sburb house

The kids are afraid of their classical elements, and there seems to be a root incident at the source of each one. John is wind, and has a fear of heights stemming from the time he fell off the slime pogo and bloodied his knee. Rose is water, and has a fear of drowning that probably stems from finding Jaspers dead on the riverbank. In response, Sburb puts John’s house way up high and surrounds Rose house with water to make them afraid, manifesting the first round of minions. So cool, I get that.

Dave is fire, and he associates the burning eye of the sun with Bro’s omnipresent surveillance. It feels odd for that to translate into a fear of flames? Though it makes me want to reevaluate the logs where Tavros starts some SICK FIRES YO because that might be an indicator that he actually struck a nerve… since lava and blood are rendered the same way in Homestuck, it could be using fire to refer to passion? But again, oddly esoteric (Word of God says that the LOHAC is filled with metallic grinding gears to trigger traumatic memories of sharp objects in the apartment, but that’s unrelated to fire unless the metal sparks? Which is kind of a stretch)

Jade is earth, and one neat thing is that she begins the story surround by all her friends’ fears: in a tall tower, surrounded by ocean, on top of a volcano. The descent to her Grandpa’s room is coded as an approach to a boss fight – there is a Typheus minion outside the living room, and Karkat trolls her as she approaches, showing her self-loathing bubble up as she approaches the room. Inside is Grandpa naturally, and around him is a bunch of globes. Lousy stupid goddamn globes. Jade resents them as a reminder of how trapped she is at the island, but are they also an emblem of fear via association with her grandpa?

There’s also the angle of reality being grounded while fantasy is associated with flight – and as we see with dream Jade, hitting the ground kills the dream. So there a suggestion of Jade fearing elements of her reality? Which makes sense, given that her life is a horror movie. But via Grandpa’s room, some of this is displaced onto globes in general? Which have connotations of Light and Hope via the magic cue ball, orbs/globes that are also referred to as Doc Scratch’s ‘seeds’….hm. What part of her planet is supposed to scare her.

VRISKA: Other sources allude to a more specific consequence.
VRISKA: That the weapon actually contains the souls of some incredi8ly powerful warriors of legend who came close to 8eating him once, so he trapped them inside the charm and 8anished it into the void.
VRISKA: And if that’s the case, then… I guess the weapon just releases them so they can finish the jo8?
VRISKA: Guess we’ll find out!
VRISKA: Should 8e exciting.

Never ever ever use a mouse for something like this your hand cramps horribly  and your lines are never straight. I’ve been working on this for nearly three days and suffice to say I am really freaking proud of it. Not bad for a first gif! Hope you like it!

Here's my interpretation:

Alt Callie eats the green sun and collapses paradox space an the entire medium into herself, effectively destroying sburb.

The house juju is sburb’s exterior. Caliborn trapped the kids in it, confining them not literally within a prison, but confining their destinies remain within the medium and fail their quests ( he didn’t know this, of course). When vriska activated it, she essentially flipped it around and allowed everyone to escape to the new universe. Exiting the house, they are this no longer honestuck.

LE is trapped in the black hole that is paradox space. Though he cannot die because his clock was smashed completely, he can never escape. Alt calliope is his equal and opposite, and they have both neutralized each other.