums, right? Maybe his buddy Hersh needed help installing the game too?

> Mike: Pester chum.

Mike decided that it would at least be best to try contacting one of these unknown people on his chumroll. Hopefully they would have some answers for him.

He tapped his finger on a random name and a chat box popped up. Materializing his keyboard at his fingertips, he began to type.

—conflagrantAutoist [CA] began pestering ??? [??]—

CA: hey there!
CA: if you don’t mind me asking
CA: who exactly are you?

He patiently waited for a response, leaning back in his chair. He figured that he sounded a bit rude, what with his blunt question and all, but he hoped he would get an answer nonetheless.

The cat girl was scribbling and doodling on her tablet feeling entertained at the moment. Of course, she couldn’t ignore the matter at hand and opened up her chat browser.

arsenicCatnip [AC] began pestering ???

:33 < *ac the mighty lioness purrowls for purrey but instead runs in to someone*

:33 < *she looks at the purrson and shows them a very cat-like grin*

:33 < *and then gr33ts them!*

Kent:Pester an innocent bystander

Kent, wasn’t giving her full attention to the game.Instead, she was online on pesterchum, searching various YouTube videos for music she liked, and drifting in and out of thought.

There were imps outside who could easily be dealt with, but she opted to deal with them later.  Her land seemed rather dangerous, with it’s constant thundering. She didn’t feel to safe going out and using her stop sign, as it contained a decent amount of metal. She would deal with it when she had to.

Right now, she opted for pestering random people to learn more about the game.

She chose random encounter and began with a simple question:

[11:08] LC: Hey! Do you have a minute?