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Oh look, another player who didn’t read the description, what are the odds.

Seriously though, I know the boxes for the game disapear almost as fast as the game discs after being used, but it literally is on the back of the box. The reason your house is bigger is due to your coplayer resizing your house. More pressing though is those tentaacles, and if they are caressing your house, with their lovely bulge fondling appendages, then you are going to need to hunker down for a bit. Get to the safest and most sealed off room in the house, text your friends for assistance and make sur not to let them physicaly step foot on nor come to your land without teleporting directly to you. Do not try to leave your house because if the horrorterrors can touch your house, the can definately touch anywhere on your land. The only safe place is underground and it would be better just to abandon your land until a permanent solution can be found. The ONLY exception to this is if the horrorterror in question is Oglogoth, they’re chill and will definately move their tentacles if you ask. And remember Kiddies, it’s not peer pressure if it comes from a hivemind.


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Lordofvoid here my sessions horrorterrors are all trickster some of them are angel light and basically the horrorterrors that are trickster hate the angel light horrorterrors and they basically murder each other so I can't sleep at night Any ways to convert these horrorterrors back to regular horrorterrors

Okay, first of all, I’m going to just go out on a limb here and assume at least one if not more of your players decided to screw around with the “House juju” item glitch. As most communities know, sticking your arm through it, getting a power up from it or even imprisoning players in it is all fun and games, but inserting a grimlight, grimdark or trickster item can lead to disastrous consequences, so here is your solution, do NOTHING. If you read the manuel before playing Sburb, you will see that horrorterrors are not part of the game, so if you infected them with the game in a way that makes them kill each other, you had better be thanking whichever deity or coplayer that caused the glitch. Instead, go stack several land beds, cover them in a pile of pillows, take a blanket and the sleep ratio on the beds should put you out like a light.
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VRISKA: Other sources allude to a more specific consequence.
VRISKA: That the weapon actually contains the souls of some incredi8ly powerful warriors of legend who came close to 8eating him once, so he trapped them inside the charm and 8anished it into the void.
VRISKA: And if that’s the case, then… I guess the weapon just releases them so they can finish the jo8?
VRISKA: Guess we’ll find out!
VRISKA: Should 8e exciting.

Never ever ever use a mouse for something like this your hand cramps horribly  and your lines are never straight. I’ve been working on this for nearly three days and suffice to say I am really freaking proud of it. Not bad for a first gif! Hope you like it!

Here's my interpretation:

Alt Callie eats the green sun and collapses paradox space an the entire medium into herself, effectively destroying sburb.

The house juju is sburb’s exterior. Caliborn trapped the kids in it, confining them not literally within a prison, but confining their destinies remain within the medium and fail their quests ( he didn’t know this, of course). When vriska activated it, she essentially flipped it around and allowed everyone to escape to the new universe. Exiting the house, they are this no longer honestuck.

LE is trapped in the black hole that is paradox space. Though he cannot die because his clock was smashed completely, he can never escape. Alt calliope is his equal and opposite, and they have both neutralized each other.